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hello everyone

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Hi. I am really liking these forums. I have a big interest in taoism and feel that i can really contribute to some good discussion. As far as stuff about me, well lets see... I am really into cultivating my health. Not just my physical health but my well-being on all levels. I have made a lot of big changes in my life over the last 3 years to meet my goals. I have made lots of progress, but sadly I feel like I have not completed any of them. I am hoping to use this community to grow and finally reach my state of peace. Some of you are probably wondering what I am doing right now in order to accomplish my goals. let me share... I have just started doing Zhuan Zhaung style qigong. I am only two weeks into it but am becoming a lot more aware of my body. Aside from that, I have been doing yoga now for almost a year. I eat a very clean diet and just try to live a healthy lifestyle in general. i will share more in later posts. hope everyone has a good day.

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