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Free Speech as a Significant Pivot

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As Thought Forms go, there were specific things that had to be learned by society.


We had a go of the 'bout of Political Correctness infecting all parts of society leading to where we are now.  We can debate the effects of Political Correctness and Anti-Bullying but it had the same effect.  It creates a weaker society that looks to the whole to police thought that:

"Does not adhere to the status quo.  The tactic that is used is the Shaming and Demonization of thoughts that are not in line with the status quo."


It is apparent that this CREATED MORE HATE.  SPLC (no longer used by the FBI as a real means to gauge hate) even by the status quo of the left sees a huge increase in hate.  To quote them:  Hate groups increased to 917.


There is no way to fight something and come out the victor.  The Trump campaign was instrumental in expressing this point.  People went demonizing Trump as much as possible, this fueled the opposition and people who saw a leader in Trump as a concept that needed to be protected or championed turned out to support Trump.  This effectively illustrates that just like a war on drugs, the concept is ineffective as long as a better concept or idea is developed that everyone can "buy into".  To counter something like drugs, a new form of education would need to be considered that not only addresses the effects of addiction, but also the long term financial, incarcerative and societal effects of people dependent upon the use of illegal drugs.  Scare tactics I believe are useless, but education along with stressing the high risk activities of drug pushers and the short term gains accompanied with high risks of being caught is a better ore effective approach.  Stressing the need to set people up for success.  This illustrates that higher level thinking always is of better benefit to society than emotional thinking which does not develop such ideas beyond the common thought.


As long as we think or buy into the idea of Political Correctness or using it as thought policing the masses we will continue to produce meger and baneful results that lead to a degredation of the human race.   Confining people to dumber ideas and dumber wars.  Emotional thinking will never solve the problems of tomorrow.  I submit:


"As long as we police the thoughts of the general population, with a view to maintaining this type of emotional thinking and status quo, hate will continue to increase. Theamount of shaming and Political Correctness apparent in media and social media has continued to this point to only inflame aggression against groups of people, due to their voices not being heard."


So, if this is the case, what can really be done to stop the increase of hate that has reached this point?  Well, I had to search the ancient texts for anything that resembled this type of situation.


In stanza 8 of the tao te ching:

In governing, don't try to control.


When you are content to be simply yourself and don't compare or compete, everyone will respect you.


In stanza 2:

Therefore the Master
acts without doing anything
and teaches without saying anything.
Things arise and she lets them come;
things disappear and she lets them go.
She has but doesn't possess,
acts but doesn't expect.
When her work is done, she forgets it.
That is why it lasts forever.


Here we see that stress on the free flow of energy and ideas is apparent.  In Hermetics, love is also an expansive rippling quality.  Compare this with texts in Medical Qigong regarding the heart.  In other words, higher concepts are based upon love.  Where as fear sinks, is shrinking and restricts or confines.


If I am to explain this in mundane terms.  The physical representation of love is the free flowing, free exchange of ideas or values.  Fear causes people to restrict or oppress ideas.


Therefore, I simply state that the highest ideal according to the Dao in the Tao Te Ching is to love all, including the unlovable, which some may deem an irrational concept.  How can people love things that are possibly reprehensible in nature?  Well, if we chose not to, we give into the fear some hold, grasp that they may have threatening ideas or power.  Such, is the nature of intolerance to ideas.  They further restrict and grow fear and insecurities in the general population.


So, how to fix?

Well if love is the free flow of ideas unhindered, then fear and hate is really the opposite.  It really is Political Correctness and shaming ideas themselves.  We can not choose to further restrict the ideas of these ones, because therein lies the rub.  By forcing people to speak freely, we cause more fear and anxiety on the parts of those who seek their way of life to go unchallenged.  We must be the better people by showing love to these hateful people who seek to oppress free speech.  It is their own fears and entanglements through the spiritual concepts of contaigion that have forced people to see things the way they do.  The only way to overcome is to:


1.  Stop Shaming People.

2.  Show compassion to people who restrict ideas.


It really is their own personal pains and things they are going through themselves that has caused them to see things the way they do.  This goes for all humans who in any way seek to restrict or suppress ideas.  Humans exist to spead ideas, whether they be truth, untruth... Good or bad.  The more we seek to allow these things and allow people to voice opinions, the more people are allowed to exercise free will.  Yes, it is a circumstance I could not possibly have foreseen.  But, it comes to a conclusion that we must each consciously choose ourselves.  If we force an outcome, we create more fear, restriction and evil.  But when we consciously choose for ourselves to allow ideas to exist and be communicated, we choose ourselves to be more loving and by example allow ourselves to set the example.  Yes, some ideas may be good, and other ideas may cause bad.  But the Tao Te Ching emphasis that the choices we make are our own.  It never stresses control in any form.  It is up to each one of us to choose what we wish to do.  This empowers us as humankind and will bring us into the next era.

The after effects:   In another holy writing it is said "where there is no wood the fire goes out."

This is true in the case of ideas.  Communicating this highest truth... As long as we promote the free flow of ideas, the fearful and oppressive ideas that stimulate hate and fear will go out.  This is the only way to counter fear and hate.

I submit this as the final answer and final solution to this problem. 

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Very well expressed and I agree fully. Thank you for your words, rabbit. Glad you are here.

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