Psychic Conversations With Nostradamus and upcoming age of profound spiritual enlightenment

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Psychic Conversations With Nostradamus and Upcoming Age of Profound Occult Learning




A bit of background and clarification:


Nostradamus is regarded by some as one of the greatest psychics of recorded history. He was also a great physician for his time, with superior medical knowledge compared to contemporary physicians.


Little is known about Nostradamus. For instance, we don’t know who mentored him; we don’t know the correct translation of his work, let alone the correct interpretation; we don’t know the processes he used to look into the future, etc.


The book I’m quoting below claims to explain the mysteries surrounding Nostradamus through conversations with him. For instance, it says that Nostradamus learned some of his medical knowledge (e.g. anesthesia) by looking into the future and studying modern operation rooms. Through the book’s conversations with Nostradamus, we also learn some of the methods and equipment he used. Among other things, he used what sounds like meridians and hypnosis during medical treatment. Interestingly, the book also says that Nostradamus was able to hypnotize patients by looking into their eyes. He used this form of hypnosis to block patients’ ability to feel pain during some of his treatments.


As far as his ‘inner work’, the book says he used various forms of meditation (e.g. staring in a flame) and a special ‘mirror’ object to enter dimensions in order to communicate with other beings. In the book’s conversations he reveals that the mirror itself was a gift to him by a non-human being. This thing is not actually a mirror. We don’t have a word for it. It’s some sort of ‘occult’ object you might imagine sitting in an alchemist or gnostic adept’s lab.


Of course, this all is assuming the book contains valid information psychically communicated through time and space. I withhold judgment on this for now, as I’m only halfway through the book. So far the book has dealt mainly with how the psychic connections were established and how they achieved a comfortable work flow trials encountered along the way. This makes it difficult to form an opinion as far as the credibility of the information the book attributes to Nostradamus. I sense that the part where the book gives more falsifiable prophetic knowledge that can be put to the test, comes later. This book was published in the 1970s. Hopefully the dates given for at least some prophesies fall in between the 1970s and today. As far as the plausibility of psychic connections with the past, I have no doubt that this is possible.


Here are further clarifications needed to understand the text below.


D = is an abbreviation for Dolores, who is the author and hypnotist.


E = is an abbreviation for Elena, who is the subject making the psychic connection with Dyonisus, Nostradamus’ student. In the exchange below, Dyonisus speaks through Elena. Elena herself is not consciously present during these exchanges. According to the book, Elena and the other subjects used for this project are unaware of the information that was passed on trough them. They have to be brought up to speed after the sessions, through tape recordings.


Dyonisus = Nostradamus’ student. Dyonisus is uniquely able to speak through Elena because Elena and Dyonisus are two incarnations of the same soul. It’s unclear to me if Dyonisus is actually speaking though Elena. It could be that Elena is extracting information and enacting her past life through some kind of memory bank. The book says Dyonisus (and Nostradamus himself) are adamant about being just as alive as us and living concurrent with our time, and not memories, spirits or simulations. (According to the book, Nostradamus said it’s important we understand this). It is mind boggling how this could be true, when you think about it. Does this mean that if I were to contact my younger self tomorrow, I would change my own timeline, as I remember it? Would I suddenly become aware of new memories of being contacted by an older version of myself? This book raises interesting questions about the nature of reality. But it doesn’t pretend to answer these matters. It just reports what happened during the sessions. Which I think is good and raises the book’s scientific value. They are reporting what they have witnessed and keep personal speculation at a minimum. This is how I like my books.


Quatrain = the format in which Nostradamus published his predictions. Each quatrain consists of four lines. Each quatrain is a standalone unit in terms of encapsulating the prophetic concept Nostradamus wanted to communicate. So, one would not look to the next quatrain for clues to interpret the previous quatrain. Each quatrain pertains to its own prophetic information. Also, each quatrain corresponds to at least one prophesy. Sometimes one quatrain contains multiple prophesies (a bit counter intuitive, but this is supposedly based on common themes shared by prophesies that are in some way, related). This is one of several major confusions this book wants to clarify about Nostradamus’ prophetic work.


Anyway, to get back to the thread’s topic, the book claims Nostradamus walked in on a session that initially only involved only his student, Dyonisus. When he realized the communications came from the future, he asked Dolores for assistance in terms of deciphering his prophesies for the public. In this thread we’re not concerned with all of Nostradamus’ work; we’re only interested in quatrain Century VII-14 (see below). The book says this quatrain predicts a new age of spiritual enlightenment.



