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The Real Value Of Money!

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OK I'm like many perhaps when it comes to these very large lottery wins as I really do wonder what the real worth/value of money is. I mean is money a help or a hindrance? Is self improvement without money greater than those that utilise money to lever some aspect of themselves in the hope of self improvement?


Yes we understand what money can do but isn't it more important to understand what money can't do? :huh:



Lottery winners to share £115m prize with family and friends


When Frances and Patrick Connolly realised they had won a £115m EuroMillions jackpot, they sat in silence and stared at each other for 10 minutes, then made a cup of tea.


So began a new life for the couple from County Armagh in Northern Ireland on New Year’s Day, after scooping one of the biggest UK lottery wins in history.




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Once they start handing it out like dog biscuits, you can be sure it has little value.


What value is it to you if someone gives you a billion dollars.   You will rush around and rush around, buying consuming and dreaming.  Then you will die happy, but what did you ever do except stuff your face ?   Is that really happiness or a sickness ?   Are people happy with all the dancing and neon, or is something quite suffering inside .... can you see into their faces, do you dare look ?


The more technology we have the less we need to do anything and we degenerate until we can do nothing except eat.   
What a sad sight.

Once men walked over deserts and to the poles, they sang, and fought, and loved .... and they became, they became because they did.


After a hard day of real work, dinner tastes good, because today you were worth something.

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