Certainly an introduction.

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Hello everyone, 

As my first post, I would like to thank all of you for this place where I could find lot of valuable knowledge and interesting topics.
I have to say I am still lost to what road take. And following what I could read here and there, I decide to find more until I get the right idea of what I really want, what I really expect to be. 
I may try to find a teacher, unfortunately, the place I am right now has none. 
For 2-3 years I have been interested in the subject of cultivation. And after readying some I try to practice. At first it was pleasing and went for around 20minutes a day. I did try some Taichi, Yi Jin Jing, Zhan Zhuang and a bit more general Qi Gong. I try to take time to do sitting meditation also, as I read somewhere it was always good to balanced. 
But then, issue came. I did mainly Qi Gong, basic movements (following a video on YouTube, I wonder if I could find it) as for the breathing method I try to concentrate under my nostril, chest up during inhalation then stomach up during exhalation. Also, during the practice to calm my mind and concentrate I keep water as image. Water forming form a drop and then flowing through my body or to calm a lake without ripples. It was great. But then, I do not know why I start to have issue with my bladder. Could contain myself. After going to Doctor, no problems, certainly stress... I stop practicing and add some physical exercises to my days, after some time the problem flew away.
Now that I think about it I was influenced in some sort of wuxia novel and I had no experiences and was even stupid to do such a thing as a novice. 
Now I am afraid to do the same breathing method and I don't even want to try think about water in any way. 
I wonder if any of you has heard or even have a personal opinion of it?
Anyway as time flew, I keep trying to get more knowledge. Finally deciding to practice in a simple way : 
breathing with chest up and down. One time focusing under my nose my breath and one time with nothing in my head, emptiness. (Not during the same exercise).
As for my body, sitting or standing still. Nothing else. 
I was thinking maybe take it slow without jumping straight to some fancy things. Make it simple and at the same time discover how it feels again. Correct my way of being as a person, changing some little things one step at a time in order to behave and feel better. 
I would like to thank you again for this forum and also for reading me.
And I have to apologize for my language skills, I may have a wrong English but I still hope that I did write the correct idea. 
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You did fine with your English.


Sometimes in life we have to back up and start over.  But it is important that we don't make the same mistakes the second time.


Research, understanding, choices, but remaining aware that we might have to stop, back up and start a third time.


Eventually we will make all the mistakes we are capable of making and then we might find something that works well for us.


Enjoy and don't get too advanced and hurt your self; body or mind.


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Welcome bud, https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC17S3a7EY9wpzKqNcD4UKiw any and all videos in that account are helpful. That person is genuine and they have a program you can discuss the details of learning from her. Recommended by a friend who learned from her. I have different teacher but my friend strongly suggests her, an I found that the stuff my friend has shared with me from her lessons have been genuine and beneficial in everyway.


 you can actually buy her vids. It's a great place to start. Though tons of free info from the personally on here.

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Thank you for your words, 


I agree with what you said Marblehead, it is the reason why I just practice what I may call basic exercises like Zhan Zhuang and following the way of energy book. And simple sitting meditation combining with more physical and stretching exercises.


Thank you Zenmode for partaking this. I will definetely look into it as soon as possible. Thank you again.


I wonder if I may bother you to ask for opinion about the issue I encounter back then. About my bladder. Maybe I did a wrong  breathing method but since then it creates a blockage. Every time I try to breath the same way, I feel the same urge at my bladder level. 


(Maybe you will need more information about how I breathed so I will try to be precise. All the process was through the nose and tongue touching the mouth' roof. I inhaled with chest rising and stomach going in, trying to concentrate to gather energy with all my body inside my chest. Then I make it go down under my nostril or at the same level, and finally I exhale with stomach expanding and cheat going in. I didn't necessarily try to gather all the time, some session I try to make it pass through my body.)


Please if you have any opinion, I would like to know it. 


Also, if I may add one more thing. I would like to get your opinion on the picture I created in my mind every time I practiced. The picture of water.  Is it common thing? Is there some practice that require such thing? Is it benefit or require a higher level of understanding? Or is it just fantasy that could bring more trouble ? 


Thank you for reading me.

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