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robert peng yi jin jing

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Yes, I still practice.  I´m glad I took the course.  I like that it´s organized by meridian, basically with a movement for each of the twelve main meridians/organs.  Week by week, you go through each of the movements for the meridian you´re working with and then put it all together at the end.  Robert touches briefly on some of the emotional aspects of the various organs.  (The large intestines and "letting go" for instance leading to a feeling of "relief.")  


When I was deep into the practice, I felt myself becoming more yang, having more of a warrior spirit.  I think that´s just me though, what I needed.  My guess is that everyone reacts differently according to their own constitutions.  


After the Yi Jin Jing practice each day Robert has everyone do Xi breathing.  This involves some strong breathing, breath holds, followed by a period of still awareness.  I had some great experiences with this but haven´t continued with this part after the course.

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