The Chakras, the 3 Body model, and Om

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After a mantra Japa session recently, I had some thoughts in terms of the correlation between the chakras, the 3-body model and Om. Given that usually most people entering the practical gate of Hindu spiritual traditions seem to be coming via Yoga and are very focused on the Chakras and Kundalini, I thought it might make for a good topic of discussion (who knows, may even be informative for some). 


The Vedantic way of meditating on Om (Pranava) is in an elongated manner -- where the Om is sounded (or chanted silently if possible) in four parts. The "aa" part which represents the Waking state and all of our experiences in the waking state, the "oo" part which represents the dreaming state and all our experiences in the dreaming state, and the "mm" part, which represents the deep sleep state and the blankness (absence of all objects and phenomena). The fourth part of this meditation is the silence that follows...which is where one can become aware of their Self-nature as Pure Awareness, in which the 3 states of waking, dreaming and deep sleep arise and dissipate. When viewed from the body-mind perspective (in the waking state), this Pure Awareness is called the "Fourth" or "Turiya". But from the perspective of Awareness itself, the three states of waking, dreaming, and deep sleep simply rise and fall.


Corresponding to the 3 states are the three bodies -- The waker's body in the waking state, called the Gross body or Physical body, the dreamer's body in the dreaming state, called the Subtle body or Energy body, and the Deep sleeper's body in the deep sleep state, called the Causal body. All these three bodies appear and disappear in Awareness, which is our Self-nature. 


So how do these correlate with the Chakras? 


There are three types of Kundalini, of which only two are accessible in the human form. The Kundalini form that most people know about and seem to obsess over, is called Prana Kundalini. It the kundalini that rises with body-oriented practices such as hatha yoga. The other kind is called Chit Kundalini, which rises with mind-oriented, especially wisdom mind oriented practices such as jnana yoga. 


The Prana Kundalini is the one that rises up from the base of the body (muladhara) through the chakras to the crown (sahasrara). Correspondingly, the AUM (Om or Pranava) parts are as follows, imho --


Chakras 1,2 and 3 -- The "aa" part of Om

Chakras 4,5 -- The "oo" part of Om.

Chakra 6 -- The "mm" part of Om.

Chakra 7 (and Higher) -- The silence after Om.




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Very interesting  dwai  ...   and  ,  another 3  that makes 4  :)


Aleister Crowley would agree with the above , he spelt it  AUMGN   A   U   M   (GN - silent ) .   After years of experimentation my version is;


Start with a  loud and reverberating   AAAAAAAA    with a gradual transition to  UUUUUU   (or OOOOOOO )    and then gradually cut off the air as all of the air in the lungs is dispelled  and close the lips to  MMMMMMMM   .... gradually fading away so the moment of the last MMMmm sound into silence is undetectable .   For me the main part became the transition from the AAAA to the UUUU    ( the transition and half way point ... where both states are accessed  -  between the  " Waking state and all of our experiences in the waking state, the "oo" part which represents the dreaming state and all our experiences in the dreaming state " - the communication of conscious / unconscious  - the left and right hemispheres of the brain  ... where they link together   ;)  )  .   The end of the MMmmm going into silence represents the same as the magic bell - its vibration should not be stopped but left to continue until it fades into 'silence' (it never really does ) , it just becomes  'impregnated into the aether '  .


For more technothelemicmagicka Om stuff ;




It should be profitable to make a somewhat detailed study of the strange-looking word AUMGN, for its analysis affords an excellent illustration of the principles on which the Practicus may construct his own Sacred Words.

This word has been uttered by the MASTER THERION himself, as a means of declaring his own personal work as the Beast, the Logos of the Aeon. To understand it, we must make a preliminary consideration of the word which it replaces and from which it was developed: the word AUM.

The word AUM is the sacred Hindu mantra which was the supreme hieroglyph of Truth, a compendium of the Sacred Knowledge. Many volumes have been written with regard to it; but, for our present purpose, it will be necessary only to explain how it came to serve for the representation of the principal philosophical tenets of the Rishis.

Firstly, it represents the complete course of sound. It is pronounced by forcing the breath from the back of the throat with the mouth wide open, through the buccal cavity with the lips so shaped as to modify the sound from A to O (or U), to the closed lips, when it becomes M. Symbolically, this announces the course of Nature as proceeding from free and formless creation through controlled and formed preservation to the silence of destruction. The three sounds are harmonized into one; and thus the word represents the Hindu Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva; and the operations in the Universe of their triune energy. It is thus the formula of a Manvantara, or period of manifested existence, which alternates with a Pralaya, during which creation is latent.

