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The Stars Will Come To An End

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Relax, I share good news! Stars are being born all the time. There is even a movie A Star is Born. I havnt watched the movie, but, I read some books, rags, and mags about it. I do practice forgiveness myself, sometimes, In that I forgive others, have pity, empathy, whatever. Whether anyone else forgives me, if I ask for that or not is beyond my control. Way beyond. So, I don't dwell on that much.

Heartbreaking endings, that is Hollywood stuff. Greek tragedy stuff. Even Aristotle could follow that. Everytime a great poet or artist passes another Star is added to a constellation somewhere. I find peace in that. For now, brave Helios shares warmth. Take comfort in that. No worries. It is easy to overthink stuff sometimes, I think that overthinking is a trap and leads to torment. Stay on the Sunny side.


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