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Working For God

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When Leonardo da Vinci, when he was working painting documenting creating.   
What was he feeling ?
Why did he do those things ?
And for who ?
Did he do them to "save mankind" ?  Or to "help" ?  Or to ... bla bla.
No I don't think so.
His joy was God's joy.

His work God's work.
And God saw all the work he did.
Leonardo did not have to take his work somewhere for God to see it.
God was with him in his studio, in every breath.
And in his very breath God "judged" him.

And God was pleased.




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2 hours ago, rideforever said:

for God


What there are four gods in heaven? would be a punit's reply, or is it? There are four seasons. and A time to each.

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Wow, what a beautiful avatar and name. It hints perfectly at what you're saying here, and points perfectly at the reason for all the geniuses. It is as simple as being the ride of forever. And simply going with it. Simply for the joy of it. This emotions really indicates that we are fulfilling our highest purpose and in how good it feels we simply know this to be true.

Even Nickola Tesla, was a pipeline through which God could flow in yet another way. The stream is powerful and fast, and really beats you up, if you don't allow it to flow. As was the case with Nickola Tesla, who was tormented by hallucinations, trying to resist them, and when he gave up and let go, and just went with the flow, these hallucinations became his very reason for existing and his purpose for being and the reason for the fullfillment of his entire life and purpose and alignment with the joy and the more that is his eternal destiny.


And we can all allow god to act through us, a simple meditation could help us clean our mind, and in so doing, allow yourself to view your world and life through the eyes of the source of creation. And in so doing, you could naturally flow towards, and act towards, the power that creates worlds.

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