Zhan Zhuang - Leg/Low back meridians - advice

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On 18/07/2016 at 5:08 AM, SecretGrotto said:

A wider low stance with significant quad activation involves the lines starting at my lower back above each buttock snaking to the hip and down the side legs (what meridian does this correspond to?).


Either the Bladder or Gallbladder.


Bladder meridian:




Galbladder meridian :




The Bladder meridian is responsible for feeding ying qi to the Kidney meridian, but is also feed by it, so, yes, it is expected for you to feel weakness in it if you have a kidney deficiency.


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On 2019-01-22 at 12:16 AM, rkc said:


Ive done Zhan Zhuang long before, and over months my sciatic pain increased. So I stopped

Sounds like a good choice. 

On 2019-01-22 at 12:16 AM, rkc said:

.I think the pain comes with realignment... I would have healed if I’d persisted with some time and postural adjustments. 

1) The pain comes with realignment. With practice it will stop. 

2) The pain comes because you are increasing the pressure in the lower back, thus pinching something. With practice it will become worse. 

3) The pain is caused by something else. 

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I myself have long term sciatica and also have practised ZZ every day for the last few years.

The only time it has aggravated my sciatica is when I tried out a single weighted stance a while ago so I stopped this stance.

Other than that, the slow improvement in strength around the back muscles has only helped my sciatica to the extent that I never get any pain from it unless I do some very intensive sport.

However, I have progressed with my practice very slowly and very gently.

5 minute stands for the first 4 months.

Very shallow height, pretty much up until a couple of months ago.


So take it very slowly and give the body time to grow and develop at its own slow pace.


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The OP seems to suffer from over-control and lack of sensitivity, the approach is forced and without feeling.   

Normally this just makes things worse, pain plus force equals more pain.


For leg issues I can recommend this sequence of ZZ postures :



Wuji left weighted, then right   (LKC's Way of Energy)

Holding the ball at the side left, then right  (LKC's Way of Energy)

Santi left, then right  (Mark Cohen's book)



8 postures, 3 minutes each as you like


The asymmetric postures increase in difficulty.  Holding the ball at the side and Santi introduce a twist in the rear leg that is very good to free up the tissues.   Santi is very stable feet flat.   Holding the ball at the side is less stable, toes only on front foot.

LKCs book also has toe heel postures.


Other thing is, as you stand it is good to imagine you are in a warm salt water spa, with the water lapping your body, so that you loosen up more and more and more.


Tight ass people who "want to go lower", will increase their suffering.


Other good ones are on youtube Pelvic Release Bioenergetics by Devaraj, and T.R.E, both of which favour the lower legs.

Also doing a proper shaking horse for 5 solid minutes before starting, really shaking yourself to bits, is very good.

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