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  1. Secrecy

    Let me clarify (I think I didn’t explain myself well enough). After the OP changed his story, I realized this had nothing to do with a qi gong master in need of temporary shelter. Based on the fact that he said the 6800 year soul, is his wife’s soul, I assumed that he was talking about his wife’s ‘daemon’. This is what I wrote to him in the other thread: But then I read your take on the situation (along with your excellent PDF), and I thought you could be correct. Daemons of the type of Joan of Arc and Plato seem to not make themselves known to other people. Plato is recorded as staring into space like an epileptic when in conversation with his daemon (others were not privy to the conversation). They seem to be a part of the system of the person they’re inhabiting, much like the Chinese hun and po souls (which have functions in the body). But the ‘soul’ that the OP is talking about, is very different. He says it’s communicating with him, at his request. And he describes it as if it were a third member of their household. This makes me think it’s not a daemon and that maybe your guess is better than mine. Although at this point, I’m reluctant to speculate any further on this situation. The story seems unnecessarily cryptic to me. And the OP does not seem to respond to requests for clarification other than generic edits and references to older posts.
  2. Secrecy

    Nice quote. Will check out the PDF. Before you wrote this, I was thinking more along the lines of a daemon. But it seems to be extremely rare for someone to have a daemon that communicates more overtly than what the recipient would interpret as intuition or inner voice.
  3. Deep Universe Inside?

    @Knowthing What you're describing relates to a cosmological principle shared by many occult philosophies. I've seen it most commonly expressed with the phrase 'as above, so below'.
  4. What am I supposed to do with this energy??

    Based on the Kundalini charts I have right now, it's my personal view that Kundalini unfolds based on a number of variables. I believe that one of those variables governs if you can even have a classic Kundalini experience or not (I think the snake constellation Ashlesha plays a major role in this), and another governs the ‘flavour’ (for instance, Gopi Krishna described the substance as being radiant and self-organizing as if it knew what it was doing). Since there is this built in variation, it could explain why you have difficulty finding cases that match your own experiences. Not in any way saying that I know what you're going through, but I know from standing practice that I feel sensations that I've never seen fellow practitioners describe before. I believe that while appearing interchangeable on the outside, individuals belong to different energetic 'stocks', and even then there is variation within each stock. Some of these stocks tend to promote some experiences and bar others. IMO, many clues in cultivation literature point to this. It was fun and rewarding. I’m now two Kundalini charts richer (I’ve looked up Swami Satyananda’s birth day, and I’m confident that I’ve solved his birth time, using rectification). One of the reasons I like astrology is that it’s like a magnifying glass to approach mysteries that cannot be demystified in any other way. Details of an event may be lost to the sands of time, witnesses may lie or be difficult to get access to. This is why there is nothing like using divination to catch glimpses of the universe’s take on long-standing mysteries (e.g. Kundalini, alchemy, etc). For someone like me who is interested in deriving practical abilities from astrology (e.g. medicine, understanding the energetic qualities of different people and travel destinations) it’s like being a child in a candy store.
  5. What am I supposed to do with this energy??

    @Eggsistentialist From a PDF preview of the book: I forgot this book is filled with hints about what Kundalini is and (by extension) how the body works. You may find the bolded useful as far as understanding what's happening, and the possible solution.
  6. What are the types of methods?

    I saw a video of a Tibetan Buddhist doing what in China might have been lumped under Nei Gong. (Very unusual in his movements, and supposedly dangerous if the training is not completed after initiating it). I have to say that enlightenment as explained by Buddhists is difficult for me to understand. For instance, in the Buddhist scriptures it says that enlightenment is like an extinguished flame. Compared to an extinguished flame, Buddhahood as conceptualized by Daoist seekers of immortality makes it easier to understand why enlightenment was coveted.
  7. What am I supposed to do with this energy??

