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  1. Spit it out. Phleghm will take more energy to be broken up and excreted by your organs than you'll lose by spiting it out. A lot more. Not all energy is good energy. Some are like deadly poison. Get rid of them.
  2. Are there evil master?

    Good and Evil are dual in nature. Why are you still looking the world through muddled lens ? Now, being less of a jerk - yes. Being what you call "spiritual powers" energy, mental power, etc, there are "evil masters". They just don't have a good development of some areas which inherently develop compassion, socialization and group wysdom. That usually hinders their practices and make it so they "rise fast but end mediocre".
  3. Question on astral projection

    Notice if there's any part of your body that's still not vibrating. Then connect to a pure source of energy and begin to exhale impure energy from all of your body while also intaking pure energy. You must feel your astral body getting bigger and then smaller, as if you where a balloon.
  4. That seems like a kind of obsession put in order by either yourself (self-obsession) or an external entity (I highly doubt it would be a demon, even if it appears as one, as that's not how they usually act). Since it has gone so deep already, it will be very difficult to get rid of it by the common means. Taking these things out of you would probably kill you. Instead, you need to go not deeper, but beyond. The root of the problem, the point where this thing entered your mind, is "chaos", and probably a certain fear of chaos. Becoming a being made entirely of wires and programming means that whatever you see as "chaos" has been destroyed in you (desires, passions, dreams, ideas, feelings...) and whatever you see as "order" (coldness, calculation, repetition) has been cemented. This duality must be transcended in order for you to get rid of this thing once and for all. I suggest emptyness meditation, in which you do not try to see order or chaos - but rather, emptyness. Go beyond order and chaos, go beyond beauty and uglyness, and become aware of the void of all things. I recommend this mantra as background music and reflection material:
  5. Lust isn't exactly the name of your problem. If you cannot achieve excitation for other body types except the ones you like, then what you have is a form of sexual perversion (not judging, it is the term as it is). This is very common, especially on young men of this day and age. You need to free your own sexual desire and impulses of the shackles you've put on them, which limit such urges to petite body types. Instead of supressing lust, what you need to do is to learn how to use the sexual impulses the correct way - by directing them towards healthy energy outlets. That includes having a good, healthy excitatory response with most types of human bodies in erotic situation. On another words: You don't get excited for your chubby girlfriend and that's normal. But not ideal. You need to liberate and allow for your sexual desires to flow the route of excitation for body types other than petite ones. That's an exercise of relaxation, acceptance, curiosity and breaking self-imposing limitations - not of repressing.
  6. Acupuncture

    Yes, I do use acupuncture on myself. However, it's quite risky as one's own image of themselves easily leads to big errors on diagnosys. Therefore, I prefer to use it sparsely and ask for help from another practioneer for bigger stuff.
  7. Best qi Gong To Tonify Shen

    As far as I know, Shen can't be tonifyed. It has no limits and is boundless in its nature, so tonifying Shen would be the same as saying you'll take an infinite source of energy and make it even more infiniti-y. What you can do is to better root Shen on yourself and learn how to control it. That's the basys of Qi -> Shen transformation. You should start by verifying if your Xue is balanced and if your Heart Yin can accomodate your Shen and give it roots. Then you can look at the Shen Men and notice if there are any improvements to be done there. Finally, you can start the process of converting Qi -> Shen and turning Yin Xue into Heart Yin.
  8. Do Taoists REALLY Have Amazing Longevity?

    obs: Yes, vegan and vegetarian diets tend to fuck you up (I still need to find a patient with a healthy constitution after a long time of vegetarian diet). Especially once your Jing start to deplete in old age. People do need to ingest "Yin Water" - fats, meats, fat juices. Vegetarian and vegan diets are mostly a by-product of buddhist insertion on daoism, while buddhists by their time take it from hinduism. Of course, I'm talking bramanin hinduism here. Ascets which dedicated themselves to Shiva, for instance, are known for eating all kind of stuff - including meats and, rumors say, even human meat. That said, Shiva IS the one said to make people have long lifespans and become possessors of siddhis such as non-aging and transcending death. Daoism says you need to take it light - not eating meats and wine in excess, not to abbandon them. Obs 2: Funny story, I tried to induce labor on a client recently. She had been vegetarian since she was a kid, and she simply didn't manage to enter labor. I thought it was because my skill was lacking, but then she tried labor-inducing therapy (with hormones applied by a doctor) at a local hospital for 16 hours and didn't manage to enter labor either. Her diagnosys by TCM analysis? Xue deficiency. Just that. Nothing else, and indeed, it was impossible to make her birth her child through the regular means. She had to get a C-section to get the baby out (the little thing was 4kg and 57cm long already, 40 weeks into gestation). So... think twice about vegetarianism being healthy and people not having to eat meats because "it isn't really natural". Homo Sapiens has existed for about 200.000 years, and the Homo Australopitecus existed for 2 million years approximately. ALL of them ate insects and small animals as part of their diet, and the current "cousins" we have, like chimpanzees, also eat them. It is a part of our physiology and important for us. Do not fear or suffer over the death and suffering of other beings. Accept death and accept suffering. Become a part of it and let the cycle flow. Otherwise, you're just being delusional and avoiding a major part of living in itself. Even Buddha didn't manage to achieve Nirvana before accepting death, disease and suffering. As a prince, he never had to confront these things. Trying to be a vegetarian for "humanist" reasons is the same thing.
  9. Do Taoists REALLY Have Amazing Longevity?

