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  1. connecting the ming men with perineum

    Most diagrams and books about the meridians only cover the "resumed version" of their paths and extension. For a more detailed explanation I recomend the book "Atlas of Chinese Medicine: Meridians and Collaterals" by Auteroche. Now, on resume: You don't need to connect Ming Men to the Perineum. It is already connected. There are collateral meridians that connect directly the Ming Men, Governor Vessel, Conception Vessel and Kidneys. In fact, there is a collateral that does the complete path of many QiGong practices. I can't really go look into the book now in order to give more details, but it's there.
  2. Taoism; how does it all work?

    Many sources, few teachers. Its supposed to be a third-person-point-of-view of daoism and cultivation in general. Absorbing a teacher's view on the subject would undermine its purpose - as I would be propagating a certain school of thoughs' view, not a general view.
  3. Taoism; how does it all work?

    I'm quite unninterested in discussing if that event is true or false, but I'm interested in giving a brief summary of "how daoism works and what it is about". Sorry if I'm undestanding wrong. That's what you want, right? To know about Daoism in general, not only this story or this book. Anyhow. On this assumption, here's a quick summary: In Ancient China there was a very interesting chain of events. People discovered something the east took quite a lot of time to discover: Deduction of Universal Truths by Observation of Nature and Events. It even came quite close to experimentation and what we call "science", but didn't quite got there. Instead, it went to the complete opposite direction. If in science we seek to separate and isolate little pieces of the world around us to understand some kind of law of nature through rigorously controled experiments, in mystical chinese thinking we try to look at both the bigger and the small pictures at the same time, at the intricacies of how things affect one another, and then taking conclusions. One example would be as follows: A scientist will take a leaf from a tree. It will dry it. Then crush the powder. Then treat it with acids and bases and other chemicals. Then run it through a lot of other processess to try and isolate a certain compound present in that leaf. Then, it will take that compound and start experimenting with it. It will burn it, feed it to lab animals, test its acidity, in summary, learn as much as possible about that little thing. Then, it will make a final judgement about a simple compound found on a simple leaf. It may be the discovery of a new drug or medicine, or just ten years of study and money thrown down the drain. Who knows? That's science. A daoist will look at a leaf. It will notice how it falls from the tree after drying naturaly. Then it will notice how it rots and decays. How worms feed on it. And then it will see how those worms are different from worms that look the same, but eat another kind of leaf. It will observe the tree again. Then other trees. It will look at which animals eat the leaves, and when. It will notice if any animals build nests on those trees. It will know every little detail of a whole forest. During this process, it will make many inferences and come to many conclusions about the many trees and leafs on the forest. It may come with theories about the nature of leafs in general. It may discover that some leaves have medicinal properties. It may discover that some leaves have poison in them. It may discover many, many things. But almost all of them will be inferences, and none a final judgement. Got that all? Well, that's the very basics of daoism. "How to look at things and what we do with what we see". Then, comes accumulation. During years and years of scientific research and after many, many attempts and lots of people involved in the process, books get compiled, drugs produced and technology created. Because lots of people discovered lots of small bits of information on lots of things, and then