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Dao, Qi, and Mind

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What exactly is the relationship between the Dao, Qi, and the Mind (xin 心)? Various Daoists have spoken of the "Daoxin" or the "Dao Mind" or have variations on the Chan-like phrase of "The Dao is the Mind and the Mind is the Dao." 


Yet Daoist cosmology has the empty Dao giving birth to or producing the One, typically seen as primordial undifferentiated qi prior to polarization into yin-yang. According to traditional Daoist teachings, where does Mind fit into this schema? Does qi, the spiritual-material substance of the universe, possess or subsist in Mind?


From what I understand there is a connection between the purified or tranquil mind and qi, but what about on the macrocosmic or Absolute level?


Furthermore, where does shen 神 or spirit, particularly the yangshen, fit in relation to the Dao, qi, and Mind?

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This person has done a lot of detailed research, as you can see from their other posts, and so delves into a fine-tuned analysis here - this is very specifically the issue I have addressed in my "Idiot's Guide" pdf

Notice usually people are quick to answer on thetaobums - as I have noted there are a handful of "chimps" who "territorially" slap down anyone who attempts to raise their energy frequency level. You get slapped down to left brain dominance with no real achievements on thetaobums - but this chimp crew that wanders the website territory. Since that left-brain dominance is the norm of society - then no one complains about being slapped down.

I warned a recent new reader about this - and at first he didn't take me seriously. So he had read my research, then he quickly got very good results, and so he wanted more information. So at first he didn't read my research for more info but instead went to thetaobums to get feedback. They told him various logically fallacies like I am not a "real teacher" therefore don't read my research. haha. Since when does "real teacher" need to be attached to information to be read or not?

Self-censorship always amazes me - I pointed that out to this person - since when is just reading my research mean they are in a cult? haha. So the person went on to keep reading my research but in the mean time they had "strayed" from the training I had pointed out before. This training is very difficult since as we raise the energy frequency - then people around us react strongly. The original qigong master said how people will be "attracted" to you - yes indeed! Then he said "even the same sex will be attracted to you" until you get the 2nd chakra opened up (i.e. the lower tan tien filled up).

Now as I pointed out in a recent blog post - this is actually quite damning stuff about Western masculinity - because if the same sex is attracted to me - yet that male identifies himself as straight - you can see the psychological damnation the person quickly suffers internally.

So then if the energy can be built up increasingly - then the issue is how to control the energy, etc. Now when I did my original training - I was lucky to be able to train intensively, and my diet had already been pure, and I was young and I had saved up energy pretty well until then. But it was when I attended the Level 3 retreat that I had my "enlightenment experience" - seeing ghosts, seeing the yuan shen healing light that the qigong master sends out to each individual student to heal them, also doing strong healing myself on others, and smelling cancer, and experiencing a spacetime vortex, etc.

So recently when I went to my land up north - the small forest hermitage in the midst of hay farms and highway - haha - I had the Spring Forest Qigong Level 3 training manual with me. The funny thing is I had never read this new manual that had been created. When I took the course there was no manual - at first back in 2000 Fall - and then I took Level 3 again several times, as the original qigong master says it is easy for people to take the course for the information level but not necessarily is it easy to be ready on the energy level, to open the third eye. So as I read the manual - as it had been sitting in my car and I was waiting and so I finally just read the manual - for example there are case study healing stories that I had never read before! - and I realized there was new insights.

This question asked in the OP from thetaobums is a Level 3 question. In the Level 3 manual the original qigong master discusses when is Universal Consciousness versus our individual consciousness in regards to the Tai Chi symbol. This Universal Consciousness as the Emptiness - the original qigong master also states that everything starts from yin qi and then builds up into the physical level. This is actually the "golden key" secret from Zhong Gong - as Zhong Gong uses the same reference to yin and yang being then the different speed, time and location of the qi energy to create individual physical form. And as per Zhong Gong the original "yin qi" is actually "yin matter" as superluminal or faster than light information healing - thought that is faster than the speed of light.

So in fact this was a unique insight of Zhong Gong when the teacher also referred to Einstein and transcending Einstein with the original qigong master referring to Einstein the same way - that everything is energy and always will be energy eternally transforming. The question is transforming for the good or bad and so to transform for the good is to increase the frequency of the energy. So then in terms of science - the paradox arises already from relativity and it was de Broglie who originally discovered this contradiction from frequency and time in terms of Einstein's relativity - and so de Broglie realized there has to be a superluminal signal that guides the energy - and de Broglie called this the "Law of Phase Harmony." In fact it is "noncommutative phase" as the 5th dimension of space that is "time-like" and so it can only be logically inferred and not seen - as astrophysicist Paul S. Wesson detailed in his 2015 essays on de Broglie's Law of Phase Harmony.

