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  1. Is there an "easy path" in Daoism?

    Quite possible. It's a plague that infects the general public of those groups. I do know a few who don't fall into that category, though. Reconstuctionism works, but you have to put the work into it to get to that level.
  2. Astrology and astral impermanence

    Everything changes and nothing is eternal... at least on the level bellow non-duality. Astrology touches on realms of non-duality and non-existence. The forces and planets are called "eternal", but they might very well be said to be so fleeting they never existed beyond a single moment in time. That's the problem here: You'll see that those forces are "eternal" in the sense of being beyond reason, time and space - not that they are eternal in the sense of being permanent aspects of the universe. Studying the changes in the Earth and Skies, observing their characteristics and how they progress in more "earthly" time scales will take you away from Astrology and into Geomancy (or Hindu Astrology). Both complement each other quite well, if you can deal with the conflicting social/mental vines trying to take over your mind from studing those subjects
  3. pyroluria acupuncture points

    We can't use western terms to make a eastern dyagnosys, so I've googled it and found this list of symptoms: anxiety irritability fatigue poor short-term memory little or no dream recall mood swings increased sensitivity to lights, sounds, odors frequent infections allergies joint pain hypoglycemia poor appetite, especially in the morning nausea, motion sickness poor tolerance of dietary protein sweet or fruity smelling breath or sweat pale complexion white spots on fingernails premature graying delayed sexual development alcoholism Those symptoms seem to indicate a liver deficiency, but that could come from a spleen-pancreas deficiency in producing Xue, which then affects both the Heart and the Liver. The fruity smelling breath/sweat and the impossibility to recall dreams point to this possibility. It would be quite unfortunate for me to prescribe acupuncture points for someone by reading a post online, but you can try and tonify your Xue and Spleen with some dietary supplements, such as ginseng and low-fat meats.
  4. Is there an "easy path" in Daoism?

    I'd say no. They're quite ecumenic from as much as I know. Still quite toxic. I mean, do we really need this? There's so much info out there. Not to mention new age atheism has lots of problems as well... maybe as many as old-time religion. On one side you can't go against the preacher because god's wrath will fall upon you. On the other you can't have mystical experiences because your gods aren't really gods, just archetipes for material and neurological phenomena. Both do the same thing: Try to explain the mystical with the mundane. In the end you never leave your own head, and that's the problem with a "healthy" dose of atheism: It confines your experiences to your own head, doubts and preconceived ideas about the world. Just how a preacher might say a ghost you have seen is a demon and you should exorcise it, a new-age atheist will say it is but a sickly creation of your mind and you should take some pills to remedy it. Get what I'm saying? Both lead to the same end: Taking people away from anything that might go against their own heads. There are theories which fall into the latter, but I wonder if this "awakening" we see is real or just an impression of seeing awakened people around when they're sleeping very well and confortably without having any contact with the divine whatsoever. I've only worked with them once, when I was trying to adapt the Lesser Banishing Pentagram ritual to something oriental. It messed me up quite a bit. Dizziness, illusion of not belonging in this world, of not having ownership of my body, dissociation... quite a few psychological effects which weren't quite healthy. Maybe they could even be understood as a form of Qi Deviation. Was it just because I was trying to mashup two different systems and worldviews? Don't know. But some friends of mine have dealt with chinese gods before, and their ideas fall quite in line with "don't mess around when invoking them". Like, they expect things from you, and if you just call them without being aware of what they expect from you, you'll get recked.
  5. Is there an "easy path" in Daoism?

    Chinese gods in a broad sense have a very different "mindset" (if you could say something like that) from our Western gods. They are both more approachable and less prone to "go easy" on someone because the person is just another mortal. China has been the "center of the world" for a very long time, and the gods that have shown their faces there tend to be intrisically connected to this idea of being "the center of the world", "nobility" and "kings and queens". So, it is as dangerous as it was to talk face to face with Louis XIV.
  6. Is there an "easy path" in Daoism?

