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  1. Kunlun follow up poll

    Thanks dude, I appreciate the positive feedback. When I hit a low it is such a bummer its crazy. I will graciously accept any advice you have on keeping my balance! I can't figure out the PM thing on this new forum format but if you would shoot me an email at [email protected] it would be great. Thanks.
  2. Kunlun follow up poll

    IMPORTANT! I was reading Hua Ching Ni's "A tale of Two Kingdoms" and this quote came up: "Generally, most people cannot see, hear, or feel the subtle level of beings, which in human culture are habitually titled spirits, angels, ghosts, fairies, demons, or devils.....If you are a serious person looking for spiritual development, you must go through a stage when you are contacted, confused and scared by them. " And "Your understanding depends on your level...You may be inspired by direct contact with a teacher. It is not that he can teach you; if you are not yet developed, you cannot receive the truth he teachers. This is why a good student is more important than a good teacher" , I too have taken a break from Kunlun and plan on returning when my life and emotions are more stable, I am bipolar and kunlun, because my own ineffiencies regarding the management of these emotions makes me very ungrounded. I will return when I have resolved most or more of my own internal conflicts
  3. Kunlun for recovering drug addict?

    as a recovering addict myself kunlun has helped immensley, although kunlun was (and still is, although less so) very tough as to the demons you have to battle. Your friend would have to be very willing to face himself, he would need to really want to quit. Even kunlun by itself won't be as effective as working in tandem with a support group or recovery program such as narcotics anonymous or alcoholics anonymous, at least for the first little bit, these groups do a great job at beating the futility of drug use into you, and help teach coping skills to combat cravings. Also, detoxing with kunlun and the drug use at the same time can lead to a lot of sickness and confused mental states, his moods will still fluctuate powerfully (from the cocaine). My reccomendation is to get him into a treatment center, get him to detox, possibly some medication to help his brain chemistry balance out and then ask him if he wants to do kunlun. Acupuncture also helps very much, and is probably the most positive thing he can do for cravings and purification. That is how I did it (inpatient Treatment, outpatient treatment, acupuncture and kunlun) - it will be very tough - kunlun will help him see a higher purpose. In my experience because of so many mental/physical/emotional problems due to the drug use I didn't experience any bliss for a while doing kunlun until I cleared out a lot.
  4. Vitamins and Minerals

    I was told very STERNLY that Centrum is filled mostly with stimulants - My acupuncturist works closely with an independant researcher who is very credible, the results that he found were that centrum contained about %15 of what it said it did, the rest was designed to give you a burst of energy. DO NOT USE CENTRUM! Spectrient - if one is looking for a multi-vitamin comes most reccomended from my acupuncturist and her researcher - if you wish to know more and why contact me.
  5. Who is /are Max's Egyptian teachers?

    HELL YEAH CHRIS TAKE NO PRISONERS!!!! I got your back brother!!! Cover Fire!!! You flank em' Ill Storm these the rebel forces from the rear!!
  6. AMMA

    I went for my first time a few days ago and it was an amazing experience. I highly recommend it, they played a recording of one of her peace talks and it was so moving it brought me to tears. She really is a saint.
  7. Empty Vessel

    It should be easy to look up on their website...
  8. Spiritual Guides

    Hey neo, if you have been to a seminar, it might be wise to post this on the kunlun forum... it'll probably been seen and answered to your satisfaction.
  9. Spiritual Guides

    I know what you mean, these things kind of freak me out as well.
  10. Kunlun Lineage

    you are on to something, however I am not qualified or knowledgeable enough to reply to this statement.
  11. Kunlun Lineage

    Hundun, you should really look at yourself in the mirror.
  12. vajroli

    wow, thats pretty gnarly...
  13. Long time listener, first time caller

  14. those falling into further illusion

    "the path is the obstacle" or so they say...