Close encounters of the Fourth kind

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"The fourth and highest state of souls is the state of those who through the highest or absolute knowledge realise the complete identity with Brahman. In this state, there is a merging in it of the three lower states, namely, of waking, dreaming and deep sleep.


This state of release is not capable of production like a jug from clay, nor is it brought about through mortification, like curds from milk, nor is it capable of being reached, like a home by a traveller, nor is it to be attained through mere internal purification, like the cleaning of a soiled mirror.


It is an indefinable, inexpressible intuition that one is Brahman.


It is not an acquired state like paradise, nor does it reside in being in the same world as Brahman, for these being attained results admit of degrees of excellence rising pari passu with the quality of devotion. In another metaphor, the soul is not lost like an individual in a crowd, but is absorbed as a drop of rain water in the sea, after which the drop assumes the vastness and might of the sea wholly and completely.


This state cannot be equated with anything else because it includes everything else and leaves nothing outside itself."


~Y. Keshava Menon - The Mind of Shankaracharya


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