    I second this. I've had spiritual encounters with a boddisatva of the Amitabha's line and that shit is freaking intense. It messes your life good, but it is so good you actually thank him latter (you'll probably curse him endlessly for two weeks, though). Indeed happens. Those fuckers are fucking dangerous. Hardcore stuff. Better to stick with buddhism for a little longer before messing with chinese gods. The world works like a clock. The stars are the clock's hands. They point to which part of the cycle we're in, but the cycle itself is mostly related to our own planet and its energies (see for instance the 12 branches and 10 stems). Medieval (or Traditional or European as it is known) Astrology, for instance was based on Hebrew Angeology. You'll look at the cycles of energies the Angels and Spirits related to each planet use in our own world. So, when we say Jupiter is a planet that brings prosperity but also gluttony, we mean to say that Jupiter shows how and when the Intelligence ("angel") named Johphiel and the Spirit ("demon") named Hismael (actually an angel, but it has harmful effects and cristianity can't accept that god isn't a good guy and that it creates angels that bring pain and suffering to mortals, so they say it is a "spirit") act in our world in a global scale. Johphiel will bring things like abundance and prosperity, which Hismael will bring things like gluttony and fruitless waisting. You'll know which is acting at which times of the astrological cycle through the astrological calculations used by Agrippa, meaning the traditional European Astrological Calculation boards and charts have absolutely NOTHING to do with actual astronomy. There are even new constelations in the skies of our time, and the position of the sun in the medieval european astrology calculation manuals is completely wrong by thousand of years, so it isn't factual at all. I have a few friends who like to dwelve into the UFO world and have made contact with a few spiritual entities who claim to be spirits from other worlds, some of which actually have a physical counterpart in our universe (not all "ET's" come from worlds with physical counterparts in our physical universe - some come from planets which only exist in other planes of existence, many of which we would call "astral"). Basically they have completely different forms of astrology there. In terms of mars, for instance, earth figures as one of the 12 planets of their astrological system, but I don't remember exactly what it meant. Something to do with "materialization" or "physicallity of things" or something in this line? I'm not sure. obs: As long as I'm aware, there are indeed lifeforms in mars, and the spirits of those ghosts who claim to exist there reencarnate on those lifeforms. I'm quite skeptical about they being lifeforms as we consider life to be, though. Maybe living sand or something? Go figure. Stuff gets wacky crazy once you dwelve too deep into these wathers. IF I'm not very wrong here, there are some correlations - for instance, certain gods having other names in buddhism than they have in daoism. A daoist god can be a buddha or a deva, for instance. Do mind, though, that as much as I know about daoism and buddhism, gods have been used as tools to make them less raw to the societies around. So, you get to a village which worships a certain crop goddess - you won't say "stop worshipping this stupid goddess and become a monk". You'll try to contact this divinity and, if it indeed is a god/goddess (and not just a wandering ghost with some power) you'll then ask to see its face inside the Daoist view of the world - how does it manifests in the daoist cosmology? Seeing that, then you can make it so people have an easier time adapting to your "weird doctrine"
  7. Is there an "easy path" in Daoism?

    If you don't want buddha helping you, but the "Ohm", yes. Otherwise, beware of the pseudo-esoteric atheistic flow of this age. People believe nature (as something inanimate and void of spirit) is the source of all "stupid superstition" of today, and with this do truly stupid things like pray to Lillith, ask Hecate to destroy other peoples' mariages or blame human males and male-like gods for what they see as a perversion of religion - when they themselves usually have no contact with the divine in the first place, and would be unable to differentiate between a buddha and a pranking ghost.
  8. Is there an "easy path" in Daoism?

