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  1. I - Ching

    "No, clean hands are a must -- the process of change refuses to get exposed to filth." I can only agree with Pro, change happens whether you like it or not, whether you want to participate in it or not, whether you shit your pants and wash in it or not. Silly ritual is for silly ritualists.
  2. I - Ching

    It's an exposition on the process of change. With or without the silk cloth and clean hands.
  3. Wizard Wang Liping?

    And did he graduate Hogworts?
  4. New Qigong Videos

    "Don't get me wrong I didn't question your knowledge that you took from him, or you in personal. And I don't really care what he teaches or is capable of. I just indicated his views written in books etc, that are not in accordance with the "bullshit" view that he told you... I believe you, that he told you so. Of course everyone after that can make his own conclusions about what anybody says and why. Someone having thousands of students, doesn't give him the wright to say "my teachers are the best and the others sucks" just for marketing purposes.... Anyway It doesn't matter" Then why did you bring it up?
  5. John Changs 1st Westerner student

    "buddy, you don't believe in fortune tellers!? what!? that was the 2nd post in this topic!" What, dragging me back into it?
  6. New Qigong Videos

    Matt, I'm no guru, just a guy with strong opinions. other guy, Hyperbole and marketing are not strangers in these fields. But you don't have to believe me, I only studied with the man for 10+ years. I know what's what with this particular subject and you do not.
  7. New Qigong Videos

    No, you mis-characterize my views on the esoteric. I have no problem with esoterica, it's the bullshit that sometimes arises from it that I have issue with. 25 years is a long time to discuss. I will say this. My students get things faster than I did. Am I a poor student or good teacher?
  8. Best Books on Reverse Breathing!

    Way too much has been made of "reverse" breathing. It is a very effective method but it often occurs quite naturally. Bruce would often make a big deal out of it, to the point that when I mentioned it when teaching people would shy away. Then when I explained it in normal terms, often the comment was "That's it?" If there are any doubters about my understanding of this please note that I was among the first people in his organization to be certified "level 2". Personally I don't recognize all this level stuff. Either you can do it or you can't.
  9. John Changs 1st Westerner student

    "So does this mean you still leave some room for the possibilty of these things existing but are just skeptical? I was under the impression you thought those type of abilities are totally fabricated with no wiggle room for doubt." Both. I believe in the possibility of all things. But I think these types of abilities are totally fabricated.
  10. John Changs 1st Westerner student

    Cameron, I appreciate your comments but I must demure. I am strong in my conviction but as well know mine is not the only view. I have a full life, wife and family. I'll back down from the head chopping just now.
  11. John Changs 1st Westerner student

    Well I'll keep this short as most of it has veered away from the original topic. As to acupuncture, I bow to anyone with greater knowledge than I. I have my experiences (more and much more serious than the one I mentioned) but have no knowledge of its practice. I am amused by many of the characterizations of my comments. Everywhere from questioning my sanity, my motive, my marriage ( ) but this latest is the funniest of all. That some nameless internet moniker hiding behind a screen name dares question my martial ability while seriously suggesting that point strikes are viable in the heat of full combat is absurdity to the greatest degree. Methinks you should come see me and inquire about my skill in person, keyboard boy. Regarding the suggestion of over emotionality, two things. Go back and reread my posts. They were calm and directed. Perhaps too bold for some of you but that ball belongs in your court. Second, I wonder how many of you believe that the alleged demonstration in the video rings true. Somehow I suspect that some of you merely take issue with my bombast. Whereas I stand behind my every statement. Denty and I have agreed to disagree (on this one) but I'm happy to continue.
  12. John Changs 1st Westerner student

    "my point is you repeat the same shit over and over, yet wont go anywhere that your verifiable proof might be found....so who looks like the chucklehead here?" Well that would be you. I haven't offered any unverifiable claims but feel free to act like a yappy dog. I repeat it because the truth is a justifiable defense. You challenge my point I'm going to repeat the truth. As I said feel free to ignore my posts. You've certainly not added anything to this conversation. Re: acupuncture, sorry there are studies were placebo needles reproduce real needles affect. Again, that said, even with negative experience I'm inclined to give it credence.
  13. John Changs 1st Westerner student

    "Though I think there is an healthy, appropriate place for your opinions and skepticism, the way you hi-jacked the thread kind of sucks." Matt, I didn't hijack the thread and it's unfair of you put it on me. I made a critical observation and then responded to the replies. That I have a forward way of expressing myself is who I am. I can't be concerned about the good opinions of internet personalities. If someone challenges my position I'm going to defend it. Unfortunately for some I'm better at it than they. Nei, "Buddy, It is healthy to have some levels of skepticism but one can't be too closed minded either." I'm not closed minded, I just don't believe that fakers and posers should go unchallenged. "In addition to dark matter/energy, there are many phenomena unexplained by the current state of science." Of course, but let's not start attributing them to magical powers. "Acupuncture, for example, has been proven to work (clinical trials have been done and scientific papers have been published) but we have no clue how." Actually there's some evidence that it could be placebo. But the results are thusfar inconclusive. "Of course if you haven't experienced it, you won't believe that a few needles can somehow cure a disease. I am sure for many people the same principle applies for Qi." I had acupuncture for sciatica. It was useless. That said I had triggerpoint acupuncture that had some affect, just not lasting.
  14. John Changs 1st Westerner student

    joey, "Buddy, we've all read enough of your postings to understand that you're not going to believe anything anyone writes." So you've appointed yourself spokesman for the whole group, joey? "Unfortunately, none of us is going to pony up the cash to ship you over to china so you can come back with a welt on your hand saying 'I guess I was wrong...' so....really, either make the trip or just let there be intelligent, mature discussion instead of running around trumpeting your ohhhhhhhh-so-accurate bullshit meter." You and whom? Clearly you believe the hype, that's fine. "Honestly...time after time you divert threads that could have some decent discussion and instead you make them into shit slinging matches." I don't give a rats ass what you like or don't like, joey. I calls it like I sees it. If you need to believe in this crap, it's telling. "Have some consideration for the rest of us forum users, please." Don't read my posts if you don't like them, son. Seems simple to me. Little, "But in your statement... well, what would RING TRUE to you?" Sorry, I'm not certain I understand your question. I'm in Massachusetts, if someone can show me this magic in person...or we can go to MIT here and do some verifiable tests. That would ring true.
  15. John Changs 1st Westerner student

    The difference between us denty is that you feign a benign spirituality until you can't (like when that guy asked about your guru's credentials, which you refuse to discuss) then you resort to cursing. It's a typical passive/aggressive way of acting. I'm not feigning anything. I am who I am and am completely comfortable with that. I don't need to involve myself in the fantastical. And whenever I see bullshit I'm going to point it out. You want to promote it, I want to expose it. So far, none of the videos of these alleged powers ring true. Most of them have been debunked, yours will too. But if you want to remain deluded more power to you. It's when you try to justify your nonsense that I'll chime in. Om Mani Padme Hum.