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    Each one of us here on Earth is an Individualized Manifestation of the Very Source of All That Is!God is nothing but the Very Consciousness that pervades the entire Universe!!Your soul script or what all you will go through and what you will become is more or less decided before you are born, though many things are flexible and can be changed to a considerable extent based on the choices you make and the choices that others around you will make in your current life.Your soul script for the current life is decided by the sum total of experiences that you have had in your previous lives and the new lessons that your soul would want to go through in order to achieve a state of balance.The Real Purpose of Our Lives is to Have Blissful, Fulfilling, Enriching and Transformative Experiences. Our Soul Spirit needs these experiences and we keep reincarnating again and again until we have learnt all our lessons across the entire spectrum of experiences.As long as we don't learn our lessons and keep repeating the same mistakes, we will keep going through the same experiences.Then, once the state of contentment is achieved, the soul spirit will have a choice of either achieving Nirvana (Dis-individualization and merging back with Source/Universal Godhead) or to take Greater responsibility and move on to newer experiences in higher realms / dimensions / universes.Thus, everyday, Learn to Live it King Size, stop living it pint size as it comes. Develop a Zest for Life and start creating opportunities for yourself. Take ownership and stop blaming God, rather be thankful to God for granting you this infinite Gift of Human Life.It doesn't matter in what context you are born, in what family and settings you have grown up, know that this is how it was intended to be to enable you to have the required experience that your Soul seeks.In the process, different souls choose different paths, some choose dark/ service to self/ left hand path while other choose light/ service to others/ right hand path. There is no need to feel guilty about your past or present no matter what your background is because all will eventually merge and become One.Always remember that the potential for the Greatest Good and the Greatest God is Already present in each one of Us, All we need to do is to unravel ourselves to the inner most core to uncover the true nature of our own reality that has the Highest Purity, the Greatest and the Mightiest Power of God within it.Realize that each of our lives is invaluable and highly coveted, know that extra-terrestrials from far off stars desperately seek a human incarnation on Earth because this is where lessons are learnt. It is our planet that offers an environment for super fast learning and expedited evolution unlike anywhere else in the entire galaxy.The real evolution is that of the spirit and not the flesh, as our souls learn their lessons, the next birth may be in a more advanced body form in a different dimension commensurate with the settings needed for inculcating the next set of lessons on the souls incredible journey back to Godhead.The absolute truth is that the One Godhead (Paramatma) divided itself into infinite souls (Jeevatmas) so it could have infinite different experiences in infinite different ways.Life in this Universe is an endless pursuit of SAT-CHID-ANANDA. Sat (TRUTH) - Chid (KNOWLEDGE/WISDOM) and Ananda (BLISS/JOY/HAPPINESS).Everything is Science, Everything is Energy, Everything is God. There is no contradiction !What matters is to imbibe the Truth and accept your current state objectively and in a balanced manner. This way, we will be able to further advance the real purpose of our lives by contributing to the greater cause in whichever way we can and thus also serve the group consciousness (our soul families) in the most efficient manner.I searched for God everywhere, I only found myself !I searched for myself in everyone, I only found God !!
  2. Dr. Michael Newton

    What are your thoughts on Newton's books Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls?
  3. I don't think there is a point where we stop or reach an end goal post like enlightenment, nirvana or moksha, etc. The spiritual growth is like the expansion of this universe. It's been going on from the time of creation (or start of bigbang) and it will continue. The same is the case for jivas or individuals also. All of us are expanding to various levels each day and all the time. Even if we expand to become everything there is, that 'everything there' is ever growing and we grow with it. Perhaps until the time we dissolve into the Emptiness or Dao. Like the universe shrinking into what it was before bigbang. Then, another explosion and expansion, and so on....
