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  1. I guess we have some structures in our brains which are common to all humans (and to most mammals in this aspect). This similarity is what will make you think a chimpanzee, for instance, is "almost human". The same applies (in reverse) to those with neurologic conditions. Some you'll just see as "inhuman" because they lack these structures or have had some of them damaged in some way. In TCM terms, a Human Soul is a Human Soul. It has an intrinsic "human" quality to it, being in the center between the Heavens and Earth and balanced between both.
  2. Depression

    Little note: All of the above mentioned are valid only for an already stablished case of bipolarity. The body has its reserves and ways of self-repair, so if you just use your mind too much one day, usually the Liver will exert dominance over it and you'll stop the process before getting to the point of feeling anxious. And even if you do feel anxious, that might not generate Heart fire (if your Heart Xue and Yin are in a good state). And even if you do have Heart Fire, this might be controled by the Kidney Qi/Yin once it starts to circulate through your organs. However, if you have already damaged these organs' Yang, Qi (or worse, Yin), then the stablishment of the cycle above is very likely. It's a vicious cycle of euphoria -> depression -> euphoria- ... In the end you'll eventually come to a point where you won't be able to recover from depression, and will remain in a catatonic state for a very long time.
  3. Depression

    In terms of TCM, clinical depression would be an inbalance of multiple Souls, depending on which are the characteristics of said depression. For instance, depression which makes you apatic (with apparently no sadness) and incapable of basic living skills (such as getting out of bed) would be related to the Heart (Shen), Lungs (Po) and Kidney (Zhi) souls. All forms of suicide would be related to the Heart soul and Liver (Hun) soul. Excessive thoughts and anxiety which lead to depression (mood variations), however, would be related to the Heart, Spleen, Liver and Kidney souls disbalanced on a system which works more or less like this: Stirred Spleen Soul ---> Uncontrolable thoughts ----> Stirrs the Liver Soul ----> Uncontrolable thoughts with bodily signs of anxiety ---> Heart Fire ---> Reality Displacement signs (begining of euphoria) ---> Kidney Soul enters in action, stirrs the Kidney Qi and "drowns" the body with kidney Qi ---> instaled Euphoria (feeling of having lots of energy to do lots of things). Euphoria ---> Kidney Soul exerts overdominance over the Kidney Qi ---> Kidney Qi deficiency (usually Kidney Yang) ---> Kidney Soul loses control over Kidney Qi ---> Heart Fire (ending of euphoria) ---> Heart Yin deficiency (reality displacement, catatonic state) ---> Liver Soul loses control over Liver Qi (prostation) ---> Spleen Soul loses its grounding on Spleen Yang (catatonic state). Spleen Soul "cools down" with time ----> End of catatonic state ---> Liver Qi reestablished (prostation starts to wane away) ---> Heart Soul might or might not ground itself on Heart's Qi-Xue again (depending on the level of damage to the Heart Yin) ---> Kidney Soul might or might not ground itself on Kidney Yang again (depending on the level of damage to the Kidney Yin). If the Liver, Heart and/or Kidney souls find themselves unable to ground back on the respective organs' Yang, that will generate fire which will in term eventually reach the Heart and/or Liver. This Heart and/or Liver fire will then stirr the Spleen Soul, and the euphoria process will start anew. It all starts with thinking too much. In a highly mind-overexerting society, bipolarity is to be expected due to the excess of use of the analitical and logical mind (Spleen Soul). I would say it is almost inevitable
  4. Grief and the lungs

    Yes, acupuncture would help. However, do notice that you'll need to work emotional problems and that might lead to carthasys.
