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Meditation on Twin hearts

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Reading messages on the said website leads me to memories of what happened nearly 20 years ago when many Chinese cities were in a mass qigong /meditation fever and ecstasy finally led / was stopped to/ by the oppression of the Chinese government (the Tiinananmen Incident/Massacre )


1+1=2 or more than 2, the argument seems reasonable ,but in fact superficial, likely not true. In the past ,there were periods when thousands of believers gathered in Buddhist temples, meditating together at the same time;however, what the Master of the temple always did was to ask a single ,talented disciple come to his room in the midnight and release the truth of Enlightenment to him secretly .We never hear of the case that because many people meditate together, the power grow bigger, and many people reach Englihtenment at the same time.



In Taoist traditional , in most cases, one person or very few people gather together practicing cultivation secretly far away from the mass. The reason is just very simple ...

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