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  1. Kunlun questions

    Thanks guys. I actually did a search for Kunlun and I got so many hits and didn't know where to begin.
  2. Kunlun questions

    I got the "Pillars of Bliss" book yesterday and in the evening I tried out the meditation. Awesome! I've never experienced anything like it! Within 5-10 minutes my whole body was trembling like crazy! But it felt really good. Now on to my questions... Will I still benefit from the Kunlun practice even though I'm not able to meditate every day? Do I have to do a full hour every time? I think I might be able to meditate 3-4 days a week. I got "hooked" on Kunlun and I would be a happy man if I could benefit from the practice even though I can't do it every day. In the book it doesn't say if I'm supposed to have my eyes opened or closed during the meditation? And what about the breathing? I simple deep breathing enough? I also wonder about the "Kunlun Session" audio file posted here on the forum (I don't remember who posted it?). Do I listen to it while meditating? Does it contain binaural beats or something similar? Many questions, I know. I'm a beginner so please bear with me. Please share your wisdom with a beginner. Henrik
  3. Taoist newbie from Sweden

    Hi guys, I thought I'd drop by "the lobby" to say hi before I do anything else. I just placed an order on the book "Pillars of Bliss" and I can't wait for it to arrive! As you might have figured there will surely be questions about kunlun practice... See you around. All the best, Henrik "Hea" Andersson Karlstad, Sweden