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Hello from Mexico

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Hello guys,


My name is Allan MacGregor I'm a freelance web developer and since young age I have been involved with several martial arts like Tae kwon do and Karate Imua Lima Lama on later age I discovered the internal martial styles like Qi Gong and Tai Chi, I was more interested on the last one and I started to take lessons at local Wu Shu center, I also started to learn "Traditional" Wu Shu.


After some time studying I realized that something just didn't feel right, nor with the teacher or the system itself its like It was something missing, I felt I was not receiving the full package.


So I decided to start my own path and my own research I started buying books and reading about a lot of systems, Taichi, Yoga, Qi Gong, Baguazhang, etc. I started to apply some of this methods, meditation, concepts and teachings, I basically started trying a lot of things, guided for what it felt right and avoiding what I felt useless or harmful I complemented my internal training with external physical training mostly body weight training.


For my surprise I started to get some good result both inside and outside, my health and happiness level was in my opinion very good I felt that I was in the best shape of my life, charged with energy and a bit higher conscience.


Right now I have stopped my training for a little more than a year know, so my shape might not be at a 100% but I try to keep my internal strength through meditation and occasional training.


Well the reason I joined Tao Bums basically is to learn from your experience, experiment, I'm also very interested on learning more on the systems and Master that are out there, especially on David Sheng/Verdesi which appears to be generating some buzz on several forums over the net; I have my doubts and some personal opinions I might be posting a threads to discuss these and other issues.


Please, if I start a controversial thread I do it because I want to start an impartial and objective dialog, never my intention is or will be to attack, demerit, insult or disqualified any system, method or teacher.



Allan MacGregor

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