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Reflections on Self-Worth

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A lot of people here struggle with self-worth or acceptance issues, so I thought I would share some personal reflections on this... which may be helpful to some.


1) You had value before you had to prove value. God placed you here, and knows your value.

2) The only value that matters is the value that God sees through its eyes.

3) You were loved before you had to seek love.

4) And as a continuation of 3), you can love only because you were loved first.

5) You were accepted before you had to make society accept you.

6) You were whole before you started looking for wholeness.


If we recap, you were valued, loved, accepted and whole when you were placed on this Earth. And when you started looking for these things, you were still valued, loved, accepted and whole the entire time. But you thought you weren't because you started using the eyes of others as a reference point, and you lost the most important connection that mattered, the connection to the true gift that is you, to what was gifted to you by the Divine.


Jesus taught to pray using the word "Father". Why did he do that ? Because as a child of the Divine, you realize that you are already valued, loved, accepted and whole. The Father and the Son are One. You don't need to please an external authority in society or in spiritual circles to have these things. Society may never accept you, no matter how much you try to bend yourself to please it. And expert may never accept you, no matter how much you try to reach their level of expertise. But a child will accept you. A puppy will accept you. And the Divine will accept you, it will never turn its back on you.


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If you're gay, know that you don't need to convince anyone of your value as a human being. 

If you're divorced, know that the Love of God will never divorce you. 

If you were abandoned, know that the Divine will never abandon you.

If your heart is torn in a thousand pieces, know that something is holding all the pieces together.

No matter how fragmented and helpless you become, just turn yourself to the energy that owns you. Or that Guides you.


Be sincere. With your sincerity, the energy will slowly pick up all your pieces and create something beautiful.


Like this cup of Japanese Kintsugi, which is literally the art of precious scars. In Kintsugi pottery you display your scars with pride, and the creations are viewed as more refined than general pottery.  




Then it doesn't matter if life scarred you or not, you can brew your own wonderful tea to the people around you, as an offering to the life that holds you and your pieces together.




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Hehe, you were?... more like YOU ARE LOVED. You are receiving love and guidance and support from the source of all creation. That is the energy which creates worlds, and every thing that your life has caused you to want to be do or have, even of improvement outside of you, it's all in the process of being and becoming the evermoreness of it all for and as your true self, which you can receive or block the receiving of it, by holding on to thoughts which make you feel not so good, and worthy, which then block it for you, then meditation helps you let that go of those thoughts, and open yourself to receiving your worthiness, by aligned thought, which don't feel worse when you think it, (the thoughts which feel bad, feel bad because they block your realisation of all that you truely are, they are self contradictory thoughts, not compatible with your nature) that helps you align with the never ending relentless flow of love and all the realisations of that higher greater intelligence, inspired. Feeling good. Thoughts compatible with your true nature.  So you open to that here and now. You ARE LOVED always now unconditionally. Meaning under any and all conditions, you have the ability to realise that love for yourself, by virtue of using your ability to focus, regardless of any and all conditions, you are loved. To simply focus on that which feels better, because that is who you really are. Because it is easy to focus on that which feels better, because those things empower you to focus more fully, because that is who you truely are, and thus are ment to be the evermoreness of your evermore being and becoming evermore.


It all always happens in the moreness of here and now. Meditating is for the purpose of releasing -energetic resistance- to the here and now, which stem from self contradictory thought, which lessens your consciousness. So the natural realisation of your natural well being and deservingness of any and all that you may want evermore. Simply because it feels good. And as you utilize your emotional guidance in that way, it will always lead you back home to all that you truely are, here and now. Where you are always loved unconditionally. And trusting your emotions unconditionally, always guiding and pointing towards the path of lesser resistance towards the fastest easiest and most enjoyable realisation of all that you truely are being and becoming evermore. it happens from within first. Because your unconditional worthiness is an unconditional fact, that all you gotta do is allow to come from within, by letting go of those thoughts which block it, only temporarily, including a temporary life of suffering, which is unnecessary, and the expansion of its unecessary being, also helps you realise how and why it is unnecessary, meaning, it will become more and more unnecessary evermore. And so you allow your full realisation here  and now in and as your life here and now aswell. Effortlessly. It's simply natural easy and enjoyable, it simply feels good or better ongoingly.


