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hello and question

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Hello there - I had posted this in the newcomer section recently and am posting it again here. Thank you. 


I recently heard about this site and was hoping to ask for some advice.  I am a qigong beginner - just about brand new to it.


I had developed a significant energy imbalance through significant concentration meditation - strong contractions of neck, chest, pelvis which eventually went into significant irritability in daily life along with contractions of body at times and sometimes energy currents coursing up spine. 


This has lasted many months even after I decreased my practice significantly and stopped concentration work. 


The dis-ease led me to an acupuncturist/Tai Chi master who did some energy work on me (no needles at first) which helped a lot and then eventually acupuncture for several sessions which had a mixed effect. 


I recently started learning Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong from the DVD put out by Bruce Frantzis - I have had significant positive effects just by learning the first movement (Dragon and Tiger meet) and practicing for a few minutes per day. I started very slowly because it seems as though I am very sensitive energetically currently (some practices (such as standing meditation) can make me feel good for a day or two and then give me significant insomnia until I stop). 


I was told that exercises that store or sink the energy into the dan tian may also be helpful - does any one please have a link to good instructions on how to do this?  I have not as of yet have had much conscious experience of chi movement. 


Also would anyone have any recommendations for other breathing practices by Bruce Frantzis or others that may be helpful in such a situation ?


Thank you so much. 

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Let it flow, get out of the way, be mindless, no agenda, be who you are and know you are awesome and do not settle for less. All negative energy or attempt to beat up on yourself is gone, vanished to dust.


The methods are what is happening already nothing to achieve, just be conscious, aware of the beauty and peacefulness and suchness. Once the mind is tranquil, peaceful and at home all is done.

Go home,the center of the compass and let all teachings be a verification of achievement, it is yours and not an outside authority. 

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Grounding is what you need like most people...and lots of it!


Try to find a live teacher (not a book or a DVD) that is clearly focused around the following "ethos:"


There is no place in real internal martial and Daoist nei gong work for a “softly, softly, feel the chi!”


Internal Intent


He Jinghan in Taipei/Taiwan is also a practical teacher. 


We don't feel the Qi and talk about orbits (and fairies) we change the entire body, cleanse internal organs, open meridians, open joints, do a lot of foot and leg work (move a lot), eat well, practice with trees, walk/hike in the mountains and smile a lot!



Good luck. :)



*Note: Dont forget to drink Chinese & Taiwanese  tea.

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