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  1. In ACIM (A Course of Miracles), which I am currently studying, I am told that ultimately, having and giving are exactly the same thing, and furthermore, that having rests on giving. So I try to understand this intellectually at first... I have a tomato. I give you the tomato that, until then, I considered myself to have had. Now I have no tomato. How is having no tomato the same as giving that tomato to you? I know that part of the conflict in this comes because as long as I have not moved beyond or past ego, my mind is inherently conflicted. Ego sees these two states as opposite. But the Holy Spirit, as it is called in ACIM, sees them as the same because God sees them as the same, and whoever I am beyond or outside of the ego sees them as the same. It is only in an egoic state they appear opposite. I also know that this ties in with a couple other concepts, that I am one with everything, and can never really loose anything because I am one with all. Also that there is a mindset of lack or something missing here, coming from the ego and how it sees the world. If I give you the tomato, the implication in my mind is that, as I said, now I have no tomato. I am lacking the tomato. So help me understand this as much as possible with my conflicted mind. Having and giving are the same thing, but how? Thanks! P.S. Off subject, but in case anyone wants more details about my journey, which I have still not really completed anywhere, you can get an overview here: Just put that there as I am coming back here after a long absence and there are bound to be those curious. P.P.S. I am learning the piano! If you have any books or dvds you want to get rid of, or which you would recommend, on this subject, please let me know!