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Spent Wednesday at Devil’s lake in Wisconsin with my Sifu and some brothers. We hiked up to the top of the west bluff trail and meditated in what my Sifu calls his Rock Temple, overlooking the lake. 

Was a very powerful experience. Do you have special places like that where you have meditated and felt extraordinary power? 



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Little Lagoon Western Australia . 








Cathedral Rocks (near home )







The last step up. It has a ledge with a small cave under it . I felt compelled to put my arm in there  didnt know why , it seemed a good hole for a snake to live in . I had to lie down and put my arm in up to the shoulder, felt a rock pulled it out and it was a black quartz cluster . I told friends at home and they said L. had got on there . I asked him and he described the same spot and compulsion and told me E. got one there too. So I talked to her and she said she felt the same , put her hand in  palm up and a crystal cluster fell into her palm.  Part of the way there is between cliffs either side shot through with seams of black and white  quartz .


Another one is the 'lightening tree' spot on the back ridge of the property  (underground quartz seam again ... they attract lightening) .. An Aboriginal Elder traced it for me ; starts at the river birth pool, goes up hill and under my place,  cuts through 'solstice hill' ( a good site for gatherings and celebrations ) , up Pyramid Hill ( a 'problem zone' )  and comes out at lightening tree .  From there  you can 'take off' and reappear elsewhere at an 'arrival node' . In dreaming , it takes one step,


The first lightening strike (since I was there )  blew the  top and branches  off, the crown was about 60m away , blew the outer parts of the trunk in 4 pieces and scattered them  off in four directions , and blew the inner top part of the trunk down and into, crosswise the lower part, to make a huge cross .  Many later strikes have destroyed this and much of the surrounds .  A great spot for meditation .... but not in a storm !

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