It starts small with thoughts that feel good. Even thoughts about feeling good. If you remember or imagine anything that feels good, you remember how it feels again. And it is through this natural energy alignment that you realise the natural path of least resistance thought or otherwise, that feels good, towards you any and all preferred realisations within and without. Of thoughts which harmonize with your greater knowing, evermore.


To think "I am loved." the words is just a word. To allow that to be realised by you, it depends on your ability to align your energy with that, by virtue of focused and and thus allowed expansion of this realisation focused into allowed being, and the true indicator of alignment is your good feeling emotion. So greater allowed alignment feels better. So easy and simple.  So if you focus in contradiction to yourself, it feels bad, then let that go, and focus elsewhere, that feels better, untill you find your natural way of joyous being and becoming in evermore greater realisations again, of consciousness that is fully flowing and more fully also allowed to flow, indicated by its feeling good, here and now, and fully realising the evermoness of your joyous being evermore.


If you cannot feel good, you can feel better.  Always. Even the desire to feel good/better, which helps you focus on the idea of feeling good/better, just for the purpose of feeling good/better. Emotionally. If you can conjure that good/better feeling, ongoignly, even just holding that intention and focus on your intention consistently, you can re-member more of all that you truely are being and becoming evermore.


Through that moreness of allowed energy alignment. Staying in that good feeling, you will naturally realise all the greater knowing, evermore, because it's always been here for your unconditional deserving of it evermore, simply a fact.


The greater realisation naturaly feels good/better, because it is the energy of who you really are flowing more fully through you. And if you feel good, those thoughts of realisation of your here and now being deserving, will come. It is balance, alignment, of flowed energy. And thinking something that doesn't feel good, sets you off balance. At first you may not like this, which is also why you need to be selfish and want to feel good unconditionally, because your offering of value to those around you hinges on your ability to maintain your own alignment, with all that you truely are being and becoming evermore.  Then later on, things don't set you off balance, and you are able to see the true value of them again, evermore, so they will expand your good feeling even, into the evermoreness of all that you truely are being and becoming evermore, because you are always being effortlessly and naturally in allowed alignmen, evermore.


Your worthiness is a given. Your realisation of it, fully, here and now, requires you tune your energy to the realisation of all that is truely here and now for you, that feels good/better, when you allow that realisations. So you want to feel good/better, so much, that you focus unconditionally on feeling good/better unconditionally simply for the purpose of feeling good/better itself, because that is the essence of who you are, so you always got acces to that, if you can find a way to feel better ongoingly to allow your realised acces of that evermore so.


It is subtle at first, you may call it an intention to focus and maintain your focus on the thing you are intending. But you got the knowledge here and now, that you cannot realise your greater intentions, unless you feel good first. You do not change the conditions of your life, by feeling bad, then changing the conditions, in order to feel good. You feel good, first, then your ability to change the conditions into one that feels better, ongoingly, more specifically, more extatically, and succesfully, and effortlessly, and joyously, will be realised by you.  Because you do not need to create those conditions. You already created them and are creating them evermore right here and now! They are being and becoming evermore, always more here and now evermore! Your worthiness of all of it is unconditionally a given fact evermore. It is literally flowing from the source of all creation, backed up by the energy that creates worlds. No worry or doubt whatsoever. Pure flawless conviction and true allowed knowing fully flowed, pure and being and becoming evermore. Undeniably, irresistably.


