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Goodevening ladies and gentleman

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Hello, my name is Thijs and I'm from the Netherlands.

I have been fascinated by paranormal phenomena for almost all my life.

I can see that the knowledge I learn from these different perspectives helps

me in life because of the benefits. For example knowledge about the harmfull

effects of the loss of semen really helped me progessing. However, many people

promised me that I could feel the feeling of "being in love" by meditation and other

spiritual methods, but I have not experienced this for a while. I am looking if it is realistic and beneficial for me and other people to merge with heaven and earth (which should result in a feeling like "being in love") but than even better. I could not imagine this could be so much better than being in love with a girl with enough chi in your body. I have experienced myself that you could not be in love if you drop your semen frequently.


Besides it confuses me that there is a lot of evidence for reincarnation. This frightens me a bit,

maybe I should put some effort in escaping the illusionary world.


Please correct me if I am wrong, I am here to learn.


All the best,



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Welcome to taobums!! I hope we can help with your brainstorming!!


Your pal,


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