So the Zhong Gong teaching was actually based on de Broglie's insights - in terms of Western science - but in reality from the real training of traditional Taoist alchemy meditation.

  Does qi, the spiritual-material substance of the universe, possess or subsist in Mind?

So the answer to that first question is clearly YES! And this is the crucial key point since one of the main attacks against qigong practitioners is they think they are superheroes or claim to have super powers or Christianity points out that energy healing is satanic, and the power of the devil, etc. No - only the proper understanding of this energy from the Emptiness as God is the key - it is not the individual who does the healings.

And so the Level 3 manual the points out - and this was emphasized in the 2013 Level 3 class I went to - a class I had attended only after a long break with my last Level 3 class attendance in 2005 - the qigong master said it is very common for when the third eye to be opened up that the person then overuses their psychic energy doing healing and then the person becomes fat, since they have to rely on physical food to restore their jing energy. What the Level 3 manual states is that only if a good foundation is developed and maintained - the jing energy of the lower tan tien - can then the third eye be properly opened with continued levels of enlightenment achieved - the ability to see inside your own body and other people's bodies, etc.

So in India this is the difference between Shakti and Siddhis - and so the healing in Spring Forest Qigong has to be spiritual light healing that is impersonal - that resonates into the Emptiness as the information healing energy that is nonlocal or superluminal signal healing.

From what I understand there is a connection between the purified or tranquil mind and qi, but what about on the macrocosmic or Absolute level?
Furthermore, where does shen 神 or spirit, particularly the yangshen, fit in relation to the Dao, qi, and Mind?

 So again the Level 3 manual states that everything starts from yin qi energy and what this means is that that Wu Chi is now confirmed - the Mystic Valley or Aperture of the Female as the original formless awareness that is the Cosmic Mother - and can never be unveiled. In the SFQ symbol the Emptiness is then Green as the liver yin qi energy of the Universe - and also it is called Spring Forest based on the name of the healer but also on the fact of biodiversity and cultural diversity - that it takes a lot of different types of trees to make a healthy forest (not just a monoculture of the mind as Vandana Shiva identifies the problem of Western thinking and its subsequent genocidal development). And so we are taught in the Spring especially to eat lots of green food to purify the liver qi - to build up the wisdom yin qi frequency energy - and also to be in the forest a lot with lots of diversity and lots of green for our eyes to take in.

As Gurdjieff emphasized, and yet was rarely understood in this regard, is that the Lunar yin qi energy or psychic energy of the lower tan tien first has to be built up - and this is true on a macro level as well. Alchemy training is based on the lunar energy just as much as the solar energy and hence the inherent green connection as the moon controls the water cycles on Earth, enabling green life to utilize the sun through chlorophyll photosynthesis that is now proven to be nonlocal - faster than the speed of light - in quantum biology.

So left brain dominance is actually the lower frequency subconscious control - as the Kundabuffer of modern man - as Gurdjieff calls it the moving center and the instinctual center - and now science proves that for humans our auditory cortex is very close to our moving cortex. So our brain constantly tells us to move - as Dr. LLinas, author of "I of the Vortex" emphasizes - then our brain creates a virtual reality from this urge to move that is really left-brain dominant, right-hand dominant consciousness. So the other primates also have this left-brain/right-hand dominant consciousness going back to the torque of the Sun-Moon-Earth wobble or backwards precession causing global warming around 3 million years ago, and before that our hominin ancestors were just as much tree dwellers as savannah dwellers.

And so only if we can transcend the moving center and instinctual centers that are normally subconscious can we then build up the jing kidney energy or yin qi energy enough - to build up the liver yin qi energy when then finally opens up the heart-third eye as the Yuan Qi of the formless awareness of the Universe as the Tai Chi.

As I was reading the Level 3 manual I was also reviewing the first "qi-talk" that the qigong master who befriended me had given - again in 2013 This talk was very revealing in details about the experience of going into the Emptiness - he says that only when there is a spacetime transformation - when external time slows down and internally our consciousness goes into the light, seeing bright light and colors - that we go into the Emptiness. That this really is a black hole/white hole portal - that is beyond death - and that the West, modern males, lack real initiation during puberty found in nonwestern cultures.

