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  1. steve jobs

    Hola. I just read the biography of steve jobs. Maybe there is already a similar topic, but steve jobs seems to have searched extensively for enlightenment between 18-23 years of age. He meditated his entire life and he always hold on to the buddhist believes. He also took lsd for years. He also believed greatly in the force of will power and it is also the reason why he died because he choose to delay the operation so his cancer spread through it's body and it was too late to cut it away. I recommend to download the torrent on piratebay and have a look at the biography yourself. My own spiritual search has ended somewhat. After raising "energy" to my crown and stopping afterwards it seems i have a kind of whole in my brain. I feel lonely, depressed and energyless now all the time. I think everything is just in the brain and when we die the button just turns off like steve describes in the end of the book. The trick is to have a good brain and meditation can help with that, maybe i should meditate again, but i first need girlfriend otherwise i feel too lonely :-) but it's hard when feeling like this :-) Thijs
  2. Super Moon March 19

    I felt the energy of this moon i think! somebody else did?
  3. New Biophoton Article!

    Yes, I am quite serious, that is why I discovered the importance of the sexual energy. However, on the contrary yogis don't take life seriously. They just enjoy the sexual energy without acknowledging the fact, that 99% of what defines you is going to perish for sure when you die. This includes your family, friends, memories and so forth. Therefore, I think it is wrong to put much emphasis on escaping life although the sexual energy cultivated upward is a form of blissful electric energy which is very healthy and can give wisdom. It is like 30% life enjoyment increase, if you have a job and wife besides. But you could go blind, have a car accident or a brain tumor overnight. This will set you back to this life as it really is. Therefore I recommend you to mind on basic needs more than to realize "yourself" at high costs, if you want pursue a heavy natural and healthy life attitude. It should only be pursued at last, like it is only on top of Maslow's pyramid. Just enjoyment is not natural and not healthy. More specifically accidents related to yoga: - your eyes can be wasted for ever. I got floaters or dust in my eyes from yoga because of the increase pressure in my eyes. - you will have a significant higher chance for having a car accident if you practise multiple hours a day. This is so because your pariental lobe, which is the brain part for experiencing spacial environments decreases. You will see just see the flow of the one inside of your brain which makes driving normally more difficult and more dangerous as I have observed myself. -you will end up losing your rationality which is dangerous because you need good "brain software" to do your eduction, work, relations and so forth. You don't want to have a brain that constantly says: he is in error, he doesn't know the truth, let me meditate. As Darwin has pointed out, humans are advanced apes and he is right. We are here just temporary and we are evolved for survival. This is the brain software you need for survival in this world, yoga/christianity and so forth will make you go in the wrong direction. As mantak chia said some people are just "waiting for an ufo to pick them up without having responsibilities". Even if you can keep yourself alive, keep in mind that much of our wealth, health and well beign is because of our forebears who worked hard and have evolved science for us. To me this means I would like to give back in return. -you can end up giving to charity which you later regret. Although I support giving to charity I think it is wise to do it rationally. You should especially give to people close by because when you really need help (and you will sometime!) they can give back to you. Strangers won't give back and will let you die in the cold when you are sick or old. Besides, research has determined that giving to charity helps you being more happy if you see the people to whom you are giving. The amount of help is not a real factor in this. However, if you meditate much you can end up giving much of your time and money away because you have hypnotized yourself for so long that these don't hold any real value. Of course, they do matter, for instance, if you spent your time and money more efficient, you could later meditate more! -your social relations can be positively effected by the increased bliss of sexual energy but they can also be negatively effected because you don't think social relations don't hold any value because they are ultimately based on egotism and selfishness. "You just think I should be nice to them but not friendly because they will poison me with their impure thoughts." As Osho said every rose has is thorn, this includes for yoga as well. Life is just eternally dynamic flux. What I observed during Yoga is that yes, there is an "ocean" and you can be one with it, however, you are just fish in that ocean as vulnerable and fragile as you are. Finally, I want to say that on this forum there is not one single individual who is really represetative for the enlightenment parable. Most of this forum are confused, than there are the money makers with their practises and the rest is just hypotizing themself with book reading and constant repetition of prayers and meditation. Check it out, "stripping the gurus" is one of the better threads! One for one, gurus fall. One for one they become sick of the "void". Fame and woman turn out to be more attractive than enlightenment. Only in prison camps similar to military camps with strong hierarchical orders human beings are made into euneuchs for the sake of society. They will never make a family and will never know what it feels like, they will always deny their aim of existence to propagate their genes and the bliss it results in. Always thinking that they are not there brains...
  4. New Biophoton Article!

    Wel thanks Fizix. I was basically sharing these ugly things of myself to help..
  5. New Biophoton Article!

