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  1. David Verdesi

    I'm leaving The Tao Bums Forums most of you guys are interested on two things having fantasies of supernatural powers and you focus more on that and scamming money from the people that has the illusion of achieving supernatural powers. Inner cultivation, Dan Tien cultivation ... everything is useless if you don't cultivate your hearth first, I haven't heard anyone speak about love and I mean the real universal love, the kind of love that Buddhist call compassion. Is just disappointing to read all the topics and post on this forums and realizing that most people has lost the focus or never had it to begin with. I don't want to offend anyone just speaking my mind. Regards and good bye. PD: and SeanDenty what purpose has all that training ? what its your goal? whats david goal? Superpowers? enlightenment ? inmortality?
  2. David Verdesi

    Well Said Santiago Well Said in deed. Cheers Bro and peace to you.
  3. David Verdesi

  4. David Verdesi

    Gut feelings are good even if they are not always right : ) you can learn some really interesting things even more valuable from mistakes than from successes. As for your second thought I agree to some point but I not the kind of person that follows anyone without asking why or doubting about the nature of their actions, especially when I have gut feelings about people I have learned to trust my inner judge and when something doesn't quite fit on my brain I simply don't fully trust on it and start researching. Guess is the form that my brain works making conscious and subconscious connections about events and relevant information, looking for patterns and similar stuff. Again its just me ... its my opinion I'm not telling David Sheng its wrong, Siffu X is laying ... or anything like that I'm just expression my opinion on a honest way and I want to get to know your opinion about the issue. Regards Can you elaborate your response a little bit more ?? what do you mean with Regards
  5. Problem (or not)

    What kind of training or meditation have you been doing recently ?? to get this result this is something that I would love to achieve or at least experiment briefly. Regards
  6. David Verdesi

    I Know I know that was the purpose of the whole thread heheheh !!!
  7. David Verdesi

    Don't get me wrong Master also have to eat, and its okay if they charge money even higher amounts of money; where I enter in conflict is where they try to justify charging this amounts of money with the purpose of filtering or testing the student willingness and dedication to learn, there probably 100 way the Master can and have been testing their wannabe students. Ok, I said that I don't fully agree to Master charging for teaching but I never said that demanding to learn is okay .... its actually quite the opposite, not everyone is ready to learn or start learning, and not everyone "deserves" yet to be taught. I don't want to make a fuzz about the money issue or David Sheng, really I just wanted to start a interesting conversation and get an idea of how some of the members on these forum think, so I picked one controversial topic So far it has been an enlightening experience, I really don't care much if David Sheng its real or not, if he is Coool if he is not Cool to ... I have always think that a teacher or Master can point the road, describe it for you, tell you hints and shortcuts but he cannot walk it for you. At the end its you who has to walk that road to decide where to turn, where and when to stop to rest and if you finish that road and how fast. Great teachers don't guarantee great students and vice verse. Regards
  8. David Verdesi

    Good luck with your training I hope your gut feeling is accurate please let me know how the training go when you get back. I personally don't agree with charging money for teaching, at least not in this way. If you ever heard of Jiddu Krishnamurti... that's my concept of enlighten master and a person that has achieved a highers stated of conscience no matter if I did taichi, meditation, qigong or any other path. Regards
  9. my theory or am i completaly insane?

    mmmm what childish answer
  10. anyone ever heard of this guy?

    Beware of this kind of "Masters". I recommend you to research on how to read Body Language ... the things you will find about a "Master", politicians, friends, etc ... in other words what he tries to talk about and what his body is saying are 2 quite different things. You are better just ignoring the guy and letting him to enjoy his daily dose of youtube comments. Regards
  11. my theory or am i completaly insane?