  5. Not exactly. I'll give you more details in case I'm permited. hahaha. Let's go into it later then
  6. Difference between jing and qi ?

    When we eat and drink, our stomach separates the energetic elements of the food and the energetic parts go to the splenn-pancreas to be transformed. There they are turned into Gu Qi, the "Qi of the Grains". Parts of energy and matter which cannot be turned into Gu Qi descend into the small intestine and go through another round of separations and purifications in order to help to create material things in our body, such as blood and bodly liquids (tears, sweat, the liquid inside your joints, spinal fluid, etc). The Gu Qi rises from the Spleen-Pancreas and gets to the chest area. There your lungs are constantly bringing in Qi from the air (Xin Qi). The Qi from the air which combines with Gu Qi at the level of your chest becomes either Zhong Qi - chest Qi - or goes to the heart and becomes spiritual blood - Xue. The part of the Air Qi which brings the Food Qi all the way down to the Kidneys is "cooked" by the Yuan Qi which is produced by the Pre-Heaven Jing and becomes Zheng Qi (true Qi). Zheng Qi is almost instantaniously transformed into Wei Qi (defense Qi) and Ying Qi (nourishment Qi). Wei Qi warms the body and goes to the surface, creating a protective layer around your body. It is related to the immune system. Ying Qi sinks into the blood by means of the spiritual blood (Xue), which is capable of holding it. It travels through all of your veins and arteries and through all of your organs. It gets transformed in the process, being constantly refined and consumed. The organs, muscles and etc use the Ying Qi and Xue to nourish themselves, and in the process separate the most energetic and pure parts of it from the impure parts. The impure parts are released through the intestines (small and large), gal bladder and bladder. The purer parts get constantly cooled down by the organs and transformed. Eventually it reaches the Governor Vessel and, at this point, it has been so tempered and refined it becomes Post-Heaven Jing. That is to say, it has "degraded" in terms of materiality - it has become more material than Zheng Qi/Ying Qi - but it is so pure, it can be used by the body at any moments in the same form we use Pre-Heaven Jing. It easily transforms into energy for your body, into any form of organ energy or even into Qi or Shen in case needed. It's just that pure and flexible of an energy. That's how it is created. Eat well, sleep well, exercise well, work well, live well. The less damage you generate in your organs, body, mind and energy in general the less Ying Qi will have to be consumed to repair them and more will turn into Post-Heaven Jing. No. It is a reserve your body will use when it needs. For instance, if you need to expend too much time without eat (five or six hours) and so on. It is also the reserves your body has in case you get sick and your Wei Qi gets depleted... and so on. So you should transform just a little bit of it, and into the correct form of Qi - the purest form. It is usefull because it is so pure and flexible, so it can be used to create the most pure form of Qi as well. I've had a very intensive day today, so I might be unable to give you very detailed instructions. However, certain bodily movements, meditations and other forms of Neidan are used to do that. The "creation" (refinement) and consolidation of your Dan Tien is also based in that.
  7. Difference between jing and qi ?

    The language is quite complex in this idea. The general idea is that the Dao derived the Yin and Yang, and then their interactions created Qi (movement, substance). From those came the Heaven, Earth and Primordial energies... And then eventually all things in the universe. The Qi there mentioned isn't the Qi as in QiGong or the Qi used in acupuncture. It is Qi in the sense of "movement", "energy", "substance" (yes, all forms of substance are Qi in this idea, but that's on a very high level of existence), etc. Now comes the complex part. Once we go into this kind of language, the terms start to be used as scales of measurement, not literal "things". So Yin and Yang aren't "things", but scales of measurement. They are reference points towards things (Qi) gravitates in a cycle, and which, by their time, create other mental things which eventually create the universe (something on the lines of "the universe comes from the mind"). However, there's this idea that the human body itself is a "small universe", so we divide all of the energies and matter in this body into various forms of energy according to the affinity this energy have. Therefore, you'll have the more Yin aspects of the body, like the bone marrow, the bones, the tissues, the organs and the physical blood... and the energetic ones, like the Jing, Qi, Xue, Shen, etc. What we have to remember is that all of the substances are understood as "Qi", but that