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  1. Dear Dawei

    Dear Rene, If I haven't sacrificed 22 or 23 computers to this sociopath, and one really nice cell phone, since 2002, frankly, I'd stay. But I *have*. And that's big money to me. It wouldn't surprise me to see this on a fundamentalist Christian e-list, even on a (so-called) "wiccan", or neo-pagan e-list, not even on a Old Craft e-list! But one that supposed to be Daoist, and is filled with Buddhist's and other kind people. Well, it pretty blows my shit away! I'm NOT gonna lose another computer to this asshole. YOU should be afraid that's he HERE. What, he's make someone seem like a newby who's from 2012, or 2015 (I forget which year it was), and acts like it's from RIGHT NOW. That should be enough. Let him hack away, cause that's exactly what he'll do......or if *I leave*, he might leave too. Let's hope so. Peace, I've enjoyed my time here, Albion
  2. Dear Dawei

    I just asked that you send it on to *Dawei, personally*. I read it again, maybe that's not clear. If that's the case, I'm sorry. Albion
  3. Dear Dawei

    Dear Dawei, OK, please ask Rene to copy and paste my e-mail that I wrote to her this morning on to you. OK? It will tell you EVERYTHING. I'm using the password that you guys assigned to me. I tried to change it to something else, but it will NOT let me. OK, this is a weak password, if you have any ideas how to help me make it stronger, please let me know, ASAP, OK? Thank you. I created quite a mess, I'm very sorry. My intent WAS ONLY GOOD. Honestly. I was "Differently Abled Daoist', now I'm Albion, which is my first name. Thanks to you, Marblehead, and especially to Rene for all of her help! Fans, take it from me, if you are going to change your screen name come here and ask/tell Dawei FIRST! Thanks for everything. Please get back to me in a PM about the password. THANKS! Peace, Albion
  4. I'd like to change my screen name, simply to my first name here at Dao Bums. How do I do THAT? Thanks for your help. Peace, Albion
  5. Feng-English: Discuss The TTC

    Yes, Stosh I totally agree with you here. Very well said! peace, D.A.D.
  6. Autumn Saturday

    Autumn in Southern Wisconsin, Enchanting and beautiful music in the background, the humidity gone for a day. Red and yellow leaves showing up more and more. I Love Autumn, it's peacefulness, and sometimes it's pain, in beginning to turn towards Winter. Taking off Summer's clothes, ever so slowly, like a Lover. Wet streets, wet ground, grey skies that seem endless, but they bring in a sense of everything Being exactly as it should be. A leaf falls, seeming to say to me "See you again next Spring". The Cranes still here, long grey bodies, bright yellowish and orange eyes, A seemingly good omen, as they hunt for food, Undisturbed by humanity all around them, They just continue being Cranes, The real Adepts of the neighborhood! I'm glad today that Summer's heat is gone, Autumn always makes me take stock of my life, and be thankful. For this divine moment of introspection, Of giving me a look into nature, a true vision of how simple that life really is, when we just get still enough to hear, to really listen, and to really see. And to feel taken care of by the Divine Dao, who allows and helps us to be, who we really are, in this moment, called Autumn.
  7. If I want to add a saying, or a sentence to the bottom of each of my posts, how would I go about doing that? Could I ask you guys for help on that one? Thanks for your help! Peace, Differently Abled Daoist
  8. Feng-English: Discuss The TTC

    Thanks to you guys going on without me last night. Sometimes a good night's sleep makes everything better! I appreciate each of your comments, and I especially appreciate Rene stepping in to halt a conversation that did/does not belong here. Thanks for that Rene. You are a good friend! Peace, D.A.D.
  9. Feng-English: Discuss The TTC

    "If men lack knowledge and desire, then clever people will not try to interfere." I always liked the wording "cunning" in place of 'clever'. But I also agreed to use one translation so I won't back off of that promise. Just a thought below. Don't we ALL know (or have known) people like THIS? Who try to push their will or agenda by being clever, or cunning? Yes, I think so. Dear Jonesboy, I liked what you said, which I very much agree with. I especially like "the local mind" saying. I'm not sure that I've heard that one before. But that's a very good way to put it. Thanks for that! Peace, Differently Abled Daoist
  10. Feng-English: Discuss The TTC

