Boiling Energy

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And most importantly was my reread of Dr. Richard Katz' amazing book: BOILING ENERGY (on the Bushmen trance healing).


So he says that a "pulse" of 8 beats per second is KEY to the trance healing music (without any mention of how this would create an alpha wave entrainment).


He says that this is not the "beat" of the music but the overall total of all the voice inputs and clapping, etc. This is called "N/um music" so that the music creates the boiling energy or n/um.


The n/um must be concentrated in the "gambesi" which is the same as the lower tan tien in Taoism and this is done by shooting "energy arrows" by the healer into the healing trainee. This is also done by Taoist qigong master Chunyi Lin.


Anyway new healers mainly have to work through the pain of the N/um -- which means their bodies will pulsate -- shiver -- contort -- out of control. Also new healers have to follow a strict food taboo -- no meat! No western food.


Also psychoactive plants are sometimes used to go along with food if it is eaten -- like meat.


So if you eat the wrong food it destroys the N/um -- this is exactly what I experience day-to-day the n/um pulsations and the problem of "normal" food. I usually have to eat lots of garlic since I've been eating meat, etc.


Also the healers that turn into lions can only be seen as lions by other healers -- this would be the equivalent of the yin spirit in Taoism. Supposedly a very strong healer can create a physical lion seen by others (which would be the Taoist yang spirit).


Finally when !kia is achieved (samadhi) then a hole is experienced in the body -- from the head straight down -- about 2 to 3 inches across. This is also described in Taoism -- it's the central channel but also the creation of the astral spirit. It's taught to be visualized as a silver thread or even a clear beam of light.

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thanks -- I had noticed that wiki entry before but I appreciated going over it again. There's a recent book on the Bushmen healing -- name slips me -- something about Tricksters -- I've mentioned it before. Anyway it was in the University library -- and it discussed how the healers "collect the N/um of young maidens."


Collecting the N/um of young maidens.


That's a very significant secret of tantra that I didn't see Richard Katz notice nor the other books referenced in that Wiki entry (I've read all of them mentioned).


So the older healers might not have much N/um but after they collect the N/um of young maidens then they can transform that N/um (electrochemical generative force) into the "spirit arrows" or electromagnetic !Kia energy.


Anyway I came across this Dutch book on the Bushmen a few days ago and it detailed how the young males have to spend a month in isolation from the females -- and have to fast at least a week and also dance 24 hours straight -- in order to properly open up the pineal gland.

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