My name is Jim :P

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My late introduction! I'm a more of a lurker at first.


I became interested in philosophy about 7 months ago after taking some yoga classes. I've read a little bit about Buddhism, Daoism, and Hinduism, needless to say I'm very interested! I loved taking the yoga classes, I felt amazing afterwards and it also got me up off my lazy butt, which is one of my problems (a lot of my hobbies addictions include sedentary activities: reading, being a computer geek, watching tv...). I don't go to yoga anymore because it's really expensive but I want to start my own practice including meditation very soon, the only problem is it's really hard to change some of my bad habits but I'm working on it!


I'm also extremely interested in Asian culture, I've been a Japanophile for many years but for the last couple of years have started getting into other cultures such as: China, Korea, and India.



Chinese Martial Arts



Foreign Languages & Cultures

Reading / Learning

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Eager Minds are my Favorite kinds!



I am Shon !


I am sorry ... i also sadly suffer from the lazy but syndrome.

very sad thing that. :unsure:


am told it's curable ?


For this tail dragger My tai chi teacher Helps !

and am thinkin' this forum also will!?


Have a Blast, Kid!


No need to lurk!

So many lurkers out there already! :ph34r:

Ask question ! :D


C U !



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