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4 new hours of free stuff

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4+ hours of new material


Within a few hours, or maybe by the time you read this - I will have uploaded all of the mp3's for the Book Of Balance And Harmony to . . .


This work by itself represents more than 4 hours of audio. That's 4 cd's worth of material, which is being given away for free.


In addition to this newest work being put up, there are several hours of video and countless more hours of audio available for free.


If you would like to download the newest addition - The book of balance and harmony, simply register at . . There's no back end flim flam to sell you anything. I promise.


The reason I require registration is because having all these hours of audio and video require me to pay alot of money every month in bandwidth costs, and if people aren't serious enough to just sign up, than they probably won't ever use the material, anyway.


I can afford to run the site right now, but I can't afford crazy expenses from people who are merely curious, so in order for me to keep things free and not charge, I just ask for these two simple things: Sign up, and create a profile, with a photo at least so I know who you are.


Here's what's included in this new 4+ hours of audio (Mp3) files for you to download:

The Book Of Balance And Harmony

1. The source message of the mystic school

2. Statements

3. Secret meanings

4. Secrets of the gold pill

5. Explanation of the three fives

6. The opening of the mysterious pass

7. The gold testing stone

8. Nine grades of practices: Sidetracks and auxiliary methods

9. Three vehicles of gradual enlightenment

10. The highest vehicle

11. Dialogues: The underlying unity of Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism

12. Questions and answers

13. Some questions on alchemy

14. Live teachings on complete reality

15. Spoken teachings

16. Discourses

17. Explanatory Talks

18. Songs

19. Poems

20. Veiled Words


I highly recommend that people who are interested in Taoism listen to parts 8, 9 and 10. These are things that people may be uncomfortable with, but need to hear (and sometimes hear again and again).


For those who are pursuing or are interested in other things such as Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, or Hinduism - I suggest that you check this material out as well.


As those who know me have heard me say many times: "Everything which rises must converge", and at the higher levels of practice the similarities between these different traditions are stronger than their distinctions.


The next big project I'm going to start working on is a purely video series on "Understanding Symbolic Language". This is going to be off the hook, and unlike anything that anyone has ever presented in such a multi-media environment and on such a wide scale before.


I'll probably start that in the next few days. It'll be free too.


My goal is to create material that is practical which you can use for your own development, and to never charge anyone a single penny.


Of course, that doesn't mean that it's free. I'm simply not charging for it. There is an issue of loss and gain involved. If you feel like you have gained value from my work, please make a corresponding donation to help me cover my costs.


If you don't like it, think it's pure crap, doesn't add any value to your life or your practice - then just delete it and I'll not ask you for any money.


After I create the Understanding Symbolic Language videos, I'm going to move on to the REALLY big project. You've probably heard some murmurs about it from people I've shown bits and pieces, but to say that it's unique and that nobody else is selling anything like it - much less giving it away for free . . . Would be a major understatement.


Again, just go to and register, throw up a photo or two on your profile, and start downloading the new audio material. I recommend you right click on the links, and then click save as and number them accordingly so they play in the right order in your computer or MP3 player. I just named them easy things for me to remember, but you should really listen to them in the correct order.


If you have any questions or problems you can send me a private message here and I'll do my best to help you and and make sure that everything is accessible to you.


Take care,





P.S. If you read this sooner rather than later, my internet connection here in China is somewhat slow. If the files are not available for download, wait about an hour and they should all be there.

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Hi Darin,


That's wierd.


I just tried it now in Firefox and IE, and it worked with no problem . .


Are there any unusual issues, like a wierd browser (I don't have google chrome or any others installed to test) that might be the reason?


If anybody else has the problem, let me know. There have been about 50 sign ups today, so it seems like it's working, generally.


Anyway the direct link is


Sorry that you had some difficulty. If it's something on my end I will try my best to figure it out and get it fixed.


If for some reason it just doesn't work out for you to register, drop me a pm here and I will add all of the mp3's to a zip file and put it somewhere that you can download it if you like (hope you have a fast connection - it's like 220 megs).




Also I don't have a fast enough connection to do this really, but if someone is sitting on a super fast connection, and wants to zip up like 15 hours of audio files, and put it out on the torrent networks for people to download, I am ok with that also.


Mainly I just want the stuff accessible to people who want it and people like me who probably have crazy adhd or something and won't sit through reading lots of stuff.

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Thanks alot i just registered and waiting as the account is pending, really looking forwards to hearing the information.


You are very kind



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No need to thank me, and I'm not particularly kind. :)


I have to study this stuff anyway, or I feel like I should, and so it's just as easy for me to get a microphone out and record it while I'm doing it.


The material can also be used for me. That's really all it is, is a way for me to constantly be assimilating to the Tao. Reading, practicing, listening (to my recordings of the classics), etc.


The goal for me is like . . . Absolute submersion for a while longer. Maybe a year or two more.


I had a practice years ago that I progressed in very quickly, and made very rapid advancements, but I left it behind and stopped doing it for some reasons.


One thing that I'm sure of, and one thing I see self styles taoists do alot (including myself) is trying to make the Tao conform to their sentimentality and attachments, rather than them (and me) conforming to the Tao, and it doesn't work like that.


So this is just a way for me to help myself, and since I am going to do it already, it's no problem for me to make it available as long as I can afford to.


That being said - it's very easy these days to crank out some high quality video and audio, not to mention text.


If other people want to do stuff like this - please contact me. I have voluminous amounts of material which can be turned into audio or video if you want to help me do it.


It's about 5pm now and I have to go out to meditate for a few hours so I don't want to think about this much more now other than to say that when i come back this evening, I'll try to address any issues with logging in.


Also I want to be clear that I am trying to complement this site, and any other taoist sites, not compete with them, and this is not a business venture for me and I'm happy to lose money as I can on it.


Please send me a private message here with your email address and the username you used to sign up if you're having any troubles.


For Darin - not sure about the issue but will try to address iit somehow when I get back in tonight.





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The direct link is a blank page. There is log in stuff on the left but the right gray area is completely blank.

What browser are you running?

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Yeah, I'm sorry Darin - I can't figure out what the problem might be . . .


If you want to pm me a username, I'll set up the account for you and you can change the password later.


Or I can give you the direct download links for the files (on an individual basis because I want to know who's downloading, generally).


Or someone can seed a torrent with all of the files if they want to.


I'm going to work on the movie for the next week or two, so probably won't put up a ton of new material, but there's already alot there.



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Jonathan, I'm envisaging that it's either a browser or java problem...


My suggestion would be to run your site through a few different setups. Check this out :)




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