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  1. What are you listening to?

    Thank you!
  2. Just stopping by to say hi

    Thank you doing good. Training teaching training more and taking care of family. Hope all is well with everyone here. peace & God Bless Santiago
  3. Just stopping by to say hi

    Hi Tao Bumbs sorry some of you have messages me in private but for some reason i cant seem to respond to you. If you need to reach me do so through facebook "pencak silat" and send me a message. Peace & God Bless & Success in your path. Love Santiago Dobles
  4. shaktipat

    I am glad you are helping people Namaste
  5. forgive me, i have just read about your son, i truly sympathize.before asking for anything, i would like to offer my condolonces. ive recently become a father, and truly as i sit in my cubicle my eyes well with tears at the thought of the pain one must find themselves in after what youve suffered (hypersens). again forgive the rudeness...i wish you and your loved ones all the best.

  6. Hello brother!

    there are no coincidences.ive read a few of your posts- and brother they are truly inspring to me, i havent learned from a master in the traditional sense- only from myself, i know very little because of this,ha. im wondering if there is a possibilty we can communicate a bit further. i believe in reciprocity possibly we can assist each other in our development.i am in ne...

  7. Free Meditation for Higherself connection

    you are welcome its just the "method" you then have to apply it. Love s
  8. Free Meditation for Higherself connection peace & God bless Santiago D.
  9. The "Choking Game"

    its real. unfortunately. My son is no longer with us due to this.
  10. The "Choking Game"

    thank you for all your kind words & prayers & moments of awareness.
  11. The "Choking Game"

    Please pass it on to all your friends with kids, and teach the youth you know. Lets not have another single death due to this horrible "game". God Bless Santiago Dobles
  12. The "Choking Game"

    please read this it is very serious and you will want to pass this along to all you know who have kids. thank you santiago dobles
  13. Lifting Weights

    if you lift weights and do chi kung or MCO or 5pb you will not get sore as much and you will remain flexible. I see no issue between weights and Chi development. Shaolin & Russians have been doing well with this stuff for centuries.
  14. Questions and Answers about Kundalini II

    [quote name Swami Muktananda just gave Shaktipat whenever and wherever to whomever and he said that he couldn't even help it... He was in constant psychic communication with his passed on Guru sitting in Siddhaloka, which exists... I've been there. Anyway, he said that Nityananda kept saying to just let it flow and give it without end, that it was time on Earth for such a thing to happen. this is very true and its exactly what its like and what its for. There are times it just happens whether i want to "give" it or not. And t can occur in moments we least expect.
  15. Questions and Answers about Kundalini II

    its very simple. you want to spend less time "talking about it". Instead you want to spend more time meditating and living it and experiencing Kundalini. Peace & God Bless SD