He will come to expose the false topography,

the urns of the tombs will be opened.

Sect and holy philosophy to thrive,

black for white and the new for the old.


According to the book, the last three lines of this quatrain predict a new bundle of early Christian texts will be found in the near future. The book claims these ancient texts will play an important role in terms of bringing about a new enlightenment period. Below are some excerpts of Nostradamus commenting on the meaning of this quatrain. These were taken from p50-52.


When Elena was in trance I repeated the detailed instructions I had been given to contact Dyonisus and Nostradamus in the special meeting place where they could project their minds forward to our time. I was not even sure the procedure would work. I hoped for the best as we began.


D:  I, 2, 3, you have gone to the special meeting place with Nostradamus so that we may communicate. Are you there?

E:  We are here.


I breathed a sigh of relief and realized for the first time how tense I was. The instructions had succeeded, and we were in contact again.


D:  Last time you spoke of a quatrain that Elena was to find and try to interpret on her own. You said it would refer to Biblical Scriptures that have yet to be discovered. Do you remember speaking of that?

E:  That is correct.

D:  All right. I will read the quatrain she found and her interpretation. CENTURY VII-14. This quatrain  is worded differently in Erika Cheetham's book.

D:  "'They shall show topography faultily. The urns of the monuments shall be opened. Sects shall multiply and holy philosophy shall give black for white and green for gold"

D:  This is what Elena wrote:

"It concerns the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls. This quatrain contains a message for different years. And also the discovery of the Ark (of the covenant) at a later date. Black for white is photographing of the scrolls and the new pages from old."

What do you think of her interpretation?

E:  The first part is incorrect. These are not the Dead Sea Scrolls, but lost work that will coincide with the material that you have been working on and is in the process of being published.


Even though her interpretation was not totally accurate, I think it is very significant that Elena was able to pick one quatrain at random out of a thousand that did deal with the Bible. That makes the odds one thousand to one. She had to have been guided subconsciously in this. By Andy? By Dyonisus?  By Nostradamus? This was too startling to be coincidence.


D:  All right. You said you would give me some information about where this would be discovered. You said something about drawing a map.


I had the tablet and marker ready in case we needed it. Although she was an artist, Elena said that she had never even attempted to draw a map before.


E:  One moment. (Pause as she listened.) He said we will get back to this because of the possibility of the maps being used for monetary gain. Not by you, but by others.

D:  (I was disappointed.) That's always a possibility. There might be treasure hunters, is that what you mean?

E:  That is correct.

D:  But could you tell me in what country it will be discovered?

E:  (Long pause, then slowly.) It will be in the mountains where the city is hidden. The city that has  been discovered ... by one who was Caucasian, but passed himself off ... as a person of the desert


He had answered with a quatrain. This was said very slowly and deliberately as though she was listening and then repeating. He said it was a new quatrain, not one from his book. This was all he had to say on it. (It has since been suggested that maybe this referred to Lawrence of Arabia, the man who helped the Arabs overthrow the yoke of the Ottoman Empire during World War I. He was the first Westerner to explore these lands, and certainly was a Caucasian who passed himself off as a person of the desert.)


UPDATE: In 1992 as we were preparing the revised updated version of this book, a newspaper article appeared that substantiated this new quatrain. Quote: "The lost city of Ubar, called 'the Atlantis of the Sands' by Lawrence of Arabia, has been found in remote Oman using pictures taken from space shuttle Challenger, explorers said. ... Ruins of that oasis city were discovered mostly buried under sand at a well site named Shisr in southern Oman's barren 'Empty Quarter.' ... Researchers found the

city by tracing ancient desert roads detected in pictures taken from several spacecraft, including radar and optical cameras carried by Challenger in October I984. ... Recent excavations indicate that the city was inhabited from 2800 B.C. until about A.D. 100. If dating of the artifacts are correct, urban development in the region began about 1000 years earlier than once thought. ... The late T.E. Lawrence, the British World War I soldier known as Lawrence of Arabia, called Ubar 'the Atlantis of  the sands,' after the legendary sunken continent. According to legend, Ubar—known as Iram the 'city  of towers' in Islam's sacred Koran—was destroyed during a disaster about A.D. 100 and was buried by sand. Evidence indicates the city fell into a sinkhole created when an underground limestone cavern  collapsed." End quote.