    Daoism has the figure of a butcher who attains the Dao by looking for the Way while carving Oxes. Practice and attention, a mind free of worries, and any and all practices can become spiritual and daoist by essence - even if it's something of a completely different line of religious thought, like buddhism. So, just look for the Way on anything you do. Seek for the path of less resistance and for the "flow" of things which puts you in contact with the basic workings of the universe, and how your Will would be able to infiltrate it. Be it chanting a buddhist mantra, a chatolic prayer or even writing in a daoism forum - all of those can lead to the Way. It can be felt and understood once you attain the correct state of mind. How to attain it, though, is the really difficult thing. In this aspect, mantras like " Namo Amituofo", offerings to the gods or other such practices which call for help from an external source (a buddha, ghost or god) will be usefull and "easy" - that is, until your own mind starts to make things difficult for you.
  9. Ok, I couldn't find it. So I'll go through a more detailed explanation: "Qi" is a chinese word with many meanings. It can mean "substance", "energy" or any form of immaterial thing that exists. So, many daoists say that "Qi" is everything. You're Qi, the air is Qi, etc. However, that's the shallow explanation of things. If you're into Daoism in a more hardcore way, you'll find that there's an explanation for the existence of Qi: From the Dao that cannot be named comes the Void. From the Void comes Yin and Yang. From Yin and Yang comes Qi. But what does that means? It means that there's something which is beyond what our words can explain, and that there is something that comes from that. That is, if you're able to expand you consciousness and reach beyond space-and-time, and beyond existence itself, and beyond the intrinsic qualities of things, you'll find what has been called the "Void". The "Void" is something primordial, from before the existence of things. There comes naturally what we call "Yin" and "Yang" in its more primordial state - that is, the intrinsic duality of existence. Also, Yin comes from Yang, but that's kinda like really difficult to comprehend on this level of conversation, so let's make things simpler. There two "things", or intrinsic qualities of everything, are mutually destructive and construtive. That is, Yin and Yang both create and destroy one another. From the interaction between both, and which allows for this movement of creation and destruction, rises Qi. That's to say that there's movement beyond existence. That is, movement exists and it is the basys of existence itself, but it goes beyond existence (that's to say what you see as "movement" of things isn't true "movement", only the manifestation in the transitory plane of "existence" of what is true "movement", or "Qi"). From the interactions of Yin, Yang and Qi comes the Dao that can be named - that is, everything in the world. All things, big or small. From that comes existence itself, and things that exist are called Earth, while things that change what exists are called Heaven. In that sense, Qi is closer to Heaven than Space and Mater, since it has to do with movement - from the states of Existence which change. Once we look deeper into Existence itself (into the Earth) we see that it interacts with the primordial forces (Yin, Yang and Qi) to give birth to a series of things, like the Five Movements (Elements) and so on. But that's the more esoteric approach. Once we start to apply that to QiGong, Neigong and TCM, we deal with Qi as change. It is the existence of change in things itself. So, everything that changes, has been under the influence of Yang (the forces which generate change) which generates Qi (changing itself). Anywere there's change there's Qi, and "changing" itself can be made happen by a number of ways - through nature, physical exercise, consciousness and so on. Once we learn QiGong or Neigong, or use TCM, we learn how to "manipulate Qi" and that can be translate as "manipulate change". So once you insert a needle into an acupoint (an acupuncture point) you're using Yang (insertion) to gather Qi (change) and then produce a certain result in the body. Then again, we go into the confusion of words. There are also substances, things that exist in the many planes of existence, which are called "Qi". The "tingling" or "hot" sensation we feel when practicing Neigong, Qigong or TCM is usually a form of energy (that is, a form of accelerated matter) which runs through the body and can be manipulated. This energy isn't either esoteric Qi or Qi as "change", but Qi as a certain form of "substance". A "thing" that flows in the body. It can even be seen or felt, even though what we're really seeing or feeling when we see this is the gathering of Yin (matter) due to Qi (movement) and not Qi itself. Confusing? It gets worst. Once we learn how to manipulate Qi we either learned how to