  4. Psychic Conversations With Nostradamus and Upcoming Age of Profound Occult Learning A bit of background and clarification: Nostradamus is regarded by some as one of the greatest psychics of recorded history. He was also a great physician for his time, with superior medical knowledge compared to contemporary physicians. Little is known about Nostradamus. For instance, we don’t know who mentored him; we don’t know the correct translation of his work, let alone the correct interpretation; we don’t know the processes he used to look into the future, etc. The book I’m quoting below claims to explain the mysteries surrounding Nostradamus through conversations with him. For instance, it says that Nostradamus learned some of his medical knowledge (e.g. anesthesia) by looking into the future and studying modern operation rooms. Through the book’s conversations with Nostradamus, we also learn some of the methods and equipment he used. Among other things, he used what sounds like meridians and hypnosis during medical treatment. Interestingly, the book also says that Nostradamus was able to hypnotize patients by looking into their eyes. He used this form of hypnosis to block patients’ ability to feel pain during some of his treatments. As far as his ‘inner work’, the book says he used various forms of meditation (e.g. staring in a flame) and a special ‘mirror’ object to enter dimensions in order to communicate with other beings. In the book’s conversations he reveals that the mirror itself was a gift to him by a non-human being. This thing is not actually a mirror. We don’t have a word for it. It’s some sort of ‘occult’ object you might imagine sitting in an alchemist or gnostic adept’s lab. Of course, this all is assuming the book contains valid information psychically communicated through time and space. I withhold judgment on this for now, as I’m only halfway through the book. So far the book has dealt mainly with how the psychic connections were established and how they achieved a comfortable work flow trials encountered along the way. This makes it difficult to form an opinion as far as the credibility of the information the book attributes to Nostradamus. I sense that the part where the book gives more falsifiable prophetic knowledge that can be put to the test, comes later. This book was published in the 1970s. Hopefully the dates given for at least some prophesies fall in between the 1970s and today. As far as the plausibility of psychic connections with the past, I have no doubt that this is possible. Here are further clarifications needed to understand the text below. D = is an abbreviation for Dolores, who is the author and hypnotist. E = is an abbreviation for Elena, who is the subject making the psychic connection with Dyonisus, Nostradamus’ student. In the exchange below, Dyonisus speaks through Elena. Elena herself is not consciously present during these exchanges. According to the book, Elena and the other subjects used for this project are unaware of the information that was passed on trough them. They have to be brought up to speed after the sessions, through tape recordings. Dyonisus = Nostradamus’ student. Dyonisus is uniquely able to speak through Elena because Elena and Dyonisus are two incarnations of the same soul. It’s unclear to me if Dyonisus is actually speaking though Elena. It could be that Elena is extracting information and enacting her past life through some kind of memory bank. The book says Dyonisus (and Nostradamus himself) are adamant about being just as alive as us and living concurrent with our time, and not memories, spirits or simulations. (According to the book, Nostradamus said it’s important we understand this). It is mind boggling how this could be true, when you think about it. Does this mean that if I were to contact my younger self tomorrow, I would change my own timeline, as I remember it? Would I suddenly become aware of new memories of being contacted by an older version of myself? This book raises interesting questions about the nature of reality. But it doesn’t pretend to answer these matters. It just reports what happened during the sessions. Which I think is good and raises the book’s scientific value. They are reporting what they have witnessed and keep personal speculation at a minimum. This is how I like my books. Quatrain = the format in which Nostradamus published his predictions. Each quatrain consists of four lines. Each quatrain is a standalone unit in terms of encapsulating the prophetic concept Nostradamus wanted to communicate. So, one would not look to the next quatrain for clues to interpret the previous quatrain. Each quatrain pertains to its own prophetic information. Also, each quatrain corresponds to at least one prophesy. Sometimes one quatrain contains multiple prophesies (a bit counter intuitive, but this is supposedly based on common themes shared by prophesies that are in some way, related). This is one of several major confusions this book wants to clarify about Nostradamus’ prophetic work. Anyway, to get back to the thread’s topic, the book claims Nostradamus walked in on a session that initially only involved only his student, Dyonisus. When he realized the communications came from the future, he asked Dolores for assistance in terms of deciphering his prophesies for the public. In this thread we’re not concerned with all of Nostradamus’ work; we’re only interested in quatrain Century VII-14 (see below). The book says this quatrain predicts a new age of spiritual enlightenment. 14 He will come to expose the false topography, the urns of the tombs will be opened. Sect and holy philosophy to thrive, black for white and the new for the old. According to the book, the last three lines of this quatrain predict a new bundle of early Christian texts will be found in the near future. The book claims these ancient texts will play an important role in terms of bringing about a new enlightenment period. Below are some excerpts of Nostradamus commenting on the meaning of this quatrain. These were taken from p50-52. Later on (p291-92), the book reports the following conversation between Nostradamus and Dolores, but through another subject (Elena was no longer involved in this project, at this later point):