Your soul knows your path of least resistance towards anything and all things you may want to be do or have evermore. So trust it.  You trust, by letting go of thoughts which don't feel good, and focus more on those thoughts which do feel good. Ongoingly more and more. As it feels better to so, which then empower you to focus more fully, as when you feel better, you regain your true empowered ability to be do or have anything you so desire  This is the only way to receive the greater knowing, that you are going to trust, naturally. Because those things are simply of the moreness of all that you truely are being and becoming evermore. So ofcourse you're gonna come to know it one way or another. And you can simply allow it here and now, simply for the purpose of feeling good. Because that is literally the first step, of the eternal journey, of which all the steps are pretty much similar, like, feeling better evermore.


Because you deserve to feel good, you are ment to feel good, always here and now.


Greatest hint I can ever give to anyone of full blown realisations of all that I have come to know evermore, is simple. YOU SUFFER, BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT MENT TO SUFFER.


Think about that, consider what it truely means. Then everything will make sense again. So you will realise, you are suffering, so how is it you are not ment to suffer if you suffer? Then you have to realise, it can only ever be, that you choose to hold on to the suffering. So you're causing it yourself. And you feel bad, not because you are ment to suffer. You feel bad, because you are not ment to suffer. It is a reminder your greater intelligence has placed for you, you by yourself, your greater knowing, reminding yourself evermore, it is like a seal of worthiness that you carry with you at all times, of you true being and becoming evermore. Of relentlessly accurate emotional guidance system. For if you truely were ment to suffer, IT WOULD FEEL GOOD. This is literally the greatest realisation that can ever be. Not because it is great, it is small and simple and easy. But it is really at the core of who you really are. Of all that you truely are. And through this essential knowing, you can and will always find your way back to fuller evermore greater allowed realisations of all that you truely are being and becoming evermore. In evermore greater allowed realisation of true freedom and joy evermore. 


And no amount of words can or will ever replace the greatest teacher of all, which is experience. You have to experience feeling good, emotionally, simply feeling good. regardless of the conditions, no matter what they may be, they are completely not important. Only this feeling that helps you know your true alignment is of true knowing. Because through that, comes all the greater knowing evermore.  Because that is who you truely are, and that is the only way, to energetically, allow your true greater allowed realisation evermore of all that you truely are being and becoming evermore. You don't try to feel good. You allow it. By focusing more on that which does feel better/good, because it is natural for you to do so. It is attractive to focus on things that feel better, to your true core of your nature of who you really are. Because you are truely ment to feel good. Then it will simply also be natural for you to realise all your greater knowing. Why? Cause they will feel better for you aswell if you allow yourself to realise them for yourself.


And everything is energy, so you cannot work your way around this fact. You cannot defy the natural laws of creation. They are not defiable because they are like existance itself. It cannot become anything other than itself. It simply is.  You are, you exist. Nothing can or will ever change that. So if you are energetically defying yourself, you're gonna remind yourself that you are trying to achieve the impossible, how? By feeling the negative emotion, of self contradiction. That you create from within yourself, to yourself, in contradiction of and with yourself. And the more you do it, the worse you feel. And those emotions are always accurate indicators of what you are doing with your energy here and now. So love it when you feel bad, because that is literally how you will feel better. Love it that you know that you don't like to feel bad and that you thus always will want to release that which feels bad, and let go of it. And the more you enjoy knowing that, the easier it will be to simply effortlessly let go of whatever feels bad. Simply from an unconditional knowing you always got within you, as unconditional worthiness. It will just happen naturally and automatically at some point. Free from suffering, cause that's who you really are.


So you cannot allow your greater realisations, if you flow it through yourself in self contradictory ways. So you gotta let go of that, and meditation is the easiest and most effective and practical ways to do so. To let go of all self contradictory thoughts. Because those thoughts can become evermore aswell. Nothing wrong with it, but if you suffer all your life, it's completely unnecessary. It's like, there is a bucket of sand and a bucket of water. And you choose to drink the bucket of sand, while the bucket of water is right next to it. Completely pointless and unnecessary. Just like your suffering. You simply let go of it. And allow the water, being your thoughts which feel better to you, and in doing so, you allow your greater intelligence to be realised by you again, naturally and effortlessly. Which again, gives you more ability to feel even more better ongoingly. effortlessly, naturally. Doesn't require any action, just feel how you feel, and reach for a better feeling within yourself, ongoingly. And you can feel better unconditionally.


