[DDJ Meaning] Chapter 35

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Ch'u Ta-Kao, 1904


To him who holds to the Great Form all the world will go. It will go and see no danger, but tranquillity, equality and community.
Music and dainties will make the passing stranger stop.
But Tao when uttered in words is so pure and void of flavour When one looks at it, one cannot see it; When one listens to it, one cannot hear it. However, when one uses it, it is inexhaustible. But we use it without end.

David Hinton

Holding to the great image all beneath heaven sets out:
sets out free of risk, peace tranquil and vast.
Music and savory food
entice travelers to stop,
but the Way uttered forth
isn't even the thinnest of bland flavors.
Look at it: not enough to see.
Listen to it: not enough to hear.
Use it: not enough to use up.

Derek Lin


Hold the great image
The world will come
They come without harm, in harmonious peace
Music and food, passing travelers stop
The Tao that is spoken out of the mouth
Is bland and without flavor
Look at it, it cannot be seen
Listen to it, it cannot be heard
Use it, it cannot be exhausted

When we hold the great image of the Tao, the world will come into a state of harmonious peace.

Rough Draft of notes
Holding to the Great Form
All pass away.
They pass away unharmed, resting in Great Peace.
It is for food and music that the passing traveler stops.
When the Tao appears from its opening
It is so subtle, it has no taste.
Look at it, you cannot see it.
Listen, you cannot hear it.
Use it
You cannot exhaust it.
Apprehend the inimitable conception, you attract the world; coming it receives no harm, but is tranquil, peaceful, satisfied.
Like transient guests, music and dainties pass away.
The Tao entering the mouth is insipid and without flavor; when looked at it evades sight; when listened for it escapes the ear - (yet) its operations are interminable.

John McDonald


She who follows the way of the Tao 
will draw the world to her steps. 
She can go without fear of being injured, 
because she has found peace and tranquility in her heart.

Where there is music and good food, 
people will stop to enjoy it. 
But words spoken of the Tao 
seem to them boring and stale. 
When looked at, there is nothing for them to see. 
When listen for, there is nothing for them to hear. 
Yet if they put it to use, it would never be exhausted. 

Flowing Hands


All things will come to the man who is at one with the Dao.
For they can feel and find in him peace,
tranquillity, contentment and enlightenment.
People know the taste and smell of good food and the sound of music.
But knowing a description of the Dao is beyond comprehension.
It seems without flavour or sound.
For it cannot be seen or heard, and yet it is the very source of everything.

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  • Verse Thirty Five


Putting on  the big show .


Heaven’s movement is already 

Laid out 

And it flows along 

safe , level, peaceful.


It’s only the big show 

When you see it as a distraction;

As a passenger only.


Following the Trail Marker 

goes out the window;


Look and it can’t be seen,


Listen, it can’t be heard.


No need to try to do something, 

it’s already been done.


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