  5. Hi everybody. The nature of my request is to consult anyone who could help me understand the nature of my experiences and tell me how/where can I develop them/learn more. It will be a bit long but please be patient, it’s necessary. I got initially interested in Taoism when I was 12. I read a book from Alan Watts about Taoism, later I moved onto Lao Ze, Chuang Ze and Lieh Ze and it I immediately started to relate to it, and it just felt natural. Since then I researched many philosophies and occult schools, but Taoism kept being the closest to my core values. I’ve experienced several very significant experiences over years, and this far no one could tell me more about their nature. 1) I dreamt of future events. When they happened some 5 percent of the details were different (there were dogs instead of cats for example) but everything, including the locations that I never visited before were just as in my dreams. 2) I had a vision (meaning it felt physically real) that I was floating upwards through purple clouds and that I was going to die. I said to myself that I am not afraid because I lived according to my values, and then a voice told me: You’ve understood the lesson. Now return to the Earth and complete your mission. when I woke up my body was shivering and being full of electricity. I was lying in my bed but I felt I was in a vertical position. 3) After practicing Baguazhang, meditation and Taiji 6 hours per day for a period of one month, one day as I was walking down the street, I closed my eyes and I could “see” everything, as if I was feeling how cars and people were moving. It was like seeing blue shapes within a dark background. In the same period I went to play basketball once and my mind entered into some sort of trance. Although I was really skinny my strenght was almost super-human, ( I was pushing much heavier guys than me as if they were children)I was performing the most weird and acrobatic movements winning every game. I could score from the most difficult positions effortlessly. During the 3 hours I played I was in a state of bliss, and as I was playing my energy was increasing instead of me getting tired. I don’t know if that was Wu Wei but it felt similar. 4) I had a vision that I was an old Chinese man walking with my wife (also a Chinese lady) through a forest. We got to a point where there was an energy source on the ground and it told me to be the source of all my incarnations. If I listen to its advice, I was told that I can exit the circle or rebirth during this lifetime. 5) I saw a previous life of mine where I was a nobleman in medieval Italy. 6) I had a lucid dream or at least a very vivid one where I was a Taoist priest, flying through the sky and fighting demons who were after me. I hid on a ceiling of a building resembling a gothic catedral. They were right under me in a huge room (I was able to see through the floor somehow), and they gathered a pile of naked unconscious people, for sacrifice purposes. The demons said (speaking about me), “he’s becoming too powerful, we must stop him”. Their intention was to be able to “see” where I am by killing all those people. The sacrifice would allow them to do so. 7) During the same period of meditation and training I’ve mentioned I tried once to focus on everything within my visual field at once, without being focused on one thing. I was being present and alert, ai just felt as if by not focusing on one thing my energies aren’t tied to one goal/task but everything is equally important. Then I entered a state of mind where I could feel that every object around me was almost like physically connected to me, and I started to cry, because I felt an amazing amount of joy by being united with everything. I walked for a few hours around the town, with tears on my face, and then it just slowly went off. I am not interested in developing any powers, but only into reaching that state where I am simply what I am, in contact with my true essence and energies, beyond the limits of the rational mind. Any advice is highly appreciated. I would also like to study some forms of Neijia or Baguazhang, that could help me learn more about myself but I need a good instructor, even in China.
  6. So in chapter 16 of the TTC, it ends with: "Immersed in the wonder of the Tao, you can deal with whatever life brings you. When death comes, you are ready". Ready for what? Is this gone into detail in any Taoist texts? At all?
  7. I have felt that the two were more similar than different, but lately I am seeing very great differences. I think that the goal of the two religions in meditation is the same. The Taoists in the Secret of the Golden Flower, say that the ego can remain after the body dies. I think, although I am not sure, that Taoism like Buddhism believes in ending the cycle of rebirths. This would have to be implicit in the Golden Flower otherwise the ego, as the Taoists call it, would simply be reincarnated, which I do not believe is implied in the SGF. But I am feeling that the darma or dhamma of Buddhism is a stricter and more explicitly laid out program. I do not read in Buddhism of the channels, e.g., the Governor, Imperial, or Central channels that have such prominence in Taoism. The Buddhists speak of anatta, non-self, when they describe the sensifacient phenomena of the body. In other words, these are merely material phenomena and not indicative of a "self." But one unanswered question I have is that the pattern and combinations of these material sense events are unique to one person. Therefore when we say Mr. X is prone to headaches while Ms, Y is not, the aggregate of sense events one person has would seem to define a "self". I have not cracked the idea of non-self, either that the world has no self or that the body has no self. This seems like a contradiction of the Taoists and maybe the Tibetan Buddhists both of whom hold that there is some sort of consciousness or "ego" that separates from the physical body and that can be reincarnated or not. Theravada ideas on non-self may contradict Tibetan ones. But if there were no self, soul, ego or conscious entity of some sort, then it would be impossible to escape the cycle of rebirth because there would be nothing that was escaping it. Whether I should regard myself as a self or not is a mystery to me. Any clarification would be appreciated.