manipulate this etheric substance we call Qi, or change itself, or movement. These are levels of comprehension. Learning a higher level will allow you to produce effects on the lower ones, but it will also require an expanded state of consciousness. So, when people say "you need to gather Qi into your dantien" they could mean gathering this substance, gathering the force of change, or gathering the esoteric movement. Usually it is the first, as many physical effects have to do with that and the chinese have always loathed things which do not produce results in many levels of existence. So far you have Primordial Qi, Existing Qi and Material Qi. The first is "movement", the second is "change" and the third is a "thing". Now let's talk about our bodies. Once we look into our bodies, we can classify the things in it through this idea of "Yin", "Yang" and "Qi". Yin would be the more material things in the body, like your blood, bones and organs - because the "Primordial Yin" has to do with those things and it is the basys of "existence", and material bodies are what are more closely related to "existence" we have. Yang would be the more immaterial things in the body, like your consciousness, your reactviness and so on. And Qi would be the things that make changes occur between one another. So, if something you eat makes your consciousness hazzy, that means the Qi (thing in between mater and spirit) in that thing has affected your Souls (as are called the Yang-most things in the body). And just like Yin, Yang and Qi are part of a cycle in the more esoteric term of things, also in the body there's a cycle of those things (between things like your consciousness, flesh, and the things in the middle). It's all references and correlations. There are many forms of Qi (things between mater and spirit). They come from various sources and can do a number of things to your body. From those forms we further divide this "Qi" (as in the "things between mater and spirit") into different substances. So you'll have, for instance, Yuan Qi - which is a "thing" which causes certain effects in the body when stimulated. We will have Ying Qi, which is a form of Qi which heats, warms and nourishes the body And so on. Jing is the name we give to the form of "thing between mater and spirit" that's more closely related to mater itself, while we call the things more closely related to Spirit "Yang Qi" and the things in-between Yin Qi, Xue (spiritual blood) and other such things. Jing is found in your organs, bones, marrow, brain and so on. It controls your aging processes and the general "reserves of energy" you have in your body. It is also very difficult to deal with, because although we can store Jing into very deep places in us when we are babies (like our Kidneys), it is very difficult to reach these places when we are older. So, we further divide Jing into Pre-Heaven Jing (the Jing you have from before birth) and Post-Heaven Jing (the Jing you have from after birth). The first is located deeply into your body, while the second is located all through it, stored in certain places we call "Extraordinary Vessels". So, summing up: People have accessed a very deep level of understanding of the Universe, and didn't had good words to describe it. Some of the things they wanted to describe would even be impossible to describe. "Qi" in its most primordial state is one of those things. Then, people started to notice "Qi" into other things, such as between mater and spirit, and considered that, as long as the content of "primordial Qi" in something that Exists is high enough, we could call that Qi. Others would use "Qi" as a metaphor for something in-between mater and spirit, or in-between stillness and the forces that produce movement. Or movement itself (like how we place Velocity in-between physical forces such as Work and the body of Mater that has been put through Work). And so the word has many meanings. In TCM, you'll find "Qi" as a description of a certain form of "energy" between mater and spirit. This is futher divided into many forms of energy (since people needed these classifications to know what were they dealing with) and used that. Jing, Xue, Jin Ye, Qi and Soul are seen as the "five substances" of the human body, which is to say they are all things that are either very closely related to mater but not mater yet, or plainly have nothing to do with mater. Jing is a form of energy that's very pure, regulates aging and vigour, and is specially loved by neigong practioneers, as it can be easily turned into mater or higher forms of energy.
  10. I guess I already answered this in other comment, but here it goes: Qi can mean many things in eastern context. In qigong and neigong it usually means anything imaterial that makes things move. You can harvest Qi from a miriad of sources, but you'll need to be attentive to what kind of Qi you're harvesting. Jing is a form of Energy (like Qi) but which is very close to matter.
  11. Humans Without Souls

