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On Time as Relativity

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Yeah speaking of NASA -- Richard Hoagland's new book on the secret history of NASA has a fascinating section about Freemasons controlling NASA. Most of the book is his usual secret "geometric alien bases on the moon hidden by NASA" stuff which I just ignore -- haha. The Freemason bit though is an extension of Professor David F. Noble's "Religion of Technology" book.


Which brings us back to the God of our new religion: Albert Einstein. Just finished the new biography on that dude -- by Walter Isaacson (2007).


The glaring error that Einstein made was equating light with mass or as Isaacson quotes God:


"Light carries mass with it."


Well technically light has momentum not mass although people still make this common error -- yet MOMENTUM is the "sublime kernal of ideology" behind Einstein (and Descartes, etc.).


The best page in that book is on the Einstein-Bose Condensate whereby photons self-organize. As Einstein realized statistics enables entropy to be violated in rare cases and quantum physicist Danah Zohar has "zeroed" in on the Einstein-Bose Condensate is the secret key to the religion of technology.


The problem with promoting the Einstein-Bose Condensate is it still relies on equating energy as convertible into mass as a closed geometric system -- so that the self-organizing energy is still relying on divide and average or logarithmic math, which again started with Archytas.


The fact that Einstein used the Doppler Effect to model relativity (phase-shift of frequency without speed change aka time as wavelength distance) again reveals "God's" reliance on the great Archytas lie -- the rotten root as the foundation of science.


As I've detailed in my "Against Archytas" article -- frequency still re-LIES on time as divide and average distance -- so Einstein never got to the core of the issue.


My blogbook states that statistics is based on James Bernoulli's Golden Theorem, aka the law of large numbers, from his book Ars Conjectandi (1713), which is taken to task in the book "The Challenge of Chance" by Hadry, Harvie and Koestler. "George Spence Brown claimed, somewhat controversially, that the apparent successes of ESP experiments are really the failures of probability theory applied to reality: 'They [the results of psychical research] comprise, in fact, the most prominent empirical reason for beginning to doubt the universal applicability of classical frequency probability." (p. 140, The Challenge of Chance).


So the Golden Theorem, as I stated in my blogbook, is the reverse of the Lw of Pythagoras, relying on inverse induction to create randomness. Einstein disagreed wtih Kant's concept of pure geometric reasoson and instead Einstein argued that math is inherently based on physical testing methods which ARE physical reality. The concept of inverse induction in randomness also relies inherently on physical measurements as well -- the divide and average of time as distance.


In physicist Paul Dirac's article, "The Evolution of the Physicist's Picture of Nature," (Scientific American, 1963) he states:


"If we suppose that those discrete Faraday lines of force are something basic in physics and lie at the bottom of our picture of the electromagnetic field, we shall have an explanation of why charges always occur in multiples of e. This happens because if we have any particle with some lines of force ending on it, the number of these lines must be a whole number."


So again this basic one-to-one correspondence between physical geometry and number is assumed in quantum mechanics, showing that the math is inherently tied to geometry (which still considers time to be a matter of distance). That this noncommutative math must be converted to a classical form because quantum logic defies physical reality as per the Uncertainty Principle was the juggernaut which Einstein could never accept -- even though he first introduced the statistics to justify the existence of the atom. Einstein could accept time as being supposedly "pure frequency" even though he still relied on a closed atomic "mass" definition of time -- causing Godel to argue that time is an illusion, simple a property of space.


What was the real atom but in fact the introduction of momentum-based frequency with Democritus and Archytas? haha. Jokes on you Einstein -- thanks for enabling the whole planet to get vaporized.

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what consequence does this have on our daily lives? is there any way to escape it? because I am not familiar with some of the terms and examples you used I was not able to follow it very well... where did you study?

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Qigong master Chunyi Lin read the Holographic Universe by Michael talbot and stated that it is accurate. Although "hologram" is a western concept relying on the technology, etc. so in fact we're really the pure consciousness that creates the light as a hologram.

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Yes. What my research discovered is that yang is 2:3 from harmonics while yin is 3:4 -- the perfect 4th. I reference this in my new blogbook


So when we listen to western tuned music it cuts off the natural resonance of yin and yang as the 1-4-5 intervals (not based on logarithmic or divide and average math).


Holograms also use the same western math.


The consciousness is neither an image nor a thought but it is the source of sound as harmonic resonance. The Western logic tries to contain images through thought using axiomatic or symmetric left-brain logic tied to right-hand technology.


So in sacred geometry there is no irrational fraction but only rational numbers which resonate infinitely as complementary opposite harmonics. In the West the image has been contained through irrational geometry, thereby cutting off the natural resonance of 1-4-5 as yin-yang-consciousness.

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there used to be a magazine,

i believe it was called Synthesis;

it was captivating in that it

posited that philosophy and science

were walking up the same hill

on different sides.


i recall in particular one article

that talked about small sediments of sand

being subjected to some degree of vibration.

the sand would repeatedly clump to form

the shapes found in nature


how close science and philosophy

appear to be getting.

what an exciting time in

which to be a skinwalker.


i wish i had your knowledge;

i have merely read The Tao of Physics

and i've been enthralled ever since.

i wish i could understand half of

what you write about;

i can only intuit.


i do believe i shall start

reading your blog.

thank you drew.

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from 'mothership', discussing Reiser:


nodes of overlapping waves - superlight waves -

show group waves where to go and their product is

light and matter.

magnetic fields are the ganglia of the

World Brain.


is there any reason I keep visualizing

the aurora borealis?

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Yes the aurora borealis is a PLASMA which is also created by the brain as "psi-plasma" -- the term used by CIA mind controller Dr. Andrija Puharich. So cosmic plasma is a STRONG plasma meaning it's 100% ions with zero electrons whereas the brain plasma would not be that unless it's returned back to pure consciousness. Another way to conceive this is that the pure consciousness as the group wave is faster than light so that the electron is actually reversed as infinite time backwards or infinite space backwards -- aka the positron.


The military is currently working on anti-matter weapons -- using positronium -- combining electrons and positrons. This would of course vaporize the whole planet just as our mind-body can be vaporized supposedly -- at the end of the book Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality.


Alchemy relies on vaporizing of steam as the visual model -- just as water droplets will dance on a really hot pan, because there's a layer of vaporization. Plasma cosmology uses the same vaporization model to describe how matter and light dances on the group waves of anti-matter and dark energy.


Since science relies on amplitude to measure time -- distance as wave superposition or strength -- this inherently means science relies on divide and average-based matter (i.e., statistical positrons and electrons.


In fact time, as per Taoism, relies on frequency as complementary opposites of pure number, not enabling a divide and average distance amplitude of time as mass, but instead creating a harmony of ecology with human perception.

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god bless the military.



maybe the aurora borealis is the storeroom for the akashic records

or our group brain waves

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