E:  He has given you all the information on it that you need to know. The rest of the information will come through another source.

D:  (This was a surprise.) Another source? I was wondering about that. I will ask more about that later.


Later on (p291-92), the book reports the following conversation between Nostradamus and Dolores, but through another subject (Elena was no longer involved in this project, at this later point):


He says this [Century VII-14] is another quatrain that has more than one interpretation since it refers to more than one event. One interpretation refers to the man who will rise as an antidote to the Anti-Christ. This genius that has been mentioned before. The phrase "he will expose the false topography" means he will show that the way things are looked upon, they have a false appearance.  That the philosophies and sciences have been built upon mistaken premises, thereby building a mistaken picture of the universe. What he discovers and what he develops will help people come closer to the true appearance of the universe, of how it really is, in relation to the life force that permeates everything. He says a lot of this knowledge will affect the philosophies in religions, but it will also help explain discoveries of old documents that had been shunted aside due to people's way  of looking at things. He says various documents, such as those found in some of the tombs of Egypt

and at Qumran, and various other documents that will be found are examples of this. They will be  linked together in a cohesive manner to explain earlier versions of major religions that will seem  totally topsy-turvy to the way they've been interpreted through the years, thereby appearing to be black for white. He says the new interpretations of these, based on the new understanding of old writings that had been obscure before, will make so much more sense to people it will replace the old way, the narrow-minded way, of looking at things. He says this will cause a sweeping change in the world, particularly in matters of religion and philosophy. Simply because this discovery that is initially pictured as being a discovery in science will be more meta-physical than is first realized. And it will make clear the connections between the physical universe and the metaphysical universe as dealt with by religions. He says a minor event this quatrain refers to as well, is an event that has already  taken place. In the early 19th century there was a man who came into possession of some Egyptian  documents of ancient times that were discovered in some tombs. And this man had a trace of psychic ability. Through this he gave an interpretation of these documents that was partially correct and  partially incorrect. But he used this interpretation of these documents in the founding of a new Christian sect. Some of the beliefs of this sect disagreed with the prevailing beliefs at the time and made the followers of this sect very suspect. For they seemed to be looking at some things backwards from what the theologians at the time assumed they should be, based upon the Bible, since these followers were also going by the information obtained from these Egyptian documents. He simply mentioned this as a minor event that this quatrain also described. History moves in spirals.



But the major event he thought was important to the well-being of mankind was the one he expounded upon the most—the first event that has not yet taken place from your time point of view, this genius, the antidote to the Anti-Christ. The developments he does and the effects it will have upon the world and the population in general will be those foretold by people envisioning the Age of Aquarius. He says as a result of this, world-wide peace will be imminent. People will be able to free  their inner selves and open themselves up to the higher powers and the higher levels of the universe.  In effect, it will make every person a philosopher as they will be open to these things, whereas before  only philosophers were. As a result, the sects and religions that embrace these newly-discovered  true principles will be very widespread as people will want to get together and share their experiences in exploring these upper regions. He says he wanted to make sure it was clear that he was not meaning to imply the genius will discover the documents himself. The documents will have been discovered by others. But through the discoveries this man makes regarding the basic structure of the universe and the nature of God, he is able to make sense of a lot of things that did not make sense before. And things will come together as a whole.
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Ever since a recent Nat Geo article about Nostradamus (4/2020) I remembered my membership on this site. I’ve been meaning to come back here and retract my ‘endorsement’ of this book. Although I always knew (and hinted) that I had to finish Cannon’s book first before coming to any conclusion, I’m now of the view that I never should have posted her book.


At the time of posting this I had naive assumptions. I assumed that teachers of metaphysics who reached a certain level, got there because of their merits. I thought their level of respect was a rough reflection of their trustworthiness. Maybe that is true in some areas of life. but in metaphysics it’s arguably the least true. Nowhere is the willingness to suspend disbelief so rife as among people who follow spiritual gurus. It is my belief that Cannon is among the many who exploit this.


Anyway, I’ve suspected for some time now that Dolores Cannon is untrustworthy (to put it politely), but the aforementioned Nat Geo issue put a lot in perspective for me. I now have a better understanding of who Nostradamus was, and the extent of his paranormal abilities/accomplishments.


I still believe that hypnosis (the method Cannon claims to use throughout her books) is a real phenomenon, and a possible method to explore different parts of the self. But I now base that on the scientific literature, not on any New Age hypnosis guru.

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