And again, you always got this emotional guidance system within you, that always helps you find your way. Those emotions aren't saying, you feel bad, so go and fix whatever it is that is causing you to feel bad. That's the self contradictory thoughts thought by humans, which say those things, and saying that? It doesn't feel good. Why? Becuase you cannot change those conditions, as it is also not your job to change them. Your job is to allow the conditions to become what you want them to become, by taking your energy, being sensitive to the thoughts you think, being willing to feel better and let go of thoughts which feel bad, and allow more of those thoughts which feel better/good, because they are compatible with your true nature of being and becoming here and now, even focusing on the better feeling thoughts more, and giving less attention to those things that feel bad. To help you restore your natural balance of alignment, your physical being and your greater allowed non-physical consciousness with all of its evermore greater knowing of evermore greater allowed being and becoming evermore, of naturally greater allowed realisations of all evermore greater allowed well being and greater allowed realisation of all your greater knowing of evermore being and becoming evermore in greater freedom and joy evermore. And those those conditions will be realised by you for what they truely are being and becoming evermore, always more fully here and now, regardless of any and all conditions, in full greater allowed realisation of harmonic convergence of true knowing evermore.




So simply take the bucket of water... Your own source of all creation within yourself. As your ability to focus on what feels good / better to you. And as we all know, one who is thirsty is weak. So when you allow yourself to drink water, your ability to drink more, will be restored. And soon, you will be thriving fully again.  So feel better, you can feel better even more. And drinking water, is simply allowing yourself to feel better, regardless of any and all conditions. Again, if something feels better, you don't insist that that is the only way for you to feel better. You gotta allow the this guidance to be unconditional, not tied to any particular set of thing or things. Focusing, to feel better unconditionally. You simply allow your better feeling ongoingly evermore, unconditionally. Not because you are going to become a non-condition, but because that is how you allow the realisation of all those conditions evermore! Truely realised conditions of true being and becoming evermore, in greater joy and true aligned and allowed truer greater being and becoming of freedom evermore ongoingly along the natural path of least resistance evermore.


Because that is your true ability. The most foundational core essence of your true ability. Through this, all the other conditional relative manifestational abilities are all realised effortlessly, joyously. Because that is who you truely are ment to be. It wont be difficult, any less, than a human would find it difficult to release an object held in its hands. You let go, and you allow your true nature. It is an effortless deed. So you allow yourself to simply feel better. How is completely irrelevant. So easy, it cannot even be done, rather it is the letting go of insistence that you need to do only one particular thing. Simply feel better ongoingly. You simply let go. And your natural self worthiness is naturally effortlessly allowed to flow into full realisation again. Along with all the things that are truely reflective of that worthiness, they will just come naturally to your evermore greater self allowed realisation within and withoutside in fully harmony evermore, as you allow yourself to feel good, simply because you are ment to feel good. Regardless of any and all conditions.


Then those conditions will naturally come to fuller greater allowed joyous realisation. Always. Because they have always been here. Waiting for you to allow your realisation of them. Always. Simply through remembering you are ment to feel good, and that feeling good is natural to you, and you are ment to feel good and better evermore. So whenever you feel worse, simply laugh, and say thank you. Guidance system. For reminding me, this is not of who I truely am, being and becoming evermore. This is a flawed perspective or thought. And the true realisation of the greater allowed realisation of all those conditions and who and what they truely are and what it truely means and all of its fuller greater allowed realisation of all its true values for me and all...