    This is the book @Eggsistentialist @Limahong It seems like this book, at least, was originally written in English: His autobiography Kundalini: The Evolutionary Energy in Man, which presented his personal account of the phenomenon of his awakening of Kundalini, (later renamed Living with Kundalini), was published in Great Britain and the United States and has since appeared in eleven major languages.
  8. What am I supposed to do with this energy??

    I’m sure the BT your mother remembers, is correct. The litmus test of the 12th house/Mercury conjunction is good enough corroboration for me. Actually, this is more useful information that checks out in your chart and supports the BT your mother remembers. Saturn, your 6th lord (open enemies) is in your 11th house (friends, cousins of father, associates of father). You may know that Saturn is a feared planet due to its austere nature. But your Saturn is more bad-natured than normal due to its ownership of the 6th cusp in your chart. Also, the Saturn in your chart is placed in a basically Machiavellian group of stars called Ashlesha. (You can google that name to learn more about the influences imparted by these stars in Vedic astrology). These inherent and acquired qualities of Saturn are rubbing off on your 11th house, which you then experience in your social circle (potentially also with one or more paternal uncles/aunts). The fact that your Saturn also rules your 5th house (entertainment, social events, romance, play, children) is a redeeming or softening factor. Moving on to indications of Kundalini in your chart. You do not have the eye-catching placements suggestive of Kundalini that Gopi Krishna has. For instance: Krishna story is basically that his nervous system was almost fried by a hot psychoactive substance unknown to science. He also mentions yogis who have died by burning up on the inside. His story is supported by the placement of his Sun (burns, burning sensation, acid, etc.) tightly conjunct his 4th cusp (mind, spine, nervous system). Krishna’s Mars, which happens to be the lord of his 3rd house (since Aries holds his 3rd house cusp), is tightly conjunct his 8th cusp. The 3rd lord governs circulating bioenergy, and the 8th house governs accidents, but also the occult. So, this tight conjunction can be read as ‘occult-themed accident with bioenergy’. The same Mars already mentioned, is with the north node, and both are in the 8th house (accidents). In Vedic astrology the north node is known to cause sudden unexpected situations (ie plot twists). Krishna’s 7th cusp (which rules the base of the spine, among other things) is in Ashlesha nakshatra, a constellation thought by Vedic astrologers to be ruled by a snake deity. Traditionally, Kundalini energy is related it to a snake. It’s said to move up the spine in a snake-like manner when activated, and to be coiled around the base of the spine when dormant. See the first attached image to help make sense of this. I've placed some comments and arrows on Krishna's chart. Compare this with your chart (see the second attached image). At first glance, you do not appear to have the eye-catching placements suggestive of Kundalini. For instance, there are no known planets in your 4th and 8th house. Your story is still totally credible from an astrological viewpoint. What you lack in tight eye-catching placements is compensated in other ways. Unfortunately, I cannot talk about these indications without revealing information that I use in my profession. But I will try to make some observations without being too explicit: You might not have your north node in the 8th house with your 3rd lord, like Krishna. But you do have your north node at the exact same degree as Krishna (21° Virgo). People with the same unusual experiences may have planets of that nature, at the same degree. There are 360 degrees in a chart, so that is pretty significant. There is meaning in such placements that can be deciphered. The Moon rules the mind/nervous system/spine. Your Moon occupies essentially the same place (24° Gemini) as Krishna’s Moon (23° Gemini). This is very significant, as explained above. You have a mystery planet doing something that is consistent with Kundalini. This planet is not acknowledged by astronomers as a visible planet. But I can confirm (through experience) that it’s a valid astrological point, and it’s doing something consistent with Kundalini in your chart. Look at what happens when I tell the software to turn this planet on. It’s actually conjunct your 8th cusp. See the second attached image. You may not have the Sun in front of your 4th house cusp (mind, spine, nervous system), but you do have something equivalent. In astrology, if someone has an experience and the suspected planet is not in a position to directly impart its influence, there are a number of ways the planet can still be implicated in the experience. You have a number of such alternative influences, which makes it redundant. Redundancy of indications of Kundalini is reassuring as it makes it likely that this is the chart of a Kundalini experiencer. I have to say this was interesting. It appears to be exactly as you said. Kundalini is not intrinsically a spiritual attainment. Although I still agree with the traditional view (that certain methods of inducing it, can lead to spiritual attainments). But in Krishna’s chart, and in your chart, it seems to be depicted as an accident in the normal circulation or storage of bioenergy.
  9. What am I supposed to do with this energy??