  8. You got this type of stuff going on... "<b>The Girl Next Door</b>." "<b>The Afflicted</b>." There are many more stories like it, but seriously, when reality hits you in the face, it's hard to understand humanity and to interpret what is going on in this world or outside of it.
  9. FUCK your human karma!

    So you humans keep eradicating Ants and destroying their colonies. they will reincarnate as and infiltrate the lifeways of humans. they are evident in politics. So you figured in the past that it was okay to wield dominion over nature and systemically hunt and eat the Dodo and mar the Buffalo for her fur. So the Dodo stuck around and made fools of you all but you called those poor children stupid, the Buffalo is born a man who refuses to acknowledge other men, and you call it autism! So Your history tells it one way, when it really happened quite differently... no doubt about it, the so-called reptillians (dont make me laugh) oy. you cannot even comprehend how your science could be lying to you about the dinosaurs. Raptors were so brilliant and beautiful people, and you wiped them out. genocide. you deserve their indignant retribution. END YOUR HARMFUL LIFEWAYS!
  10. Scrying

    One popular method of meditation and divination, is what is known as Scrying. It is usually performed with a mirror, or a bowl of water. Here are some sites talking about the method of Scrying Let's Try It: Scrying Water Scrying- Mirror Scrying- But for practical purposes, this is my favorite method of mirror meditation- online meditation techniques Mirror-chanting
  11. The Prophet Elijah and Jon the Baptist Video- There has been a saying since time immemorial "From age to age I am incarnate, to aid the good in the world, and to and destroy the evil" Reincarnation and the bible- http://reincarnation..._testament.html Reincarnation in Judaism- http://www.jewishvir...ncarnation.html There is a mysterious connection in the bible between John the Baptist and the Prophet Elijah. Some people suggest that what is really going on is that John the Baptist is the reincarnation of the prophet Elijah. It is also very obvious to many scholars that in the bible Jesus is clearly being associated with, compared to, and being considered the new Moses in the biblical writings. Moses came to teach for the age of Aries, which is why he is represented often with a Ram. The previous age before Aries was Taurus, Symbolized by a Bull. Jesus then came for the age of Pisces symbolized by the image of a fish. The Return of Elijah Prophecy There are several possibilities concerning Elijah and John the Baptist. 1- They are the same being 2- John the Baptist had the same level, or was like "the new" Elijah 3- 1 and 2 are one in the same The meaning and implications are quite interesting We also see that the bible portrays Jesus in the context as the new Moses, the successor of Moses, and even the reincarnation of Moses. Jesus: The New Moses Mathew intended to portray Jesus as the "new" Moses> Sunday Homily: Jesus ? the New Moses! and- This Hebrew Lord Bible Bible, King James Version NEW ADVENT BIBLE: Mark 9 Essenes-
  12. Honored Elder

    The need to escape from the cycle of life, suffering, death, and rebirth. This is one of the principle motivators of Buddhism. One of the issues that I have is this: The Buddha, being an illumened being, would not abandon the world after his own enlightenment, but return, again and again to aid others in their quest to be relieved from suffering. Any person, in the quest to achieve enlightenment, upon approaching that goal, will desire instead of release, to return, to aid others in the quest to be relieved from the karmic chains. When I regard my daughter, I am looking upon a being that has been incarnated many times before. She has endured immeasurable hardship, and promotted the ideal of the Bhodisatva in her actions many times in order to be born in this incarnation, in the care of myself, I remind her of her true nature, and hope to aid in her advancement of spiritual perfection, as well as the encouragement to attain to the perfection of all sentient beings. She is, my honored elder.
