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For Marblehead

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Dear Marblehead,


  I've thought and meditated about this some today. 


We don't get enough time in life to tell some one that they are doing a really good thing.


Do we?


I've only been here a short time, but I see you doing a really good job at being a moderator, or whatever one calls it here at 'Dao Bums'.


I used to help moderate a chat room, long ago back in 2002, it was for people in their 40's and 50's. So I know a little about this.


I see you trying to let people speak their hearts (that's my phrase for it), but still trying keep things peaceful, and 'together'.


You do an exceptional job at this, and you always say 'Thank You' to people whose post's you like.....that's so meaningful, and so important!  :-)


So, please take it from me, you do a good job, and you have very good people skills.


We tend to stay so "busy" here on this planet, mostly too busy to even say something that is really needed to be said.


So, thank you for being YOU, and thank you for your skills.


​I appreciate it. I'm NOT kissin' booty either, just trying to tell it like it is.


Thanks.  Peace, Differently Abled Daoist

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I kissed his booty in the staff area for the great work he does and it made him blush   :blush:


Thanks for doing it publicly  :)


Of course, you're just telling it like it is  :P

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Thank you DAD.


I wasn't expecting anything like that.  Yes, reading it gave a nice feeling inside.


I should not say anything further.

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