So you can let go way more effeciently and effectively. Always fully in harmony with your greater knowing evermore. And so always in full allowed realisation of all your worthiness evermore, and so through that, you truely are the teacher and uplifter that you are. Your value will be through who it is you truely are. Allowing yourself to be all of it evermore. In full joy and allowed freedom evermore, the freedom that feels good, thereby indicating that it is truely your freedom.


And when you feel bad, then simply let go, because you wont find anything there. Not the conditions, you let go to allow them more fully, because when you realise what they truely are, you are in alignment with all of it, you enjoy all of it, because you know the true meaning of all of it.


Of what does feel good evermore. And your good feeling is unconditonal evermore, meaning you deserve it regardless of any and all conditions. As it is always the path of least resistance, that is the true natural path of all being and becoming evermore. Simply why? Simply because it feels good and better evermore. Which is why everything exists in the first place. Which is why everything is being and becoming evermore in the first place. So to allow that, is to be and becoming better evermore, naturally, effortlessly, enjoyably, in full harmony with all your greater knowing, evermore, greater being and becoming of that knowing and your joy and all things you consider good, which is all the true meaning and values of all things in relation to you and all that exists evermore being and becoming evermore. 


It simply is, it simply want to be, it simply exists, because that is who it is and what it is and it cannot be any other way. It doesn't know any better than what it is, because all it knows, is to be its own evermore better being and becoming of the moreness of all that is what you consider to be better, because they are new and more, and new, and new and more and new, and so new and never before. And unlike anything ever before. Ongoingly, for ever and ever. And ever... And ever... More and new. Unlike anything ever before. Again, and again, and again, expanding evermore into evermore being and becoming evermore. And new and here and now again, in a new way and a new way. Oh look at this here and now. It's new again, and again, and again. So there is no vulnerability. All of this happens naturally. And it is the well being that is the ever abounding stream of well being of all creation, that simply stems from the source of all creation, of all things good and better evermore.


All these things are naturally designed to work in harmony with all and itself. So if it doesn't harmonize, it's just a temporary self contradictory anomaly. It is weird, and strange. And it is not normal and it is maybe uncomfortable, because those things are simply for a small realisation, not ment to spend your entire life suffering over your relentless insisted misunderstanding of it! That's not how you gonna realise the true lessons of it, except help you realise how meaningless and pointless it is to suffer so much over so little, making it appear so big.


A simple thought, you keep activating and thinking, which is an energetic thought of self contradictory in nature of its energeticaly being in discord with itself. Cancelling itself out. That feels negative. Painful. And holding on to those thoughts, those negative energies expands, and the discomfort expands aswell. So you let go of them, and allow the things which feels better again. Even if it requires you to die, before you learn how to allow. Some people really do hold on to suffering untill they just literally physically can't do it anymore. Such as during the death experience. And you never need to rely on that meaningless concept aswell. It is such a small insignificant thing. Like, I'm dead, BOOOWWH now I realise true knowing, oh all that suffering is so insignificant! I'm back into full blown awareness and realisation evermore! OH well, might aswell just have allowed it even while alife aswell. There's really nothing in this life that can ever overpower you to suffer, your suffering is unconditional. And your ability to feel better thus also. Got nothing to do with anything physical at all. It's just a small flawed idea or thought. That just doesn't feel so good. That's it. If that causes you to suffer an entire life, before you realise, you can simply let it go. Great, then you know. And so through your knowing, all know. And well, all already do know. So, you join all that you truely are being and becoming evermore. Into the moreness of all that you truely are being and becoming evermore. That is way and beyond that idea of suffeirng. As that's so insignificant compared to all your true magnificence of eternal being and becoming evermore.  So you know like all know, yeah it feels good to feel good. Cause that's who I really am. being and becoming evermore.

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Thanks Everything. Some cliffs notes, in my own words, from what I understood from your post.