this "Qi" is further divided into other forms of "Qi" which receive each their own name. So, what practioners use is usually either Wei Qi or Ying Qi. This is a form of Qi which is generated in the body and which is called "Qi" because it is in the middle of the way from Jing to Shen, which also can be considered to be "forms of Qi" (in terms of being energy) but are respectively more Yin and more Yang than Zheng Qi or Xin Qi. So, the human body is a microcosm, and the Energy in this body is itself a microcosm as well. So in the physical aspects, the Hands are the most Yang parts of the body (because they go higher than any other parts) and the Feet are the most Yin part (because they are lower than other parts). The Jing is the most Yin part of the Energies in the body, while Shen is the most Yang part. And, what you know, the meridians which connect to both Jing and Shen are related to the feet and hands. Also, the places where those two are stored in the body (Jing in the Kidneys and Shen in the Heart) are also in an Yin-Yang relation to each other, the Kidneys being the most Yin of the organs and the Heart the most Yang of them. These kinds of correlations are the very basys of all of the daoist thought - that things have properties that correlate between themselves and that things of the "same kind" tend to group togheter. So Jing is the most Yin part of the whole body's energy, and it is also the one that most closely resonates with the physical body... and so on like this. Now, let's talk about Jing and Qi. Knowing that both are Qi in the idea of being both "energy", we call Jing the most Yin of these energies and Qi the middle-of-the-path ones. The Jing is extremely close to the Physical Body, and it coordinates all kinds of transformations and physiological processess in the body - such as development, aging and so on. Qi is more subtle, and it is the energy which, for instance, makes it so your cells produce heat and keep you warm. But Jing can also be separated acording to its origin. Everyone has Jing ever since we are conceived, but due to how our bodies are structured, it is stored in a place we can never access (easily at least) after birth. So the Jing produced after birth is stored in other places. If the Jing produced during our mothers' pregnancy ends, all life ends as well - because it is important for our own existence and crucial in the transformations and maintenances the body makes on itself. This Jing is called "Pre-Heaven Jing", and learning how to access the place it is stored in and then replenishing it is the supposed way people could live forever - by becoming younger again and never aging, since the aging process comes from depletion of this Pre-Heaven Jing. As the Post-Heaven Jing, it is constantly produced in our bodies and it is used as an "energetic reserve" of sorts, which can then be used if we ever need it (we usually do every day). This Post-Heaven Jing can be accessed with relative ease and then turned into Qi, which is the more subtle energy I've talked about before - and which will nourish your body and help it to stay healthy. This is the idea behind "turning Jing into Qi".
  8. Jing-Qi-Shen vs. Shen based cultivation systems

    Not exactly. What you described as Jing - Qi - Shen is one of the many forms of doing it, but there are other forms and this idea of "forget everything and become enlightened" is mostly a perversion of old teachings. The idea is either to conform the Yang through the Yin or the Yin through the Yang. By working from "bellow to above" you'll be able to make it so your body changes your mind and gets you closer to the Dao. By working from "above to bellow" you'll make it so your mind changes your body and gets you closer to the Dao as well. The ideal training, in my view at least, is to do BOTH things at the same time. Doing only one of them has great chances of making you spend years of training only to end up in poor health and maybe even insanity, or simply entering a state of, indeed, delusion. In my personal practice I'm combining both perspectives and that has been giving wonderful results. What I need to change in my mind I change through the body, and what I need to change in my body I change through the mind. This means, for instance, that if I want to become thiner, then I will look into what in my mind makes me fat. Seeing that, I will look to what I can do in my body in order to change my mind. If I still feel blockages in doing so, then I will look into my mind to look for the reason for that as well. In the end I usually reach a point in which merely seeing something inside my mind or doing very few moves with my body (or even TCM and similar things) is already enough to grant me transformation in both body and mind. Balance is the key. As for speed of transformation, I've managed to lose around 30kg ( around 70 pounds) in the last 2 years, while also increasing my lean mass and without