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Existential angst got you down? Online musical games are the answer. Do you have any idea how many song titles you know? You'll be amazed.


Come join us on the Guitar Notes forum. We've been playing these games for years, and they just keep on going.. And we can use some younger people to wake us up out of the time warp some of us are in :).


Check out this section:


Or www.guitarnotes.com/forum, the "No Strings Attached" section.


There are about 4 or 5 games going on, although the Song Title game is the most popular and easiest. The ones I instituted (collaboration game and double initial game) are sometimes too hard, but some of us give it a shot anyway.


Oh, and if you have an interest in guitars, check out the rest of the forum too ;-)



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I saw the topic, and I immediately thought, "Oh Boy! Squaredancing's coming back!!", but from what I can

glean from the link, it doesn't seem like it's ready to take the USA by storm yet, as I have been waiting many years for this certain eventuality to occur. BUT THEN, I realized that the marriage of SquareDancng and Chi cultivation is a match made in heaven! Would be a system of self-development as well as a deadly martial art,

and a big part of it's appeal is that it would be Martial Art 'of the Homeland', and, as such may appeal to

some of our Mid-Western USA brethren and sisters who would 'be able to put it all together'...and have their tradition:

Internal Chi development, plus a lethal martial art that strikes out at the opponent not only when they LEAST

EXPECT it, but couldn't even CONCEIVE of it! Thus the added benefit of SURPRISE...I mean a square dance

is a pretty wholesome scene, too wholesome, I think, and there may be nefarious elements infiltrating

the SQ community to try and destroy it...why? Because the SQD'ers are happy, and the corruptive forces

won't stand for that. I will call the System "the Golden System of Deadly Promenade for Chi Enlightment and Not Letting Things Ever Get out of Hand, Anywhere, Anytime'.


Since I just invested this system, I guess that makes me the Sifu, so I better get busy and put together some

sort of 'e-book' package consisting of a thin amount of material, a coupla 'advanced Square Dancing dvd's, such as 'Doh-Si-Doh Dim Mak', '"Swing Your Partner":Square Dance Grappling Techniques',... 'When Square Dancing Turns Violent: Deadly Street Fighting Techniques for the Elderly and Innocent'... and 'Use of Checkered Neckerchief, Gingham Skirts and Petticoats to Disguise your Intent and Conceal a Makeshift Deadly Weapon Improvised from the Corn Spit'... I, envision printing up a few inexpensive thin booklets of extra and sell it via the internet for $497 for the package. That would entail the "Open" portion of the Teachings, only those who continued further study at $997 would get them the closed, secret material and top-secret energy/development/fighting technique (Such as How to Transform a Fiddle into a Make-Shift Semi-Automatic Chi-Weapon/pool cue).


Wow, I'm liking this. Anybody with significant money to invest who is accepted by me, would become #2 in the lineage and would also be bestowed with the deep honorific of respect, Sifu..(your name here).....of the Promenade

Squaredance limited. Any readers on this forum who witnessed the birth of a modern and deadly martial art, healing method, enlightenment vehicle and access to a number of secret family recipes held in the family for GENERATIONS for Fried Chicken and a Pork rib marinade that will drop you to your knees singing His Praises in joy, will be offered membership in the dojo at 3/4 it's $1,000 yearly price.


More to Follow,


Sifu L.A. Scruggs III


I guess since I'm the Sifu of Square Dance, I better dress better...how do I look?

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I love (almost :D) nothing more than sitting back and writing riffs. My dad gave me an acoustic when I was in like second grade :)


www.wholenote.com is a good reference site on theory/lessons/articles etc

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