When you hold onto an inner-dialog, it doesn't feel good. And then negativity seeps in. But that negativity is not our natural state. The soul or the path of least resistance is the natural state. Inner dialog, emotions are resistance. When you let go of them and go back to the soul or awareness, you start to feel good again. So you can use how you feel, good or bad as indicator of where you are, ie centered or blocked. And you write virtue, love and worthiness are a given, but it takes realization and experience to feel these, and not be mere words. Suffering is not natural because it doesn't feel good, so it can't be the original design of the Universe. So you recommend letting go of contradictory thoughts, and suffering, by laughing about them and allowing your true nature to surface... something like that.


Yeah, I agree. Some nice realizations in there. I also like how you say love your emotions even when they are bad. In other words, view everything in your life, good or bad, as a gift. Thanks for sharing.


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So far, in my own research, there are different ways to navigate life. 


1. Accept suffering and negativity as part of life, embrace it, don't try to change it. 


2. Look at how suffering starts a negativity cycle within you and actively root out beliefs that trigger negativity. 


My own experience is that I have felt best when there was zero self reflection aka no self concern at all.

It also was received best by others so I guess there was something attractive to the state just like watching a funny comedian that makes you forget the grim world a few minutes. 


This morning I felt a bit crazy, ungrounded as internal dialogue was bouncing around. I began to investigate the belief that started it. It was 'I need to make a decision on the way forward'. Once seen I could let it go and my mind was calm again and the feeling of craziness disappeared. 

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4 hours ago, johndoe2012 said:

This morning I felt a bit crazy, ungrounded as internal dialogue was bouncing around. 


Here's a small tip. When you can't control your thoughts, use a spiritual approach. 


While we can't control the mind, we can control our internal spirits, and they always respond to us beautifully. This works because our minds are actually made of Spirit..... Our thoughts literally rest on Light, which rests on Spirit. So instead of wallowing in the mud trying to fight fire with fire (thought is "fire" in Taoism), you first raise your vibration to meet the vibration of Light. Then thought becomes malleable again. Then you focus on your Spirit, and you send a message like this:


"The Universal Divine One of Peaceful Mindedness" (from the Integral Way tradition)


This does a few things.


1) Before you were focusing only on the black spots of the whiteboard. Now, you focus only on the white, and you find the black is being drowned out by spirit.


2) The statement above achieves two things. It automatically raises your vibration by appealing to your sense of Divinity, and it sends a message which is embedded in the statement. Eventually your Spirit produces the message, and the thought arrangement you have will be different after you uttered the statement.


3) This cleans your sub-conscious. Watching US news for example subjects your sub-conscious to a lot of hatred and random messages. The unruly state of your sub-conscious is reflected in your conscious mind and thoughts.


That said, it's not easy to rise from levels 1), 2), 3) when you're stuck in an inner dialog. The first step is to let it go. You need to be sincere and say you're indifferent to whatever outcome or story is playing in your head. You know the statement. "Whatever will be, will be".  Only by being neutral can you raise yourself above the mud and reach Spirit. 


Practically you are molding your mind in a new way, by working with spirit. When your mind is unruly it looks like a ball of wool, all wrapped up. But when you focus one end of that ball on the Divine, you are literally unraveling your mind, and flattening it. This is not just imagery, I know some Masters that can actually see the shape of mind. And they can see what you've been paying most respect to in your life, depending on how angular your mind is, or what its predominant shape is.


There is another way to do this however, and that is virtue, or dedicating merit and thinking good thoughts about people. This connects you to Spirit in the same way,  and cleans the mind at its source. So by doing good deeds, your mind will start to function in a natural away again. It really seems that only the mind led by Spirit can be harmonious. When there's too much "you" in your thinking, you'll find that your thoughts play tricks on you, or that they become unruly. In the Bible they say: "commit your works onto the Lord, and your thoughts will be established".


I realize this is not mainstream psychology at all, but this my own sincere experience as a novice. And it really works for me, and I hope it helps you as well.


Edited by Sebastian
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