Flexible perspective of life?

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I believe that everything in life exists in a neutral state. and its usage may lead to both positive or negative result upon intention.


I was wondering, what is the positive side of: Attachment, desire, resentment, judgement and escapism.


what is the negative side of: acceptance, forgiveness, letting go, authenticity, empathy, awareness, present moment.


Also, what is the positive and negative side of your current belief/practice ?


I believe the inability to find the positive in what we call negative or the negative in what we call positive reveals a lack in awareness and flexible perspective of life.


Thank you.

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One man can desire to build a school.
Another is attached to teaching a bright child to graduation.
Another resents suffering; and desires to become self-realized.

One neighbour on your street accepts junkies lying on his lawn.

Another buys a high mileage car in the present with no thought of its longevity.

An apprentice plumber is authentic in that he knows nothing.

And another is tolerant of a rotten apple in a bowl of apples.


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