    Fireball to the face will break your western frame of view quite quickly That said, I myself am still waiting for it. The amount, frequence and impact of the evidence is pilling up. That gives me hope of achieving it.
  12. Humans Without Souls

    Because there are plenty of ways of conversing with the real things ._. Even judaism has its own ways. They do not :v They are beings beyond space and time, and one of them has self-proclaimed himself as the "King of Lies" which creates the "ultimate lie" which is the Universe itself. Think Maya from buddhism. The thing above the Mind. Ideas do not change, the same way natural laws don't change. We access different ideas. Think of our brains like satelittes accessing diferent channels. Every single concept of what an "angel" is is a different channel. The idea of "humans without souls" comes from Blavatsky's understanding of the theme of the Higher Self - as the thing beyond the Mind, the Higher Manas and above "bodies" of humans. Here please mind that Blavatsky may have read a lot, but most of what she said contradicted or perverted the original authors' meanings. The same with Crowley. In their search for a way to "unite all knowledge" they merely produced a perverted knowledge which somewhat ressembles what can be obtained through some spiritual experiences, not effectively "uniting everything" - even because it would be impossible to. Crowley himself was highly contradictive. However, his idea of elementals possessing human fetuses and therefore creating "imperfect humans" which lacked human "complete" souls is what I'm refeering here. Blavatsky also supported this idea as being something possible. Actually, developing those has been a very important part of my own spiritual development. The abbandoning of the beliefs and ego cristalizations which would make me insane if I was to see or produce physical effects has been a major point of self-improvement for me. Since I've been born in this day and age, they pervade most of my psyche and are a rich source of inner work. Here's the thing which applied to the people of old and doesn't apply to us: They would use siddhis in a disordained manner and following formulas which they did not master. However, through inner development it is impossible not to develop siddhis. Once you're manifesting your spirit, it will act as it will. And the impossibility of the ego accepting its actions as possible, as well as the following insanity, are the major barrier stopping people from progressing the very first step on initiation. Once you're able to merely start commuting with spirit, see Ishvaha or talk to a God, physical effects WILL manifest. Matter and the physical plane cannot be separated from the manifestations of spirit, and they WILL affect it. However, most people of our time will go insane if that happens. So we rely on those old warnings of "don't seek siddhis!" as a scapegoat for not progressing in direction of inner improvement. Except the inner improvement WILL request for outer improvement, and the inner empowering WILL affect your outer power. All inner improvement beyond the most basic of basics requires for siddhis to manifest. You might not seek them, but they will come. And if they come, and you get insane because of that, the path stops there. See why I'm angry? People use "don't seek for siddhis" as an EXCUSE not to progress on the spiritual path. As for me, I seek them as proof that I'm indeed having progress and not simply deluding myself. And it is through this proof that I've been getting closer and closer to what was described as the true initiations, as well as the "powers" that come with it, and the realizations and inner achievements. I've been gone through a lot of what people say are the "marks" on the path for an initiate. Depending on the interpretation, I might very well call myself an Ipissimus - as in metaphorical ways, I've already accessed the mysteries of this degree of development. But not in literal and effective sense. And as I come closer to the very first landmarks of being a very, very young apprentice, more and more I see the inner transformations and changes in me becoming more and more literal as well. Seek not siddhis for power, ego or other such things. But do use them as landmarks (as well as the inner changes