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Kunlun questions

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I got the "Pillars of Bliss" book yesterday and in the evening I tried out the meditation.

Awesome! I've never experienced anything like it!

Within 5-10 minutes my whole body was trembling like crazy! But it felt really good. :)


Now on to my questions...

Will I still benefit from the Kunlun practice even though I'm not able to meditate every day?

Do I have to do a full hour every time?

I think I might be able to meditate 3-4 days a week.

I got "hooked" on Kunlun and I would be a happy man if I could benefit from the practice even though I can't do it every day.

In the book it doesn't say if I'm supposed to have my eyes opened or closed during the meditation?

And what about the breathing? I simple deep breathing enough?


I also wonder about the "Kunlun Session" audio file posted here on the forum (I don't remember who posted it?). Do I listen to it while meditating? Does it contain binaural beats or something similar?

Many questions, I know. I'm a beginner so please bear with me. ;)


Please share your wisdom with a beginner. :)



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I'm glad you like it. No need to do it every day or for any particular set period of time. Can be done be done with eyes open or closed but if you do Kunlun while watching TV I recommend you keep your eyes open. No Kunlun while driving!


Your pal,


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Hi Henrik,


There is a lot of Kunlun info here....... if you can dig it out with the search engine :D


I'd start off with the big one, 33 pages of light reading :blink:


Yoda's excellent compilation of Mantra68's answers to questions.

Mantra68 is Chris, who helped write the book Pillars of Bliss.


Don't forget to smile :)

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