Who or what is answering?

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6 hours ago, dwai said:

Are there really subdivisions in consciousness? Or is it in the minds? 

I think yes... because you can create all kind of consciousness based on your roles, age, occupation or religion or whatever.

And when you create a subdivision.. and go on.. and it can have its own perspective and experience while another can be inactive at the same time.

In higher level state, it can lead to conflicting emotions... Like feeling free and constrained at the same time because these can originate from different selves.

You will have a different information in you depending on the activity for various reasons.

E.g. when you drive you are more aware of anything related to driving in ideal case...

Things get mixed up.  That is when things can get complicated.

Under certain circumstances, you can communicate with various selves... or just being the current you.

It is possible to exist in various mind states.

You may have a baby self, young child self, adolescents self... so on each may possess different abilities.... everything you have been...

It is possible to switch between state... I think...but I cannot control that I think it may be possible though,



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On 5/9/2021 at 2:30 PM, Kongming said:

Hey guys, anyone know of the traditional interpretation as to who or what power is behind the oracle? Was it ever seen as heaven (tian), the gods (shen), immortals (xian), or some other related entity? In sum, who or what gives the answers?


I ask because I've received answers and had other experiences which convince me that the Yijing is most certainly "real" as it were so of course I am curious as to the power or entity, if any, behind it. I know some may respond with a more psychological interpretation as though ones own intuition reveals the answers and this may be partly true, but nonetheless remain interested in learning about any older conceptions regarding any identity to the oracle.

What I am mostly familiar with is not the Yijing, but other forms of divination, most of which are western in origin. Therefore, I cannot answer specifically on the Yijing, but I can give an answer that seems to have covered most divination that I have been exposed to. I am aware this is the Yijing section of the forum, so please forgive me for answering on such a nonspecific basis!


With that preface, from what I can tell, the information given comes not from an entity of sorts, nor from a split of the self such as intuition, but from a sector of the astral where all information, past and present, is kept. I believe that some people call this point the akashic records, but I don't know how accurate that name is. I feel it might be worth looking into this concept if you are looking for the source of the answers you get.

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