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MCO in astral

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Is this possible? I've played around with energy in lucid dreams before...the energy was very intense. So if someone is on the astral, does that mean that their 'blockages' aren't as pronounced as in the physical, so someone could achieve the MCO there or other 'higher level' practices that are not able to achieved yet in physical body?

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I do recognize the photo above.


this is what I have translated.


I have dreamed my whole far as sleeping dreams. just recently digested term lucid, although I have a few recalls in my memory that seemed just as lucid.


I think it is just mental art. abstract and then not getting too busy into the meaning.


If I begin to think I can dig into meaning than it gets bumped into psychological matter-of which I have had the thought processes my whole life to sift.


what concerned me was the deeper UNDERLYING message----for the cosmic dream makers.


what I want to convey here, albeit not so clearly(las vegas) translate in Spanish and then translate in vagus nerve....


is that I do get scary moments, embarrassing, spiritually I was concerned and am concerned about the stuck quality------


and what baggage I have brought if any------and I do not mean that I am not responsible for what my actions are---


but that the dream matter first struck me as(even though I see myself in the dream--I was glad to wake up ....

lay there for a minute and process how I give meaning to that.


I first thought that this was me representing where someone else is in someone from my past who has now moved on and married and that I maybe carrying her----but the image was not her....


it seems trivial and a bit tricky.


the other unsettling things is my own mind...

I begin to hyper connect vortex matter-----inside my own processing...

my computer helper T-projectile vomitting

my uncomfortableness in the outrageous intricacies of dragonfly's faces--

the video of the leaves blowing---just seeing that for a few and the harnessing----


In facing my own version of wrong doing and squeezing and insisting---

I think T was hijacking kmart system

and that I am having evil lurking in and on me.

and that I am this

I have done this

and that----

and who knows what you know and all of the good intentions in life and all the not so good.

the swallowing and the movie of what my life has contained...


in the pretend world of my mind---

it is like going to a is overwhelming and there are plenty of scary faces and places-and I have plenty of my own work to do...sometimes just sitting still and not reaching for anybody...

sometimes laughing now at my own delusional meltdown---

my son witnessed my mental emotion fear...I would not want to steal from people...

by the end of my meltdown he hugged me and teased me that my sister had texted him from the bank and that she was hijacking the bank....we both laughed ourselves silly....that I could see my own goofy crap and so could he---

the underlying lessons here for me we to just step carefully---and the runaway mind has to settle down and it can't figure all of it out.

and the fundamental true matter here as best I can put forth is that I am thankful to be able to say thank you for

a very difficult lessons

it is from a place I do not know-


so in swinging from one pendulum way to the other is odd. to say the least.

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