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silent thunder

box life

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i write this, staring at a box, while sitting in a box.
typing letters onto a keyboard made of small inverted boxes.
that when pressed, store letters in the box of a computer.
the words are made available to other boxes.
your attention may stray upon them,
while staring at your own box of lights.




box life.



we form in a womb
we are born in a box

we grow up in a box

we live in a box
 often with locks
where we voluntarily lock ourselves in at night...


to be safe


born in a box.

we go to school in a box.

to learn about life... in a box.
then we go to work in a box.
earning money to pay for a box.
in which to voluntarily lock ourselves in, to sleep at night

we wake up in a box.
eating food from a box.

that was stored in a box.

within a room that is a box.

in the home that is a box, with locks.

make babies in a box

go on vacation and travel from box to box, in a box...

perhaps the occasional tube...


take pictures with a box.

watch movies on a box.


transition to death and get viewed... in a box.

we put lots of stuff in boxes.
made in factories that are boxes.
stored in boxes of rooms stacked in giant warehouse buildings... that are boxes.

deliver the boxes to other boxes, in moving boxes.

store our food in cold boxes.
or boxes hung on the wall.
keep our utensils in boxes.
our tools in boxes.
our clothes in boxes.


then we shit in a wet porcelain hole and send that... to a box.

my son goes to a box for 6-10 hours a day for 13-20 years and at the end of that, he's expected to go out into the world and be prepared for and excel at life... and is expected to know what box he wants to voluntarily sit in for the next 40 years, so he can earn money in order to 'pay' for another box that he can voluntarily lock himself inside at night to eat, sleep and be 'safe' in...  


box life.





 phew... well, at least I'm not bitter about it... :lol::P


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