    @Eggsistentialist Before I proceed, I’d like to confirm that your BT (birth time) is correct. One thing we can use to confirm this is any life experiences matching your Mercury/12th cusp conjunction. If your BT is correct, you will have experiences of the nature of this conjunction (especially considering how tight this conjunction is in your chart). I have the same placement (see the attached image), so I kind of know what results it ‘gives’. One consequence of this for me is that my neighbours are more likely to be nosey/passive aggressive/into gossip/subtle provocations. (The 12th house governs hidden enemies [among many other things], and Mercury governs neighbours [among many other things]). Since Mercury also governs your 10th house (career, nobility), you might have had similar experiences with career people. If that resonates with you, I would consider your BT correct. With resonating I mean you would say it’s more the case with you than it is with other people. Can you confirm or discomfirm the part about neighbours?
  10. What am I supposed to do with this energy??

    Win-win. I get to learn more about Kundalini from an astrological perspective. Only right to make it worth your while.
  11. What am I supposed to do with this energy??

    You are correct, he did have more than one book. I wanted to recommend the book that describes his Kundalini experience, subsequent health crisis and his narrow escape from death. I'm afraid I might have recommended the wrong book. By your description it sounds like it might have been the one you you opened but didn't finish. I will have to go back to my books and figure out which one it is. I'll let you know. As far as birth time. I was lucky to still have my birth card, which looks something like this and was provided by the hospital. Notice that this person's birth time wasn't recorded. In astrology we try to fix that with birth time rectification (reverse engineering birth time by comparing your life with the planetary placements). It's difficult to do it reliably, so it's good your mother remembers. While I study your chart you can learn more about your ascendant (the most important factor in astrology), by watching this. He is one of the best astrologers I've come across online.
  12. What are the types of methods?

    Thanks for your feedback. Do you think pre-sect Buddhists could have gravitated closer to Daoists pursuing immortality (compared to modern Buddhists)? Is there any argument or data pro or con this possibility?
  13. What are the types of methods?

    I found the book containing the comments I paraphrased. Here is the part where Buddha status is equated to immortality: And here is the part where 'basic' meditation as a valid path to immortality (and therefore Buddha status) is rejected Source Reading in between the lines, such texts seem to consider Buddha himself as one of their own, while considering (most of?) his followers as not being on their path, nor on Buddhas path. This is easily one of the most remarkable things I've read as far the relationship between Buddhism and Daoism. Or am I not reading this correctly? No offense to Buddhists. Just trying to understand the common ground or missing link between these religions.
  14. Secrecy

    If I were him I would have been like Sun Lutang who basically insisted that the old stranger (Tai Chi master) use his house to recoup. "Please take my house and money" Is this form of astrology taught and passed on within a lineage, or something you developed on your own? Cool
  15. What are the types of methods?

    I remember reading a quote from an early Daoist author who disagreed with Buddhists who merely meditate, saying that Buddha status, which he equated to immortality, required more than reaching a state of deep meditation. I always thought that was interesting due to the potential to increase the common ground in both religions. Either the Daoist author had it wrong and Buddha status is unrelated to immortality, or this may be a hint of a consensus that once existed between pre-sect Buddhism and Taoist schools concerned with immortality. If such a consensus ever existed, it's now only or mostly preserved in Taoism. Unfortunately my knowledge about these two religions is too limited to form an opinion.