related to every step of the way, of course) to evaluate your personal progress. If you do so, most of the so-called "initiates", "adepts" and so on will show themselves as people who are simply being delusional. And as long as you don't believe siddhis by themselves are proof that you've advanced a step, but complementary aspects of doing so, your analysis becomes even more profound and reasonable. This is what I'm angry about: People who evaluate themselves merely through inner transformation, when inner transformation is extremely flawed. Siddhis are flawed? Of course. But if you use both to evaluate yourself, then you'll get closer to a more grounded self-analysis. It doesn't work this way for many things, but it does work this way for spiritual improvement. If your mind cannot stop seeking self-analysis and trying to know "where it is" (which is one of the steps on the way, in which your level doesn't matter but only experiencing things themselves), then at least do it with a little more rigour. Don't know about these history behind those photos, but something like this. Materialization and so on. Don't seek them, because seeking anything will take you away from your path. But if you can't stop seeking things, then don't ignore the need for them in order to avoid delusions. They are proof that you're doing something and has achieved something beyond imagination and self-trickery by itself. Don't "do". Dissociating consciousness from the ego (on the level of discovering that non-action exists) isn't even in the first chamber of initiation. It happens naturally for some, with help for others. But there is no development and initiation with an ego that hasn't dissociated. All forms of "spiritual progress" which are based on any kind of mental progress (and here I include all forms of emotional intelligence) aren't spiritual progress. They are simply mental progress. Beyond the realm of "coincidence" ? Well, you haven't seen a god then. Let's see if someday I'm able to show that to you. This day seems to be drawing nearer. Then I'll call you to come here and see it. Here's the thing though: One thing is to talk to angels literaly, other is to believe you're doing that beyond the realm of doubt. I'm still seeking for what I've put as the ultimate proof: Physical effects. Which others can see as well, so it isn't simply a psychotic attack. Until them, yes, I'm talking with literal angels and literal gods. Only can't prove that and may be wrong. It is simply deciding if you'll assume they are literal or not. Both assertives may be right, but I'm more prone into falling on the pit of "this is all from my mind so fuck it" and go back to my old habits than in the pit of "god commanded me!" and go on a killing spree. So I've chosen the first. And get very upset when people make other choices and then come to me saying stuff like "you have obviously chosen to believe that they are not literal, right?" Because I want to. Seems nice ._. There's no "then what". Once I'm satisfyed with my proofs of the supernatural I'll do what they have been asking me to do all this time: Stop seeking things to do; Stop trying to decide what to do next ; Stop acting with plans, looking for meaning in my actions and so on. Simply let the spirit manifest and enter non-action as best as I can, and then use mind tricks to stop my mind from trying to control things once I see myself again looking for reasons to do things. I won't do it with body and soul without having proof first, though. That's the limit of what has been imprinted on my ego. "Non action might be a simple delusion" is the primeval doubt on my heart. "Letting go of all control and reason, planning and ideas is insanity" follows suit. And the reason for all of that is "because that's not how reality works". Anything which conforms to all that reality is supposed to be, that is, physical, manifest, shared with others, etc, and can be used to go against these claims and show that indeed this is merely a foolish thought I have not to protect will suffice for me to abbandon it. So I'm using siddhis as a means of abbandoning the mind. That's why I'm looking for them, being able to produce them and to rebuke the social mental attacks about the existence or not of magick with a fireball to the face.
  13. Humans Without Souls