    Mantis , But why he doesn't have any idea of what he is talking about ? Is easy to point a finger and say you are wrong ... but to prove it is a whole different world. Any way the experience will be far more rich if you explain him why he doesn't have any idea. Regards
  12. David Verdesi

    I agree, something at least to me don't sound quite right, for example $6,500 is a bearable sum if included the ticket, the hotel, the food etc but its just the tuitution fee add plain tickets, food, hotel, etc and the sum is quite large the suppose that the foundation training takes some time to complete(1.5 to 3 years so far I understand) how many of this seminars you have to assist before completing the Foundation Training? Yoda interesting approach but I think is more to the symbolism for the student, for example there a lot of people who can easily pay that sum and don't event think about it, in other word there is no sacrifice for them ... no meaning if you will paying that kind of money. For a penniless person, giving even $100dlls will have a lot more meaning and sacrifice that for the other person, it meant sacrifice, willingness, hard work and determination. I can understand the concept behind the history you send, and I will agree with you if they really charged based on that, meaning that the cost is a kind of test for the wannabe students. There is a saying on my country that goes something like this: Hope to have translated that correctly or at least close to the meaning. Regards
  13. David Verdesi

    Yoda, HAHAAH!! I agree with you, its totally fine to charge 10k, 100K, one million doesn't matter ... the only thing here is that there is a thin line between money making and the student quality control, for example if Master Verdesi got to know a devoted student, a student that really is willing to learn, but the student doesn't have any money will he still teach that student? Also I think there are a bunch of better ways of filtering the "crazy gringos"; there still will be a lot of crazy people willing to pay 10K just for curiosity and probably its people that will not really understand, care or its ready for the kind of training that its supposed to be. Saying " well we charge this huge amount of money to teach you our knowledge/system/path and this amount of money is charged only to filter those unworthy/ fake students " sounds a little deceiving .... what happen with the people that are willing to learn but cannot pay ? they are not worthy ? they don't deserve to learn ? to be teach? It's easy to agree with the logic of charging large sums of money, but look at the background, the true bottom of things, I'm more of the philosophy of the master teach the students that want to learn. Money and enlightenment, sounds like two things that go in the same path to you ? There are hundreds of ways he can filter the bad students or unprepared ones. Again I agree charging what ever sum for teaching is okay as long your goal is to win money and not to really teach and help the human kind. Regards
  14. David Verdesi

    Ok the forums arguments sounds very convincing and I found the logic that you are talking about, charging that fee will surely keep curious out, and after wandering on the forums site a little more I found that for David students forum access is free or almost free. Yes, I know this thread its probably going to get nasty at some point, I hope it doesn't but there will always will be people with not enough maturity and/or consciousness that will act based on primal impulses. As for David been a sham, I don't say he is and I really wish that he is not ... actually next year I'm starting a trip to Asia starting on Thailand going through all southeast Asia and arriving at Beijing,China ... I'm doing some way of long term backpacking called Vagabonding, my hope and my dream is to have the opportunity of just know some of the real masters and even if possible by a long shot learn and study a bit with them. That's why I'm doing research of all the master over the world, and David caught my attention for sure. Let's see what the destiny has saved for me. Regards
  15. David Verdesi

    Ok, so this is my first post at Tao Bums and I wanted to start with something that caught my attention and I feel the need to discuss, I have been some research on David Verdesi which I suppose everyone here know or at least have heard about him. Before going further I started this post with the idea of having a objective, impartial discussion; I don't want or pretend to attack David Verdesi nor his students; so with that in mind please try to past objective comments and avoid personal attacks. So after reading some of the Sean Denty posts (here, on other forums, in some mailing lists) and researching a more about David Verdesi and John Chang; I found myself with some inner conflict; one part of my is excited about the feats, the comments, the illusion of the kind of training that David offers and their Master's histories related by SeanDenty also sound wonderful and exciting, but there is also the part of my that smells something funny and its not completely sure that this is not another scam or cult like group. Ok, why I say this ? I have always had the strong belief that real knowledge and enlightenment doesn't come to a material price, I can understand the courses and seminars costing $6500 -$7500 dlls or any similar amount if the knowledge and training imparted on the seminars is real then the money is worthed and the price is just small in comparison to what you are going to receive. But honestly I was just dissapointed when looking for the Foundation Forum I find that they cost $125 dlls to read even if its a lifetime fee; it doesn't seems right to me, at least to some level the knowledge should be free, sure they have the right to make a living from it, to restrict the higher teachings to only advanced and approved students, but to charge just to enter the forums and learn more about David, the Path he teaches etc. I have always believe that the knowledge is to serve the human kind, to help us achieve a higher balance as society, individuals and as humanity in general, for that reason knowledge is priceless and (at least for me) sharing knowledge is one highest forms of compassion.