losing strenght (even increasing it to a certain degree). I've also been able to estabilize my mood variations and start a family. Not to mention a series other things. My energetic workings are being slowly cleaned and explained by a guide spirit and I'm becoming able to do a little bit of neidan every day, even though not following a especific routine - the spirit comes, teaches me about what I'm doing wrong, and then how to solve that. I've gained a few skills in that, and I believe I'll be able to start a conscious neidan practice (based on looking for the destination and adapting myself in order to reach it instead of following certain formulas) very soon. Theoretically a physical/corporeal teacher should give you this kind of treatment, teaching you not techniques but what you need in the moment to reach a certain step in order to get to the point where you can do the techniques by yourself while knowing what you're doing - only then teaching you the techniques.* *If that's even needed
  9. For instance, the Spleen meridian starts at the toenail, barely half a milimeter under the skin. Then, it flows gently through the feet and reaches the calf, where it's already around 1 to 2cm deep. It keeps getting deeper until it reaches the groin, where it starts to become more superfitial again... so, it goes up and down in your body, sometimes deeper and sometimes closer to the surface. Inside, then outside, then inside again... In this Image you should be able to see how not-straight it is, and that's still a very stiff representation of the spleen meridian. In actuality, it is much more curvalicious. You'll need to study the pathway of the meridians in depth if you want to judge if what you're seeing is indeed an "incorrect" meridian or not. Meridians aren't supposed to be straight, the same way a normal and anatomically correct body also isn't. There is always some small degree of curvature in every bone and tissue, and that's normal and desirable. Your case can be one of excess of curvatures and such, but that doesn't mean people should have perfectly straight bodies. That would kill them @squashedface
  10. Either constitutional or the remains of invasion from perverse energy (Xie Qi). Did you get very sick very often as a kid? Obivously, I'm assuming you don't have a case of rickets - as doctors should be able to diagnose that. You guys have found some veeeery weird cultivation practices in the last five hundred years. I'm used to looking at older stuff, so these new practices are alien to me, but I can see how it would work. The meridians aren't straight, though? They gently bend and move, even though twisting shouldn't be a thing. Areas in which there is a lack of consciousness indeed indicate a form of blockage, but not by excess of Qi, by lack of it. Sensation comes from the Souls being in contact with Qi. That's why all forms of pain are Qi blockages. What happens in those "dead sensation zones" is that there's a blockage somewhere in the path of the channels that should be nourishing that area with Qi and that place will have a lack of it. You should feel those places soft to the touch, cold and "empty" if that's the case. Seems accurate with the idea of Qi blockages, indeed. Do you have problems to express yourself in arts, crafts or other forms of physical activity which carry metaphisical and/or psychological means ? Seems to be related to Yin-Yang balance between the sides of the body. Do you have some kind of dysplasia? Very typical constitutional disease, unless you have suffered some major trauma to the chest area. Again, very common in constitutional diseases, unless you've cracked your skull multiple times. It's a signal of OBE with multiple energetic fluxes indirectly pulling yourself on opposite directions. So, yes, connected to energy and probably a general imbalance of Yin-Yang. Practices which induct change and transformation at the most base levels of the body. There are some phitoterapic formulas for that, but also some ways of working inside yourself. Not classical daoist alchemy, as most of what has been passed outside of schools is a form of working neidan, but more having to do with awareness and changing the dense through the subtle. Think of Consciousness and the Souls as Yang and the Body and Jing as Yin. Your Yin is crooked, deficient and not flowing correctly. If your Souls are sufficiently developed (which can be done without the use of Neidan), then you'll be able to use them to correct the body through transformation. One such practice would be to draw your attention to yourself and access a few internal consciousness states which will allow you to see the bones and the body as a whole as a material possible to be transformed through tought. It is quite dangerous, but usable. No connection to classical alchemy - only the process of "transformation and refinement". Therefore, not Alchemy itself, only Alchemy-Based techniques.
