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On 2021/6/1 at 1:15 AM, Iskote said:


Hi A2345B. Don't worry about areas of tension too much. Over time you will start to feel more comfortable and relaxed and natural while standing. Relaxing doesn't mean becoming completely limp like a rag doll so that you start to collapse. Just relax as much as you can while standing naturally straight, with your knees bent a little bit and your toes facing forward. Feet are about shoulder width apart. As long as you are  in that general posture, you should be fine. Make sure the armpits are open a bit so as not to restrict circulation through the armpit area. The exact posture is not super critical. You will adjust your posture to be more comfortable over time as you get more used to standing that way. Don't over-do the standing time either. Just a few minutes for one session for the first while is good enough. All the best. 



In my view, wuji zhan zhuang embodies the principles outlined in the dao de jing without adding anything. 



Your idea is very good, very in line with Taoism, but I have some opinions on the notion of Promise standing stubbornly.
I think that although the Wuji Zhan Zhuang did not add anything, it reduced it, and still consciously interfered to suppress the part of natural evolution.
Sorry for my bad English, so I wrote in Chinese, and the English part was translated by Google. It might be weird to translate it.



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I made a review of that book in another thread. 


If one likes Qianfeng Pai and Taoist Yoga, it a good read. 

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