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Hi everyone


This is my welcome post and I thought I would initiate a discussion about something I have been interested recently.

Do you know any specific schools (UK), or Qigong systems which allows you to do Qi transmission in order to heal others.


I have a background in Chinese Medicine, hence in my understanding that is partially whats happening during Acupuncture or massage, etc. However I am looking for a system which is more specialized in using such a healing method.


In regards to my experience I mostly practice Yang style TaijiQuan and TaijiJian with some Qigong exercises on the side.



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Welcome, we have some talented people from the UK here.  Its always good to share about local and national teachers.  If you don't get answers here, don't hesitate to start a UK thread.

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Welcome Serenity,
There are probably more than one system that do some form of qi transmission here, but the one that comes to mind is Michael Lomax's Stillness Movement.


Good luck!



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