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Good whatever time of day and night there it is where you are , 


I have come to this site in order to find answers to answers to the following questions: 


1. can qigong fix scoliosis 

2. can qigong really help you grow taller 

3. can qigong really fix and change your bone structure (particularly the face)? 

4. can qigong really be used to heal the body? 


After coming across this video on YouTube below along with another video with an older woman stating that her scoliosis was healed, I have a deep routed curiosity to know if chi can really heal the body this way. The video below is by a man named master Wong but I cannot find anything else by this man. In the video, he says that the bones are harder to change but the joints are easier, so the bones can changed? I'm curious. I have come across qigong in the past a long while back but was not in a position to really delve as deep as I would like into the subject. 


I spoke to a person that taught qigong and said in the chi world, anything is possible? I want to know more about qigong for the purpose of and I do not like to use this word in fear of sounding off my rocker but shape shifting. I do not believe that I can magically change into another person but to me it makes sense that certain parts of a person can change and heal. I do not think the story about the woman who used this practice to fix her scoliosis is far fetched. I have read many stories of the amazing things the body can do. 


I want to know to what extent qigong can be used to change and heal the body. This whole search could be in vain but for a long time, I have had the feeling that it is not and the only way to really find this out to leave no stone unturned.  I will read whatever material I have to, and do whatever qigong practice I have to. 


So hello to anyone who is reading, I want to know all I can about qigong. 


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Hello LookingForAnswer366,


Welcome to the bums. Your account is approved.


You will find three topics pinned at the top of this sub forum regarding rules and expectations; please make sure you’ve read them.


warm regards, 


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