Analysed Qabalistically, the word is found to possess similar properties. A is the negative, and also the unity which concentrates it into a positive form. A is the Holy Spirit who begets God in flesh upon the Virgin, according to the formula familiar to students of "The Golden Bough". A is also the "babe in the Egg" thus produced. The quality of A is thus bisexual. It is the original being --- Zeus Arrhenothelus, Bacchus Diphues, or Baphomet.

U or V is the manifested son himself. Its number is 6. It refers therefore, to the dual nature of the Logos as divine and human; the interlacing of the upright and averse triangles in the hexagram. It is the first number of the Sun, whose last number

The Sun being 6, a square 6x6 contains 36 squares. We arrange the numbers from 1 to 36 in this square, so that each line, file, and diagonal adds to the same number. This number is 111; the total of all is 666.

is 666, "the number of a man".

The letter M exhibits the termination of this process. It is the Hanged Man of the Tarot; the formation of the individual from the absolute is closed by his death.

We see accordingly how AUM is, on either system, the expression of a dogma which implies catastrophe in nature. It is cognate with the formula of the Slain God. The "resurrection" and "ascension" are not implied in it. They are later inventions without basis in necessity; they may be described indeed as Freudian phantasms conjured up by the fear of facing reality. To the Hindu, indeed, they are still less respectable. in his view, existence is essentially objectionable

Thelemites agree that manifested existence implies Imperfection. But they understand why Perfection devises this disguise. The Theory is developed fully in Liber Aleph, and in Part IV of this Book 4. See also Cap V Paragraph on Digamma final of Digamma-Iota-Alpha-Omicron-Digamma.

; and his principle concern is to invoke Shiva

The Vaishnava theory, superficially opposed to this, turns out on analysis to be practically identical.

to destroy the illusion whose thrall is the curse of the Manvantara.

The cardinal revelation of the Great Aeon of Horus is that this formula AUM does not represent the facts of nature. The point of view is based upon misapprehension of the character of existence. It soon became obvious to The Master Therion that AUM was an inadequate and misleading hieroglyph. It stated only part of the truth, and it implied a fundamental falsehood. He consequently determined to modify the word in such a manner as to fit it to represent the Arcana unveiled by the Aeon of which He had attained to be the Logos.

The essential task was to emphasize the fact that nature is not catastrophic, but proceeds by means of undulations. It might be suggested that Manvantara and Pralaya are in reality complementary curves; but the Hindu doctrine insists strongly on denying continuity to the successive phases. It was nevertheless important to avoid disturbing the Trinitarian arrangement of the word, as would be done by the addition of other letters. It was equally desirable to make it clear that the letter M represents an operation which does not actually occur in nature except as the withdrawal of phenomena into the absolute; which process, even when so understood, is not a true destruction, but, on the contrary, the emancipation of anything from the modifications which it had mistaken for itself. It occurred to him that the true nature of Silence was to permit the uninterrupted vibration of the undulatory energy, free from the false conceptions attached to it by the Ahamkara or Ego-making facility, whose assumption that conscious individuality constitutes existence let it to consider its own apparently catastrophic character as pertaining to the order of nature.

The undulatory formula of putrefaction is represented in the Qabalah by the letter N, which refers to Scorpio, whose triune nature combines the Eagle, Snake and Scorpion. These hieroglyphs themselves indicate the spiritual formulae of incarnation. He was also anxious to use the letter G, another triune formula expressive of the aspects of the moon, which further declares the nature of human existence in the following manner. The moon is in itself a dark orb; but an appearance of light is communicated to it by the sun; and it is exactly in this way that successive incarnations create the appearance, just as the individual star, which every man is, remains itself, irrespective of whether earth perceives it or not.

Now it so happens that the root GN signifies both knowledge and generation combined in a single idea, in an absolute form independent of personality. The G is a silent letter, as in our word Gnosis; and the sound GN is nasal, suggesting therefore the breath of life as opposed to that of speech. Impelled by these considerations, the Master Therion proposed to replace the M of AUM by a compound letter MGN, symbolizing thereby the subtle transformation of the apparent silence and death which terminates the manifested life of Vau by a continuous vibration of an impersonal energy of the nature of generation and knowledge, the Virgin Moon and the Serpent furthermore operating to include in the idea a commemoration of the legend so grossly deformed in the Hebrew legend of the Garden of Eden, and its even more malignantly debased falsification in that bitterly sectarian broadside, the Apocalypse.