  13. Children Remembering Past Lives Here is an ABC program investigating how in modern times 2 and 3 year olds are remembering detailed accounts of their previous lifetimes. One boy featured on this program remembers fighting in World War 2, and remembered details he simply shouldn't have been able to have known about at his age. He even remembered the real names of his fellow soldiers who fought with him. Even more interesting, there appears to be a link between illnesses and injuries, and past lives. Like someone who had been shot in the throat still has throat problems as a toddler in their new life. Reincarnation, toddlers remember lives in WW2 [media] [/media] [media] [/media] BBC Learning, scientists investigate- [media] [/media] [media] [/media]
  14. Teachers in History

    Throughout the ages one common teaching can be seen to have been taught . The One God, the God that is All, that is the One totality of everything. Amilius- Edgar Cayce on Atlantis
  15. The Cathars

    The Cathars Video, History of the Cathars- In the year 1140 AD or so, a Christian belief system originated in France and around the Pyrenees mountains that historians now call Catharism, Cathar meaning the Pure or the Perfect. In the next centuries it would spread from this base throughout other areas of Europe. The Cathars called themselves the "Good men" or "Good Christians". Indeed by all accounts their beliefs were much closer to the original Christian teachings than the Catholic Church's are. They practiced laying on of hands, and had an especially deep understanding of the Gospel of John. They also possessed many Scriptures now lost and destroyed by the Catholic Church. They had similar beliefs to and were influenced by the Christian Gnostics, Manicheans, Paulicians, Bogomils, and even Far Eastern religions that came before them. They had a Dualistic belief system, of Good and Evil, God and Satan. They believed the material World was born of Satan, and the Spiritual Heavenly world born of God. Human beings had inside them, a divine spark and soul, belonging to the Spiritual realm. However, Human beings were also trapped in physical bodies in the Physical world. Only through liberation from matter, through giving up attachments to materiality, material desires, and physical urges could liberation be achieved. The Cathars believed those who had not liberated themselves fully of the material world in their lifetime would in fact be Reincarnated. Information on Cathar origins and beliefs- Info on Cathar scriptures- And- However, it was only a matter of time before Catharism became popular enough that the Catholic Church would accuse it of Heresy. A vicious persecution began which included many Massacres and much Torture. Here is a letter written to the Church by a Catholic leader in 1209 AD- "—"Kill them all, the Lord will recognise His own."[15][16] The doors of the church of St Mary Magdalene were broken down and the refugees dragged out and slaughtered. Reportedly, 7,000 people died there. Elsewhere in the town many more thousands were mutilated and killed. Prisoners were blinded, dragged behind horses, and used for target practice.[17] What remained of the city was razed by fire. Arnaud wrote to Pope Innocent III, "Today your Holiness, twenty thousand heretics were put to the sword, regardless of rank, age, or sex."" Sadly, by the late 1200s Catharism was very secret, and had retreated to the Pyrenees. The Catholic Inquisition had grown very powerful. By 1330 all Cathar scriptures had been destroyed and Cathar leaders had been killed.
  16. Kabbalah

    Kabbalah Short video talking about Kabbalah- Kabbalah - Five Basic Principles The Tree of Life- Do We Reincarnate?- What is Prayer in Kabbalah?- What is the Meaning of Life?- The Sixth Sense- Animation- Attaining the Worlds Beyond- What is Kabbalah? Universal Kabbalah Series- Kabbalah Revealed- History Channel Documentary, Secrets of the Kabbalah- Decoding the Past- Kabbalah Throughout history, those on the spiritual path who wanted to attain direct experience of and knowledge of God, contact with God, knowledge of Universal Laws, knowledge of the underlying causes of creation and existence, and enlightenment, needed to study the scriptures. That is for sure, but that is not all there is. There is also the oral tradition and the practice in daily life. The oral traditions and practices, which are in a way, the most important part for gaining direct contact with God, are passed from teacher to student intuitively and can't be obtained through only reading scriptures literally. The human mind is barred from heaven so heaven can only be understood intuitively through love, and understanding numerology, symbology and "myth", are but a few ways to better intuitively understand the truth of things. The inner meaning, the numerical meaning, and the symbolic meaning of the scriptures is not usually known or understood, but we know it exists and is in there. Originally the bible was written very symbolically and the "keys" to understanding a story were in the numerology. For example, 3 represents wholeness or a complete cycle, and 4 represents transformation or change. 40 days and 40 nights is obviously representing a transformation and purification. Over time the numerical keys to the metaphoric teachings were lost or deliberately obscured by the church. Much Kabballic teachings were removed from the bible in the first few centuries after the death of Jesus- Hebrew Gematria- The 72 names of God has astronomical implications and meanings- Kabbalah Kabbalah confirms the universe is 10 directional and emanates from 10 directions-