started compiling that. Then other people took those compilations, tried them out, took their own conclusions and so on and so forth. Well, with Daoism something completely opposite occurs. With the accumulation of lots of people observing lots of things and infering a lot about them, simplicity is what remains. As science accumulates with clashes and discussions and competition, daoism becomes thinner and smaller. Competing about holistic views of the world just makes it so that a common ground has to be achieved, and that common ground is smaller than the original holistic views. After quite a few millenia of clashing schools of daoist thought, what we are left with are a couple basic concepts: "Everything comes from Nothing" is the most basic one. Also the first one science abhors. But it digress. Then comes "Everything is Dual". Which science kind of agree on? Kind of. Then comes "From the combination of Dualities come all phenomena and things in existence". Which science cannot comprehend. It just can't. Because it cannot fanthom things coming from nothing, and therefore abstract things being the origin of concrete things. Anyhow. I digress again. Those three pillars are the very basics of the basics of Daoism. Wu (Emptiness), Yin-Yang (Duality) and the "smaller dao" mentioned by Lao Zi, the "one that can be comprehended" (combination of dualities). All Daoism will share these tree traits. Others come from the many schools of daoist thought. Now, the one thing you have been taking interest on (dao tien, accumulating Qi in the body, etc) come from a couple branches of Daoism, called by the generalist name of the practice they teach - Nei Dan (or Inner Alchemy) and Qi Gong (or "manipulation of Qi"). Those are interested in human beings and how they connect to the laws of the world not in the common daoist sense (of morals, behavior and harmonization of self and nature), but in a more... detailed sense. In how bones, blood and breath connect to the movements of the seasons, for instance. In how certain postures and ways of doing things connect with one's consciousness, and how the consciousness connects to empytiness and emotions and desires. And so forth and so on. The most common conclusions reached by the many schools of thought that deal with Qi Gong and Nei Dan are: 1 - The human body, awareness and "spirit" are different things and exist in a semi-independent state. 2 - There's a way to turn body into awareness, and awareness into spirit. There are also ways to turn spirit into mind and mind into body. And many other cute little tricks. 3 - All of that is difficult as f*ck to do for 99,999% of the population, even with proper instruction. So.... good luck with that. Even the "greatest masters of our times" only tap a little into the infinite potential of cultivation. 4 - There might (?) be or have been people (if we can call them that) who can, or could, do a lot more than what we see. And that's the gist of it. Accumulating Qi into the lower abdomen through controled breathing, funny poses and mental discipline are techniques to ultimately achieve Body-To-Awareness transformation. The same with building the Dan Tian, raising Qi and turning it into Shen (the last step of this Body-To-Awareness process). Or raising Shen and turning it into Emptiness (Awareness-To-Spirit transformation). And then, once you do that, congratulations, you've given the very first baby step into this world of cultivation! After that you need to draw Spirit from the "Infinite and Indefinite primordial source of all things" in order to turn it into Awareness, and then that Awareness is then used to replenish your Body with energy, vitality and health. Of course, other techniques exist as well. There are those who have help from gods and immortals or ghosts (or so claim to have), and can receive things from the "infinite and indefinite primordial source of all things" without using their bodies as fuel for an inner furnace. Then there's the mix-up and people who do both things and so forth and so on. I guess you got it now?
  4. Purple Gold Core in UDT