For example I discovered recently Brad Steiger's book on Indian Native Medicine healing. Indian Medicine Power Of course this is really indigenous native, not even "American" or "Indian" as Winona LaDuke points out - and her dad is featured in this book - Sun Bear. But again the key is that by age 12 the male goes on vision quest as fasting with just water - and the longer a person can hold out then the stronger their energy will be. Steiger's book points out that divination and reading a person's energy blockages - is not necessarily the same person who does the healing. That actually doing the healing requires more power and so a deeper level of meditation. Steiger's book also emphasizes that Silence is the key factor for the training - Silence in the forest or natural place as meditation.

In science this is called "acoustic ecology" and now proven to be essentially unknown in the modern world - the whole planet Earth has been so attacked by modern civilization that there is no real "silence" left where biodiversity over billions of years has finely tuned the acoustic ecological niches as harmonic EcoEcho energy healing.

And so now we now the key relation of Yangshen because if we build up the yin qi energy enough into the Yuan Qi level beyond death - then the light we experience actually transforms the jing or physical level - as a reverse spacetime healing vortex of the Emptiness. The book of another Minneapolis Tai Chi healer - Dr. psychologist Christina Donnell - Transcendent Dreaming - she goes into her yuan qi yang shen transformations that occur during her sleep. So for example precognition that I have experience many times - this assures us that in fact what we think of as physical reality while awake is - less real - then this Yangshen astral realm that is holographic and so transcends spacetime as an eternal dream vortex.

But as Ramana Maharshi points out - this movie analogy means that normally our brains can only see the external world or the film while our brains (the camera) are in ignorance as darkness - the Ch'an Taoist monks jokingly called normal people then "tubs of dark tar" since we can not see inside our bodies, etc. As Yogananda described when his third eye fully opened - he instantly could see in 4 directions at the same time, just as the qigong master who befriended me calls it 4D vision - front, back, left and right at the same time. haha. So then it is realized that the Earth as a physical planet actually exists more like Solaris - in that Tarkovsky film based on the SF book - that Earth is a holographic dream in the cosmic mind of the formless awareness.

The Level 3 book states if you just see clouds in your vision then your third eye needs to still build up more energy. But as I blogged recently - the brain can get fried! It feels like a laser in the brain as the shen energy is sent into the brain to open up the third eye. When I described this to the qigong master who befriended me - he said this energy is not sent externally from him but is actually my own Higher Self manifesting - in other words reality is truly nonlocal but we don't realize it. So then science has detailed how there is a hidden momentum to light - when light is "heavy" due not just to quantum energy but to quantum relativity - this is called quantum relative entropy or negentropy - as reverse spacetime vortex energy from spirit light. This is the "golden key" secret of the superluminal qi that starts out as yin qi - from the light being turned around in alchemy training - but when built up to the Yuan Qi level that accesses the formless awareness of the Universe - from the heart-third eye opening up. And this means again that the lower tan tien is the foundation but also the controlling will power that enables going into the Emptiness properly - to bypass the mind's fear of death.

Obviously to talk about this stuff is sensitive - as I reread the qigong master's qi-talk he states he finally discovered the meaning of a favorite song of his - everyone wants to go to heaven but no one wants to die.

So then in terms of Yangshen - we have to return to the original mystery of the Dao as the Emptiness and what that means in terms of yin and yang. In fact, as my handle points out and as Eddie Oshins discovered - the nonlocal reality is "noncommutative phase" from quantum relativity - meaning being in two places at the same time - and this means as I have quoted in my pdf - that the One Unity of Yuan Qi as the Emptiness is inherently the shen below the jing - the shen is turned around as the Universal Consciousness (instead of our normal individual shen just going out of our eyes as the ego - and this includes the individual shen going out of our bodies as astral travel!!).

The qigong master who befriended me calls this the "point of origination" that is beyond the normal yin-yang energy. Why? Because Yangshen energy is the conscious awareness of what is normally subconscious yin qi that is nonlocal. As the original qigong master states - everything starts from yin qi - and so the qigong master who befriended me emphasized - everyone wants to go to heaven but no body wants to die - so like Prince they jump off buildings or high speakers - and take drugs - etc. - everyone looking for that transcendence without doing the real alchemy initiation based on the yin-yang energy dynamics. When the yangshen is accessed as a real enlightenment experience via the Yuan Qi energy - this, as the book Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality details - causes confusion.

Indeed great confusion about what this all means - the Universal Consciousness as the Emptiness versus the individual consciousness - how is the One different than the Emptiness as Wu Chi - and how does that create yin and yang as 2 and 3, etc? So I go into this more in the pdf - and I am glad to have been able to return to these subtle, fascinating and crucial issues, thanks to the question that had remained unanswered on thetaobums.

