Interested in Neigong and ALchemy

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Hello, I have come here to find some knowledge and maybe consultations on topics of interest.

Daoist Neigong and Daoist Alchemy, I have read about John Chang and his impressive abilities, and interested in cultivation.

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Hi X, Welcome to the board.  John Chang RIP, was a great master but his system was private ie he got strict orders from higher ups not to teach it to Westerners.  Thus its problematic.  There are some schools for it though but again problematic.  There are other indepth systems that are more open.  Amazing results take hard work and long dedication.  Hours of practice a day, best done under living tutelage. 



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We're here for good conversation and making some friends along the way, to be a community.  Jump right in, start threads, ask questions, look for interesting threads and post your (relevant) thoughts. 


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A fictional example of how 1&2 shake out:
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- Trunk, author & past admin

- Sean, owner & admin of TheDàoBums


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Hey XianGong,

NeiGong and Alchemy described in the shortest possible way:

1) Make your physical body strong and healthy (through sleep, diet, lifestyle and exercise)

2) Make your life energy strong (through the above measures, AS WELL as breathing exercises and qigong exercises)

3) Make your mind pure, peaceful and harmonious (through the above, AS WELL as meditation).

4) Through continued practice of the above, you can realize the Truth

These three steps are traditionally called
1) jing to qi (from the physical body to the energetic body)

2) qi to shen (from the energetic body, to the psychological body)

3) shen to xu/Dao (from the psychological body (the mind) to the realization of the True Nature of Reality).

Practically, the qigong teacher will teach you like this:

1) The physical form, the movements and bodily alignments (this is the jing or physical part)

2) The breathing, how to combine breathing with the movements correctly, including holding your breath (this is the qi or energetic part)
3) The visualisations, what to visualise for each movement and breath (this is the mind or shen part).

When body, energy and mind combines into ONE, this opens the possibility for realizing firstly your own true nature, then the true nature of Reality. You go beyond your own indvidual mind, and merge with the Universe.

Let me finish on a very controversial note: there is only one measure of a person's true spiritual development. It's not their supernatural powers, having exceptionally strong qi, being able to heal, read minds, control spirits or see auras. Everyone can achieve this technically and artificially through certain techniques. Nope. It's actually their love and compassion for all living beings.

1) Never commit actions which can hurt yourself or others, physically or mentally, now or in the future

2) Be a blessing to all living beings, help relieve the suffering of others when you can


Living in accord with the above two, simple rules is the ultimate superpower, the ultimate feat, the ultimate level of spiritual development and enlightenment.

ALL of cultivation has only one point: giving us control of firstly our bodies, then our qi, and lastly our minds. When these are under our control, we can live in harmony with ourselves, our families, our communities, countries and finally the whole world. In other words, cultivation gives us the power to follow the two above rules in everyday life.


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