Sound work invariable vindicates itself by furnishing confirmatory corollaries not contemplated by the Qabalist. In the present instance, the Master Therion was delighted to remark that his compound letter MGN, constructed on theoretical principles with the idea of incorporating the new knowledge of the Aeon, had the value of 93 (M = 40, G = 3, N = 50). 93 is the number of the word of the Law --- Thelema --- Will, and of Agape --- Love, which indicates the nature of Will. It is furthermore the number of the Word which overcomes death, as members of the degree of M M of the O.T.O. are well aware;

WEH NOTE: III Degree O.T.O., a word never to be written, published or spoken without the rite.

and it is also that of the complete formula of existence as expressed in the True Word of the Neophyte,

WEH NOTE: Another unpublished word, this time belonging to the A.'. A.'. and not to O.T.O. The two words are different, even to the number of letters. It was written down once, in a letter to Frank Bennett.

where existence is taken to import that phase of the whole which is the finite resolution of the Qabalistic Zero.

Finally, the total numeration of the Word AUMGN is 100, which, as initiates of the Sanctuary of the Gnosis of the O.T.O.

WEH NOTE: IX Degree O.T.O.

are taught, expresses the unity under the form of complete manifestation by the symbolism of pure number, being Kether by Aiq Bkr

A method of exegesis in which 1 = 10 = 100, 2 = 20 = 200, etc.

; also Malkuth multiplied by itself

10 to the 2 power = 100.

, and thus established in the phenomenal universe. But, moreover, this number 100 mysteriously indicates the Magical formula of the Universe as a reverberatory engine for the extension of Nothingness through the device of equilibrated opposites.

Koph-Pehfinal = 100 (20 + 80). HB:Koph = chi = Kappa-tau-epsilon-iota-sigma: HB:Pehfinal = phi = Phi-alpha-lambda-lambda-omicron-sigma; (by Notariqon).

It is moreover the value of the letter Qoph, which means "the back of the head", the cerebellum, where the creative or reproductive force is primarily situated. Qoph in the Tarot is "the Moon", a card suggesting illusion, yet shewing counterpartal forces operating in darkness, and the Winged Beetle or Midnight Sun in his Bark travelling through the Nadir. Its Yetziratic attribution is Pisces, symbolic of the positive and negative currents of fluidic energy, the male Ichthus or "Pesce" and the female Vesica, seeking respectively the anode and kathode. The number 100 is therefore a synthetic glyph of the subtle energies employed in creating the Illusion, or Reflection of Reality, which we call manifested existence.

The above are the principal considerations in the matter of AUMGN. They should suffice to illustrate to the student the methods employed in the construction of the hieroglyphics of Magick, and to arm him with a mantra of terrific power by virtue whereof he may apprehend the Universe, and control in himself its Karmic consequences.


Ch 7  MTP.




"  ...  the Magical formula of the Universe as a reverberatory engine for the extension of Nothingness through the device of equilibrated opposites. "







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@Nungali I’ll have to take quite some time to first read and then process/digest your quoted section — who wrote this? Huxley? Bardon? 



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1 hour ago, dwai said:

@Nungali I’ll have to take quite some time to first read and then process/digest your quoted section — who wrote this? Huxley? Bardon? 




Crowley;  ' Magick in Theory and Practice'  Ch 7 .

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Ok I did read but couldn’t get through it. I don’t know much about Crowley’s work, and references to Egyptian cosmology etc is confusing . I don’t get what the AUMGN is all about — seems like it’s based on a very superficial understanding of Indian cosmology and tbh comes across as incoherent to me — maybe it makes sense to those who are versed in crowley’s system. 

To me, AUM clearly represents reverse tracing  the process of creation and dissolution, in a tonal medium, since the Vedas were originally transmitted orally. 


A represents expansion, U or OO represents contraction, and M represents implosion — all of which occurs in awareness, the background and stuff of which everything is made up of. 

Brahman, the absolute and nondual reality according to the Vedic tradition, literally means the “expanding principle”. The root sound “Brh” means expansion.


So Om/AUM in reverse is Brahman (my own understanding) — or it is a map to reach Brahman. 


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beatiful tips. In past trials I concluded to expand consciousness during A. to contract and summarise or overlook consciousness during U. to be rooted in self consciousness during M.

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