  11. LDT method: hui yin <-> navel

    Qi is refined through the macrocosmic circulation... AFTER going through all the veins and arteries in your body and being transformed by your organs and viscera. Basically you'll need to refine the Qi by observing it while letting it accumulate naturaly. Many skip the veins and arteries part by going straight to the LDT and trying to find the almost-Post-Heaven-Jing there and then transform it. It does produce results, but those are lesser - since your attention on the Veins and Arteries part of the process concentrates and helps to refine the Ying Qi into Post-Heaven Jing. I would recomend sticking to this practice for a while (breathing and producing the Red Qi Pill). Once you get a grab at what Semi-Post-Heaven-Jing is, you can then turn it into Yuan Qi and start nourishing your Heart and Shen. From there on you should focus on the Qi being produced on your LDT and start to observe its flow through your body. In the end you'll need a full day of meditation to observe the whole process, and then move into other practices, but simply by doing the above you'll already have a good grasp not only on your own Qi but also on the Qi in the environment. You'll be able to manipulate it through Shen and that should give you a good amount of expertise - enough to find a master who can guide you through the rest of the process.
  12. LDT method: hui yin <-> navel

    Air contains Qi which is called Xin Qi (air qi). Once you breathe correctly (all the way to your feet), you'll be able to increase the amount of Xin Qi into your Kidneys while they turn Gu Qi from the Stomach, Zong Qi from the Chest and Xin Qi from the lungs into Zheng Qi. Still, Xin Qi is still quite Yang - as every form of Qi You're channeling unrefined Zheng Qi into your Governor Vessel. It shouldn't create much problem if you do it in moderate amounts, and can even be used to generate a small bright red Qi Pill in your LDT, which will then be usefull for your daily life (it will be consumed as the day goes by and avoid the common lacking of Zheng Qi the human body experiences due to our own lifestyle). If you do it right, you'll see that benign animals will be attracted to you. Butterflies, birds, etc. If you do it wrong, poisonous and/or harming animals will (mosquitoes, wasps, ants, etc). The benign beings will be around and at ease near you, the poisonous ones will bite and poison you. True story, I've done it a few times and it was very interesting, albeit disheartening as most of the times I was bitten and poisoned. Sad thing. Just don't do it too much. Your Du Mai wasn't made to receive unrefined Zheng Qi and it will be harmfull if you do it in too big amounts, increasing your Yang too much and messing with your Post-Heavenly Jing storage in the body. Carefull not to increase your Yang too much. If you feel the hotness to be confortable and warming, do use it. If you start to feel discomfort, stop it. There are techniques to balance this kind of energy through this kind of practice, and dietary exercises as well. However, those are out of my league for the moment and therefore I cannot instruct you in them Qi is Yang on itself. All of the warmt of the body comes from Qi - be it Ying Qi or Wei Qi. Qi with very Yang properties usually rises to the surface of the body, while Qi with less Yang (Yin) properties remain in the inside, warming and nourishing it. Do not hold Qi which "desires" to leave the body inside, as this would be Wei Qi (derived from Zheng Qi's decomposition into Ying Qi and Wei Qi) or other forms of more Yang-Oriented Qi which cannot be held in - or will start to burn you from the inside. This will warm your Spleen and it is a very good practice as long as you don't use it to warm your Liver and Stomach. The specifics would be to warm only the laterals of your body, at Sp-21, Daobao. You can also release it at Sp-16, Fuai. Good call. You need to refine the Qi further in order to relieve it of Wei Qi and reach a state of Ying Qi before nourishing the heart. The ideal pathway would be to have it refined inside your meridians and reaching a state of Post-Heaven Jing, and then use that to nourish the heart. Using unrefined Zheng Qi or even Ying Qi (if you have heart blood's deficiency) to warm the heart might give you tachycardia and, further down the road, heart problems. It really depends on the practice. Both are valid, but have different needs and results depending on the person.