    Imagination is an interesting tool. It would probably form something in your tians, even if just a thought-form. If this thing will be good, bad, benefitial or detrimental.... that's up to be seen.
  5. Permission and Place of Posting

    I have been granted a Personal Practice space in which to share this work. For those interested, this is the link.
  6. Seeking personal power - Good or bad?

    Lets say you seek personal power and achieve some degree of power. What happens them? Do you keep seeking power? The power you sought, what does it do to you, and what is the cost of mantaining it? If you seek power because of a personal trauma, need or ilusion, you'll only become more and more engrossed in it. If you seek power with a reason, to get somewhere, then you'll need to be able to use the power you have as a tool. But what can be used to control power? What can be used to submit it, so it will be a tool in your hands? Using power to control your power (like using willpower to control your control over external qigong) will only lead you deeper in this rabbit hole. Something which is not power must be used to control your power. Some people say it is love. Love can indeed control power, but then what controls love? What happens when you are out of love to give ? It is not a good answer, as it will limit your control over your power to a feeling, and feelings are fleeting. A bad day can be your ruin, the ruin of your power/empire or the ruin of those precious to you. I say it is bonding. Having bonds which are clear and precise. Which remain in the face of fleeting feelings, and which are wide and safe. As long as your bonds keep your power in check, you can have power. However, what controls your bonds, then? If left for themselves, they will just grow randomly and may become abominations as well.... This is a cascade of thought which relates to the nature of checks-and-balances. Not political ones, but the ones from inside. The end result is harmony. You can and you MUST have as much power as your own harmony with the world and nature allows to. Power will be one of the checks-and-balances, one of the Tools which bring you inner balance. However, in order to achieve this kind of power, there can be no limitating and linear thinking and control. You cannot think exclusively of ways to gain power and how to reach your objectives. Otherwise, you would be being controlled by your thoughts, and then there is no harmony - as your thoughts themselves must be tools to reach balance. Planning and seeking must come naturaly, without desire. When you need power to regain balance, you must "seek" it and "plan" how to get it in the same way you "seek" your kitchen when you're thirsty, and "plan how to" get a glass of water to quench that thrist. I believe this is mostly what it means "not to seek power".
  7. Greetings. I've been getting deeper and deeper into my mystical and religious practices recently, and came across a chance I've taken with much pleasure. It is my belief, after a series of mystical experiences, that my aspiration has been seen, and the Queen Mother of the West has given me the benefit of channeling a Dao. It is called the Dao of Peaches, and it accompanies a cultivation method. Also channeled. As of this moment, I have received only the first part of the first chapter of this Dao. I have as well been permited to share it with others, in order to study, expand comprehension and and bring benefits to all. I cannot say all of it will be shared. It stands to reason that I will follow the goddess' instructions in regards to what should and what shouldn't be shared, if it so happens that something must be kept secret. Can I post this Dao (or, at least, the translation of what I received, since it has been channeled in my native language) somewhere in this forum? What about its cultivation method? Can it be posted once I have received it?
  8. Well... you see, there's the thing. You are god. You are the creator. You did the world, the trash and yourself. And at the same time, you are not. Gods are beings beyond duality. Beyond "existence" and "not existence". They can exist. The can not exist. They can be something that both exists and doesn't exists at the same time. And that's why I believe you have no idea what a god is and had no mystical experience with one before. Because all of your hatred, all of your "this is all made up shit" well... they can make it be. They can make it be that they do not exist, and that all religions are shit without meaning, and that death is "just the end". But, from personal experience, let me give you advice: It is very, very difficult to earn the benefit of "ceasing to exist after you die". And I don't say you'll go to hell. You can, if you want to. But it is just very hard to cease "being". The whole point of many buddhist doctrines is exactly to do that, to cease "being". To realize emptiness inside of you, and be empty. That's the first step for those who are in a path of enlightment, and it is a hard one. It is not something that regular and simple death can give. It has to be earned. Anyhow. Good luck with your atheistic rebellious "i'm in pain and I hate and dessecrate with my attitude everything you all say is precious and sacred" thing. I've been there, i've done that. Be present a small dose of wisdom from someone who has seen and felt what you're living through: There is a way out. Trashing and screaming and crying about the unfairness of the world doesn't help to get there. The more you treat the rest of world as being unfair, the less they will feel any remorse in being exactly what you say the are: Unfair, unforgiving and uncaring. Try to accept the existence and presence of your pain, work around it and capacitate yourself to live life, even while in pain. It is bloody difficult, but it is also the first step to have something in your life other than pain.
  9. You're comparing multiple systems with a modern physicallist worldview. They will both look like the same thing, and also mean completely different things, simply because they do not talk about the same stuff at all. For instance, let's compare Ancient Chinese Anatomy and Modern Anatomy. In Ancient Chinese Anatomy, the Lungs where drawn as these "leafy" pieces of meat inside your ribcage. Quite different from modern lung anatomy., which clearly state that the lungs are those two big red meat bags on the sides of your heart. Ancient Chinese Anatomy Modern Anatomy. Now, where the ancient chinese stupid enough not to know how to differentiate "true lungs" between people's meats? Most probably not. Because in reality, there is no clear distinction. It is fabricated through international agreements and modern academic discussion. I won't post it here since it would be too graphic, but a real intact human body doesn't have those beautiful, "clean and shaved" red sacks of meat inside it. There is conjunctive tissue. There is connective tissue. There are the pleural sacks, there is a lot of stuff that modern anatomy simply says "oh, that's not the lung, it's an acessory tissue which is right next to the lung". Ancient chinese doctors couldn't give a damn about the details modern anatomists have. Lung, pleural sack, a lot of nearby connective tissue.... all of that was simply categorized as "lung". That kind of detail makes a LOT of difference, because the whole concept of what an entire organ is, is different from one system of medicine to the other. And that means the whole physiology, medicinal thinking and diagnosys is different as well.
  10. How Much Can DT Store