    My Friends in Dao, I've been out shopping all afternoon. And I don't know if any of you know what Fibromyalgia is, but I've got a pretty wicked case of it. So, let's do chapter 3, tomorrow, if none of you mind. And we can get back to discovering what Laozi has to say to us in verse/chapter 3. How's that? If anyone wants to go ahead and dig into chapter/verse 3, then I'll join you all in the morning. OK? Thanks for your understanding, and I really appreciate all that we've done so far. And I look forward to verse/chapter 3. So, I'll see you all tomorrow. Thanks, Differently Abled Daoist
  11. Alone

    ​Thanks so much Roger! D.A.D.
  12. Feng-English: Discuss The TTC

    Friends in Dao, It'll be late tomorrow afternoon when I can post again. If someone else wants to start on verse/chapter 3, feel free to do that, it'll probably around 5:00 PM (CST) when I get home and situated tomorrow. I hope that everyone has a really great night, a night of sweet dreams, and Peace. In Dao, Differently Abled Daoist
  13. Feng-English: Discuss The TTC

    The San Francisco Peaks right now at sundown (in real time).
  14. Alone

    Thank you so much! Heart touched! D.A.D.
  15. Feng-English: Discuss The TTC

    I personally consider The San Francisco Peaks right outside of Flagstaff, Arizona, to be the most beautiful mountains that I've ever seen. They are an ancient extinct volcano.,_winter.jpg&imgrefurl= This isn't a very good photo, even compared to some that I've taken, but never-the-less it is the San Francisco Peaks, a mountain that is very 'Holy' to both the Hopi's and the Navaho (Dineah [spelling?]) people's. This mountain is very beautiful to ME. But somebody else might say: "Well, the Colorado or the Canadian Rockies are way more beautiful then these mountains are!" I've also lived in the Mojave Desert, and there are some really UGLY mountains in the Mojave. This is the first part of verse 2 in the TTC: "Under heaven all can see beauty as beauty, only because there is ugliness." This mountain comparison is a perfect example of this. "All can know good as good only because there is evil". The TTC doesn't say that there is NO evil, but that we can know good as good, when it's compared against evil. I don't know if floods, volcanoes, earthquakes or mud slides are evil, they are just an intense part of nature, and therefore part of the Great Circle of All Life on Earth. But I DO know that there are evil people. Look at the present American presidential election. This may be a vast oversimplification, but if the shoe fits........... "Therefore having and not having arise together. Difficult and easy compliment each other. Long and short contrast each other; High and low rest upon each other; Voice and sound harmonize each other; Front and back follow one another." All of these are much like the choice of mountains. They all contrast, and even balance each other out. "arise together" as verse three in this passage says. But then Laozi tells us: "Then the sage goes about doing nothing (wu wei?), teaching no-talking". *Sometimes* in handling bad stuff (not every time I think), the BEST way to handle it, is to *do nothing*. And honestly, NOT TALKING about it takes away some of it's power too. Who can understand what *you've gone through* that they have never even experienced? It's best left undiscussed. In my opinion, the sage is a learner (and teacher) of life's lessons, and HOW to absorb them, or NOT. "The ten thousand things rise and fall without cease............"civilizations rise and fall.... literally without cease, "Creating, yet not possessing", Look at the megalithic one knows from where they came, or where they went, but there are their stone monuments all over Western Europe and Britain and Ireland..........but they possessed these places a very short time, in linear time, as time as we understand time now, and the way that it goes. "Working, yet not taking credit. Work is done, then forgotten. Therefore, it lasts forever." I could wax poetic here, but these three lines summarize it all. The things that "a sage" does, are done. And forgotten. When forgotten, the sage's work, "lasts forever". A strange, but enduring concept! Please forgive me, I just couldn't help it! I'm sorry for being so wordy here, I'm just very much a regular guy, learning daily, just as we all do. I hope that in trying to take on such a great task as this, I don't blow it, by being too wordy. That's it for me, I'd love some feed back. Peace, D.A.D.