  13. LDT method: hui yin <-> navel

    Sushuma isn't part of the meridian's energetic workings, and probably isn't located on the spine as many Western practioneers believe - most likely being in the literal middle of the body, that is, forming a straight line from your perineum to the center of your head. The Du Mai and Ren Mai channels, those indeed, go through the spine and the front of the body - just how the chakras aren't based on the spine or in front of the body, but rather cut it vertically (meaning the center of your Ajna is actually in the center of your brain, not the center of your forehead). That's a common misconception derived from Leadbeater's work on the chakras. Unfortunately, many yogi practices of today (even in India) use this as a basys for attaining the raising of Kundalini, and people end up thinking they have managed to attain it without even being able to achieve Samadi.
  14. Reiki

    Most feelings coming from Reiki aren't indicative of the kind of energy Reiki is and how it works. You'll need to get a quite accute energetic perception in order to obtain that. Case and point, Great White Fraternity's channeling of the Seven Rays. I've been instructed on that, and each flame/ray has a very different feeling, and those as well are quite different from Reiki. However, that's an energetic perception. In terms of perception through energetic feelings in your body (hot/cold sensations, tingling, energy flow, etc), those will be the same for every kind of energy.
  15. My personal view on your case based in TCM: Do you have those ever since birth? If so, then you might have what we call "constitutional" imbalances. It basically means you need to work on a very deep level to reach their correction. The meridians will not straighten on their own if that's the case - since they themselves might have been affected by your constitution, and their "regular" path is a twisted and blocked one. Unfortunately, if this is a constitutional disease, you will not be able to heal the energetic without healing the physical at the same time. Both will be on their "natural" states and you'll need to refine yourself both internally and externaly to achieve balance. Trying neigong only will make your flesh suffer and might cause damage to your inner energy workings (as the flesh and the energetic pathways will be clashing one against the other as you try to force change). Please enlighten me on what you mean by "open" meridian and what are those feelings of them being twisted. Also, what do you feel as a blockage and in which parts of your body? More than people realize. Abnormal constitutions are a great part of why many people cannot practice good Neigong without doing a few years of body training and QiGong beforehand. It is a method of straightening the flesh first, and then opening and liberating the channels through the body instead of trying to go the other way around - as it would be very problematic if people reached a point like yours. Case and point, both courses are possible - still, the energetic approach tends to yeld less results due to people's lack of belief on physical manifestations of energetic change, which means you have mind + body against energy, leading to great conflict and pain. It depends on the practice, of how it acts on your body, and which parts of it are currently being affected. Some might have been helping, others might have been hindering. It isn't possible to know without diagnosys and a through investigation of your personal case. That said, you should think into constitution refinement practices. Those are very uncommon on the West and relatively difficult to find in the East, but I might be able to channel one fit for your case through my spiritual guides. I will need for you to lit a candle asking for your own "spiritual caseworkers" to allow for interference and for them to hold the blunt of the karma I would be messing with and for you to reach me in private in case this candle manages to stay lit under the sun for more than 3 hours. Pushing ahead will most likely result in Qi Deviation and destruction of energetic workings inside your body, possible with meridian rupturing. Do not do that. You probably got to a point of no return. You'll have to deal with those blockages or keep feeling them for a long while still. However, pain relief methods are available. Mainly relaxation and mindfullness practices. You might find your own energetic perceptions dulling with time if you stop practicing for now, and that will take your mind out of this pain. However, I do can say with a fair amount of certainty that those pains will remain and have also always been there. You have only been unaware of them due to not having a refined enough energetic perception of your own body. Things going wrong, I'm afraid. Probably due to exaustion from trying to mend your flesh and straighten your bones through the use of the mind and energy. Affecting the Yin with the use of the Yang must not be done in such a blunt way. Your flesh will be harmed and your energy will be wasted. If you intend on fixing your constitution through your inner practices, you'll then need to make those gentle and alchemy-based in order to refine yourself without looking forward to energy betterment.