    Depends on what you call "real taoists". There're plenty of people who practice and/or believe daoism and they do not live so long. While some people who do not practice these kinds of systems live long and healthy.
  10. Damaged lower dantian

    About rupturing the LDT or the Meridians: What do you guys think "energy" as in "Qi that flows in the meridians" is? If it was like radiation, then it wouldn't flow in the meridians. Now, here's an interesting thing. I've been able to see the flow of energy thanks to my spiritual guides a few times, and it has been very accurate. They opened my spiritual eyes for a bit, and I could see where things where blocked, twisted and etc. Where there were blockages, there was pain. When I released a little bit of it, the pain lessened. When I released all of it, there was no more pain. Where there was emptyness, the clients' skin where moist and pale. Once I tonifyed it and the flow returned, the skin became healthy. So, yes, LDT and meridians aren't physical, but they are subjected to laws which closely ressemble the laws that govern blood vessels, organs and so on. They CAN be ruptured, even if you haven't built a "physical LDT". Think of the Qi that flows in your meridians as a "liquid", not energy like light or electricity. It can form "hematoms" and everything else, and those can be seen if you have your spiritual eyes open. Your meridians can also be seen and they look like blood vessels in some level. Anyhow. People take Qi too lightly these days. First we need to know WHICH KIND of Qi we're talking about when dealing with an energetic issue. Only then can we infer if there can be some kind of damage to the triple burner, the LDT, the meridians or even the bones, marrow and organs. For instance, the Qi that most practioneers use, and that feels "hot" and feels like water or electricity flowing through your muscles or right under your skin is usually Wei Qi - which isn't bound by the meridians and can be found near things like the muscular fascia. Once it depletes, you get sick with infectious diseases. If it is strong and healthy, it can stop them. And if properly trained, it can be used even to resist physical things like spears and so on. That kind of Qi has nothing to do with the Triple Burner of the Tians. It also won't nourish your body and soul, merely make it hot. You need to "build" a new LDT if you want to store it, indeed, because it naturaly goes to the surface of your skin instead of remaining in the inside. And so on. Qi is more complex than just "energy", and for crying out loud, PLEASE, PLEASE don't call Qi "prana" or other forms of "esoteric energy"! If you feel Qi and then feel Prana, you'll be able to see HOW DIFFERENT those two are! Not all of esoterism talks about the same thing. Hermeticism has done a BIG disfavor to the world mixing things up and thinking that "it is all the same thing", "the same secret", "the ancient secret veiled under many cultures and names".... BULLSHIT! Go, try and experiment. You'll see that different systems, different forms of energy and different energies are different things on themselves.
  11. Damaged lower dantian

    Quite possible if he's feeling pain. That said, if it isn't physical, them I'm quite sure it is Qi Deviation, not a form of meridian tearing. By moving your energy with impure (not focused enough) thoughts you would generate blockages on your body as well as damage to your Souls (probably unrest of the Hun due to excess unconscious contents being chaotically rearanged), and by breathing abdominaly while moving your body backwards and raising your butt you should have created an excessive load on the organs, thus generating this phenomena. Basically you're having problems because you probably blockaded one of the main meridians, but didn't rupture it or your LDT. Try to feel the region around your lower abdomen for swollen and/or hard places. They shall hurt quite a bit if pressed with your fingers. Do press them and keep them pressed until the pain goes away (counter-intuitive, but that's how it works). This should release the blockages and allow for your Lower Burner to be stabilized again.
  12. Damaged lower dantian

    That system isn't available for free, so I do not know exactly what you're doing. Can you describe your practices in detail, please? A hollow feeling with sensation of weakness might come from a small tear on your CV meridian (possibly with damage to physical structures, but it remains to be seen), not on the LDT. It might or might not heal with time. Is the area pale, umid and soft?
  13. Damaged lower dantian

    Technically speaking, with a "teared" LDT you should be dead now. This should be Qi Deviation, probably due to the technique you've been practicing. What are you doing in terms of cultivation ?
  14. Is there an "easy path" in Daoism?

    Quite possible. It's a plague that infects the general public of those groups. I do know a few who don't fall into that category, though. Reconstuctionism works, but you have to put the work into it to get to that level.
  15. Astrology and astral impermanence

    Everything changes and nothing is eternal... at least on the level bellow non-duality. Astrology touches on realms of non-duality and non-existence. The forces and planets are called "eternal", but they might very well be said to be so fleeting they never existed beyond a single moment in time. That's the problem here: You'll see that those forces are "eternal" in the sense of being beyond reason, time and space - not that they are eternal in the sense of being permanent aspects of the universe. Studying the changes in the Earth and Skies, observing their characteristics and how they progress in more "earthly" time scales will take you away from Astrology and into Geomancy (or Hindu Astrology). Both complement each other quite well, if you can deal with the conflicting social/mental vines trying to take over your mind from studing those subjects