    Drewhempel why are you still living with your parents? You are more than 30 years old.. The world is not dying for chi energy.. Just turn on the music loud, and there you have the same tingling nervous emotions. You are just deluding yourself.. You maybe hallucinated because of fasting, but did you feel save? No.. Get work and get a girl.. I wasted also a lot to get as high as the sky with yoga, but it is not giving the thing you want. Work and pretty tities in your face.. You are loving objects instead of people which causes you to freak out. You are a schizotype at least. Did you know 10% of all schizotypes do suicide? Yoga is really not so undangerous.. Many "masters" dye very young, espiacally when they don't have a relationship with a woman or do valuable work. Sometimes they even get brain diseases such as the best friend of yogananda. You think you have to go "further and deeper" into yoga to feel good and better and "reach enlightenment" which is the real illusion, it won't save you from fear. You are just repeating the same story over and over again by this fast of 8 days which will give you precognition, but if I ask you what precognition is, you say it is basically a good insight into your own desires.. You are not "helping others" because you feel so good, you are having stress and irritability from the inside. You are spending many hours behind the internet. I remember you said your mother didn't liked you to meditate all day and that spending time online was better. You mother must still love you and know what is best for you. I bet you don't have any social network and you must feel lonely and unsafe, how are your finances arranged? Besides the world is indeed in your brain. Constant medition decrease temporal blood/energy flow. This will deform your spatial orientation and the part of the brain which is for personality is probably also put off. However, this is not normal functioning, when you want to get back to normal life you have to learn things again. You will need a good sense of self, otherwise people find you weird not "God". The hormone for love is oxytocin. If someone loves you, you love someone, your work is valued or you work hard, you get more oxytocin in your blood stream. This makes you feel "all is good, they like me to be here" This reduces stress. However, you are just on a dopamine addiction I think, trying to get higher and higher without caring about anything. However, you still miss someting, but there is no cycle of life and death to be freed from. There is no goal, but have living before you will grow old and perish. Woman are real.. So many yogis after searching for enlightenment drop practises after a while and get a woman and ask money for their "practises" They have come to the conclusion that... ? If nothing of this applies to you, it applies to me. I am now 20 and the 1.5 years of meditating etcetera were very lonely and dangerous and I don't recommend them to anyone. Often there was no one to fall back on, because they didn't know about yoga. I didn't realised where i was heading to. Many times I felt like completely helpless and confused, often taking incredibly dangerous risks. I bet this applies to you because 8 days of fasting is a incredible risk, going without work what you do is also an incredible great risk. What happens if you get sick and you don't have money for good health care? What happens if your mother dies? However, life is so simple. There might be a prana energy, but if your brain is dead, you are dead too.. Do sports and see that pain is real and go to madhouses if you are not mad already. They don't have normal brain and see how they are functioning, I bet many people think you are mad also.. Maybe I would recommend yoga to some people to ancient days when it was so hard to get work and a woman and life was far more harder than now. Or to get some unity experience to help people realize wisdom. But man I advise you, attend some parties and enjoy. You have wasted a decade or more on this. Learn what it means to be a human (an advanced monkey!)I am glad now that I am normal again. Thijs
  6. Does meditation cure mild myopia?

    Check my response on the other related threat
  7. Celibacy and sexual energy

    Me! I discovered about the spiritual life from , anyone else coming from this?
  8. How do you get more qi?

    Thanks for this extensive answer drewhempel!
  9. How do you get more qi?

    I could understand telepathy and telekinesis, but I cannot understand how precognition is possible. Please Drewhempel can you share your view on this? Does it mean that "God/Tao" forces things to happen in this world? Or maybe because everybody has really his own kind of world where some predetermined film has been playing ever since birth? Or maybe because you grap telephatic intentions of others in advance? Or because you "choose" to go into that kind of world? How does it work? playing from birth?
  10. Telepathy God Helmet Confirmed

    This is amazing, I thought Persinger himself what such a "narrow" skeptic. However, he still has hope for something more !
  11. My experience with Chunyi Lin

    However, these people who suck your energy give you a lot back. They like you and give naturally back in other ways. This is why the celibate church grew so influentially and why rich people waste so much resources for the woman. This describes julian lee in his book
  12. My experience with Chunyi Lin

    QUOTE: Basically modern society is so starved for electromagnetic healing energy that if you do have any extra energy then it will flow naturally - be sucked up -- by people around you who need it. END QUOTE Yes I know this. Some days, when I feel really blissful of this electromagnetic energy you feel people are all stucking to you. They constantly try to look you in the eyes. You feel compassion so you look/talk back etcetera, and within a short time all of your energy is gone.
  13. I read the priceton university has been closed. It's over. Dean Radin and the other "scientist" who made the experiments did not really do their experiments according to the scientific rules. Dean Radin went now to the institute for noetic sciences (founded by some astronaut who went to the moon) To bad fox...