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The Hole in Newton's Bucket

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Yeah I was reading Mary Baker Eddy today -- after hanging at the Christian Science Reading Room. I look up and my old music teacher is getting a sub. He joins me and we start talking about the connection between sound and memory and visual perception. I'm sitting in full-lotus and my pineal gland starts shooting energy into the females up at the counter ordering subs and making subs. As they soak up the energy they wonder where it's coming from and then smile at me. haha. Then I forgot that the vagus nerve kicking up and out the serotonin-oxytocin also transduces the e. coli or whatever anerobic bacteria. So my old teacher got a dose of that. haha.


I had told him I was feral since he said he had been thinking about me last night when something about Alaska was on t.v. as I lived up there in the wilderness for 6 months. So I proved that I'm feral. haha.

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