    My view on QiGong is one in which Qi is a real thing. A substance on the body. So, yes, there is a limit. It increases with time and practice, and it can quite easily be felt once you feel the literal sensation of having a full DT. If you try to put any more in there, you'll feel pain. That being said, I wouldn't go and just compress any kind of Qi into my DT. The best method to avoid getting anxiety if the Qi in your abdomen "escapes" is to store the right kind of Qi (either Yuan Qi or at least Zheng Qi). I know that most schools teach people to store any form of Yang Qi, but that's... quite unbalanced. If you store healthy and refined Qi which has gone through multiple purifications, it will be a blessing for it to "escape"... because it will calm you down, bring well-being and balance for your body, mind and souls.
  11. Gods usually don't care if you hate them. That said, good luck them. Depression and hatred are quite useless to alleviate your pain though. Do consider that you may need to give up on your hatred and other rebellious behavior in order to find freedom from pain. That or start chugging opioids. I'm pretty sure you can get some Vicodin or even Morphine, since you have chronic peripheral neuropathy.
  12. "When the student is ready, the master appears"

    Once someone decides to be a Master, they are not gods. They are only capable enough in a field to teach others. However, their own teaching methods and means may be harmfull to those who are not ready to be under them. The most accomplished masters need the least from their disciples, and can turn even a bafoon in a sage. The least accomplished masters need the more from their disciples, and trying to guide someone who isn't "whorty" (is in harmony with their own way and means) may bring estagnation or even injury to those he tries to guide. Between the greatest masters and the novice and inexperienced masters, there is a huge array of more or less accomplished ones. "Being ready" as a student means merely to find the one who is the most adequate for you. Which will also be looking for you - as if he is the most adequate master to you, them you are the most adequate pupil for him.
  13. The self-imposed punishments one learns to give themselves in case of being wrong. It may lead to such intense self-punishing or servilience that it risks one's life.
  14. I usually don't recommend this to people, as it is dangerous and may lead to death. However, I suppose you are an exception to the rule. Pray to Kali. Pray to Kalki. Shiva and Rudra. Sleep everynight at 10pm, no least no more. Keep your diet and other stuff as you already do them. There is no need to offer libation or pooja. Keep it simple. Say devotion mantras and be respectfull. You can build a ligan out of clay and offer water to it. Most of the symptoms should disappear in three weeks time. At that time you'll feel a great passion. And you'll then prepare a ritual. Prepare yourself for it. You'll ask for the blessings and protection of the gods and goddesses of destruction and renewal. And you'll go through the cremation fields of your mind. Buy sandalwood incense, use white clothes for two days prior to the ritual. Buy three candles - they must have a duration of at least 8 hours each. Now, you can do it sober or you can do it with the help of psychedellic mushrooms. By doing it sober, you'll suffer more. But the risk of death is smaller. By doing it with properly prepared amanita muscaria mushrooms you'll suffer less, but the risk of death is greater. The method of preparation is to lightly cook the caps of the mushrooms in an open oven (in nature you would do it next to a fire in a ceramic pot). The temperature must not go beyond 80ºC. You can find more details (time of preparation, how to find real amanita muscaria, etc) in especialized foruns in the internet. Once the mushroom caps are prepared, prepare a mix of gee and honey. Gently cover the mushrooms with the mixture, and offer them to the gods. (Kalki, Kali, Shiva, Rudra). You can light one of the three candles and let it next to the candle. Light one of the sandalwood incenses. You can also look for Durga, if you feel the need to do so. Avoid Indra or Bhraman. It is not the time for them. You can seek reffuge in Krisna or Visnu, may it become too intense. The dosage is 3 dried grams. You'll ingest the mushrooms at your usual sleep time. Light the remaining two candles. And then pray. It will be hell. But it will release you from hell.
  15. I know there is supposed to be some deeper meaning to this post's title, but all I can think when I look at it is: "Well, they surely can't understand something if they are dead, can they?". "Qi only on his lower abdomen" is such a misuse of the term. It is literally impossible to only have Qi in one's lower abdomen. All forms of Qi used for cultivation must pass through one's entire body from time to time. No Qi that estagnates on one place and doesn't move is a healthy form of Qi useable for cultivation. Only cold-dampness Xie Qi has such characteristic.