In science this is explained as the entanglement of light in black holes - so that the information is stored in the black hole but scrambled when it leaves the black hole as white hole energy. This means there is infinite potential mass that is imaginary mass as the Yuan Qi energy as information - and so the light going into a black hole is emitted again but only as a scrambled singularity - called Hawking Radiation of black holes due to the inherent quantum foundation of reality. We used to think that black holes just sucked everything up - not true! But this Hawking Radiation is not the same as the white hole transformation of the information itself - which then turns into Yangshen energy.

So we could say then that the yin shen as yin qi light is our subconscious experience of the virtual black holes of reality that we exist within - the micro quantum black holes that are the gateways to nonlocal reality - the 5th dimension. The light goes into a singularity of infinity as we go to sleep at night - into the Emptiness of our mind - but in fact if we can turn the light around then the mass of the black hole is also turned around. This is the secret of the alchemy training. Science has yet to discover "white holes" since science is limited to classical math of macro-level technology that depends on Fourier time-frequency uncertainty, a linear operator (of left-brain-right-hand technology). The normal Hawking Radiation is still at the yin qi subconscious level as the light gets sucked into the black hole along with the mass of normal 4D spacetime.

This is why Yan Xin said his qigong healing is based on a "virtual information" field that is the "highest technology of all technologies." Yan Xin was creating Yuan Shen healing of people when people meditate to turn their light around, thereby creating sympathetic resonance with the Yuan Qi energy or the Emptiness that does the healing - this is what the qigong master who befriended me calls instantaneous healing - or even healing the past as a spacetime vortex through gravitons. That is the Yangshen white hole healing that also enables precognition. So the 5th dimension

“The information is not stored in the interior of the black hole as one might expect, but in its boundary — the event horizon,” he said. Working with Cambridge Professor Malcolm Perry (who spoke afterward) and Harvard Professor Andrew Stromberg, Hawking formulated the idea that information is stored in the form of what are known as super translations.
“The idea is the super translations are a hologram of the ingoing particles,” Hawking said. “Thus they contain all the information that would otherwise be lost.”

It is noncommutative phase - a logical paradox that Eddie Oshins also discovered is the secret of Tai Chi Neigong alchemy Bagua training - macroquantum resonance energy.

 A white hole is a theoretical structure (none are known to exist, though they don’t violate any of the known laws of physics) that emit matter and energy, but cannot ever be reached from the outside.

 So in fact this is explained only through the fifth dimension as nonlocal noncommutative phase.

Carlo Rovelli - black to white hole transformations in terms of Hawking Radiation

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Taoist concept of Magical Gateway( ' 玄關' )  is so close to the  concept of " white hole " that its cosmological implication can hardly be denied .  And, because of this ,  it is no strange that  you find any   way starts from  an emptied mind or emptiness , where the Gateway emerges from , said to be superb ('上品')  while all others starting from the physical body , no matter it  be your breathing ,  dantian , a light ball in between your eyebrow..etc , all are classified as low-end  ('下品')  by most Taoist writings . Here  ,  two problems we have to consider :


1) Methodologically  speaking,  both Taoists and Buddhists use no  physical apparatus or mathematical reasoning for  understanding the cosmos but through  a strange ,persistent intuitive process of detachment from the physical stuff , from our senses and reasoning to nourish it ( In Taoist case, it adds the accumulation qi and jing to enhance the  effect ) . Note that how big is the mass of a sun-like object so as to  collapse into a black hole , the opposite of the white hole , is not the concern of the Taoist alchemy  , what it  is interested in  is  how  the  potential  'white hole '  that may emerge from some gifted individuals. 


2) Emptiness is the most possible area enables us to  break down the boundary between the outside and  inside  of us , so as to let energy come in . What Taoist claim of  thing being post-heavenly is  jing ,qi and shen's embodiment  and trap in this physical body and their inevitable  ,gradual dissipation , governed by an one-way timeline towards death ;  an emptied mind without any ideas is similar to  emptiness without any characteristics ( no size , no mass , no light, no curvature of space..etc  ) ; we can't say :" The emptiness inside  my mind and the emptiness outside .." , so the emptied mind is the best means we get for exploring  and unifying emptiness outside , in fact , everywhere . As Can Tung Qi  says:  "同類易施工 ,非種難為巧"   ( " Because they are the same types ,so it is easy to do, otherwise, it will be difficult to make things out of it " )    






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