    The truth is that I disdain the idea of angels, demons, kabbalah and the whole esoteric knowledge being a "metaphor" for "self-improvement". For instance, the idea that Angels aren't "beings made by god which create the universe", but "ideas which relate to the supraconscious". Just wait until I can "cast fireball". Then I'll get some of you guys and take you to see a real angel, not a metaphor. If you want, of course. Then maybe I'll feel less triggered by it. Goddamit people, stop reducing the world to shadowork and psychophylosophy! "Humans without soul" doesn't mean "humans without the will to live" or "humans with an ego/mind this or that way", means "humans without LITERAL souls"! At least if you're talking Blavatsky or Crowley, which are the sources of this!
  14. Humans Without Souls

    Indeed. Concepts predate humans. We have a form of accessing them (the mind), but the mind is unable of creation - only immitation. If you go beyond phylosophy and enter neurology, it is quite simple - thoughts are in essence sequences of neurological bioactivations. Humans have not invented those - we just go through some of them that create this illusion of creation. Yeeeeah.... that collapses once we near the end of the Mind. There is no banishing or summoning, there is no duality, indeed. However, non-duality doesn't mean that everything is "the same" and "one". "One" and being "the same" ARE also duality. There is no "same" without "different". At the point of non-duality, there is no "magician is god". There is no difference, but there is also no similarity between man and god. It isn't dual. There is no 'is' but there is no 'it's not'. I would rather ignore the "magic is psychology" and go for the "magic includes working with your mind" than giving any credit to psychology in this regard. So, go on and notice the existence of the microcosm. That's indeed VERY important. As well as all of the "let's not go psychotic here" processess. I like buddhism in order to dwelve into these sands, but I do have some instruction on the theme of psychology and I do admit it has been usefull here and there. But don't try to limit or explain magic through psychology. That doesn't work and even cuts off a VERY important part of magic, which is the hability to create physical change in the world around us - be with incantations, rituals or other things. And I'm not talking about syncronicity. I'm talking first about "parlot tricks" like liting a candle with your thoughts and then bigger stuff, like creating matter from the void. I'll call myself a magician once I'm able to "cast fireball". Before that I'm not even an apprentice (and some spirits I've known, as well as my theurgic works, have more than once shown me that "casting fireball" is WAY bellow the paygrade for what could be called a true magician). 1800's' inspiring mages convinced themselves that the "spirit is more important than power!". They were able to do some of the "parlort tricks" above. And then the New Age groups convinced themselves that "the mind is the true place of magic! It is all a metaphor!". And they can barely sit on full lotus. Why? Well, because that's self-delusion. "Oh, but the spirit, the spiritual development is the true goal! We should not seek physical effects!" Bullshit. We should avoid seeking ANYTHING. And that INCLUDES spiritual enlightment and development. If you're looking for spiritual development, that means you're cutting short your own chances of spiritualy developing, since you need to stop "doing" things and "seeking" things in order to enter non-action, and only through non-action can you truly develop your spirit past the level of consciousness associated with the Ego. And once you do that with a certain level of mastery, physical effects WILL start happening around you. Magic cannot ignore reality, be it the shared mental reality or the physical plane. It becomes flawed, mutilated and incapable of growing past its most embryonic states. "You'll become a god" but then you're unable to make a pen levitate.... man, you're not a god. You're someone who has been deluding yourself with the idea of being a god but only in your own mind - unable to exist outside of yourself. That's closing up your own personality inside of yourself and avoiding the world. A personality disorder, not spiritual development! Even because this will make it so you'll become increasingly delusional and self-destructive due to this delusional state worsening... Well, there's always this possibility, that those beings are but a part of yourself. That's why we test them. One of the things me and my friends do, we being mediuns, is to ask the spirits to relay messages to one another and later on see if they were correctly given. We also listen to the spirit talking to one of us and, without the person telling us what the spirit told her, tell her what the spirit said and she will either confirm or deny. Then it will be my turn (meaning the spirit will say something to me and the others must tell me what it said to me). And so on. That gives me some insurance on their objective existence. That and all the shared dreams with other people, astral projections, "coincidences", etc, etc. Everyday I get closer to the point where even the most persisting of my rationalizations will be unable to explain what happens to me and tries to convince me that they are but a part of my mind. Then I'll let myself rest and take a good breather. Until then, I'm always looking at one side and then the other - is this part of my mind? Or am I trying to delude myself in order to avoid the "terrible truth" of there existing something beyond the physical?
  15. Humans Without Souls

    I see. We indeed have very different views on the subject. I do not think man has created anything, much less Concepts. Indeed, as far as I've reached in my operations, concepts are older and more eternal than flesh-and-bones humans. Yep. Very different. I'm not dealing with "my" angels, demons and spirits. I'm dealing with demons, angels and spirits as beings outside of my own. Not images on my psyche, not figures of language. Real and literal things. Capable of generating physical changes in matter, including. I suppose you're on that "magic is psychology" thing.