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  1. Conscious as "consciously practicing in order to achieve this result", not "doing a certain practice that may lead to that, but I'm unaware of that fact". But whatever, do as you see fit.
  2. Those altered states are, most of the times, unavailable to people. Not to mention dangerous, as you have quoted some of the potential dangers yourself. Now, if something that usually takes conscious training and practice by someone who wants to achieve this kind of results "just sort of happens", that's a sign that something's wrong and need to be checked. Heart fire is one of the options, as well as Heart's Yin depletion leading to a lack of roots on the Shen, which goes outside too easily, leading to unexpected alterated states of consciousness, mimicking the effects of a yang qi tide started consciously, but with less impetus and quite a bit more potential for damage. That's why I believe he should get it checked up - not because of the movement, but because it "just happened" and so happens to be a dangerous thing to happen. It is a good practice, when done right. And, as I said, other forms of holistic therapy use very similar methods, such as free dance.
  3. Press and hold the GV24 accupoint for 30 seconds, then release. The pain on your head should subside. Then, to release the energy accumulated on the rest of the meridian, practice light exercise while slowly and deeply massaging the SP-21 accupoint for 2 minutes. And yes, Mantak Chia's meditations have lot of mistakes in them. Mr. Plastic Surgery probably can't even feel Qi, what more manipulate energy with his Will. For starters, you should never focus on accumulating energy on an accupoint, except if it is the CV-6 accupoint or special kinds of energy (there are many types of Qi on one's body) on some other special accupoints. Energy accumulation has a name - a blockage. Energy must ALWAYS flow. What he probably meant was to increase energy on a certain accupoint, then move it upwards towards the other and so on, until you "drink" it as a nectar (actually, make it go through your tongue to the occult GV Meridian under the CV Meridian, not to the CV Meridian itself... anyhow, can't expect much of an author that pretends to be versed on ancient text but can't mention a single sage's teachings right). Very dangerous practice without previous preparation, as you'll be draining your GV meridian of the post-natal Jing in it, which will create a state of weakness which might persist for days, if not months. For those who are curious, from the Occult GV Meridian it goes back into your system, tem to the CV meridian, then to the Occult CV meridian under the GV meridian, then it becomes concentraded enough to be of use in nei dan. Again, dangerous and can also create massive internal blockages which no modern TCM practioneer will be able to help you with - as the occult vessels are barely mentioned in specialized literature (only those who dig for knowledge of internal meridians will even know they exist), and no appropriate technique is given to deal with them.
  4. Daily Acupuncture?

    Good luck!
  5. A TCM practineer might help with finding a TCM approach to this. Other types of professionals might use different approaches to deal with the same issue - for instance, a psychologist might look into your personality and a holistic therapist which specializes in free dance and spontaneous body movement might help you unlock some sort of inner experience. It sums down to looking for a specialist with the more confortable approach for you But, don't worry. Spontaneous movement is actually very common, although a sign of something to be looked more deeply on. Most people just never come to the point of interiorization needed to manifest their inner seekings through movement.
  6. Is life long celibacy even possible ???

    True celibacy uses Desire itself as fuel for inner growth. It isn't about not masturbating or ejaculating (that's a modern christian kink), but not having desire and therefore not producing semen in the first place. Work on your desires, and life-long celibacy is possible. Don't work on them, and you'll just start to accumulate phlegm-heat on your lower burner.
  7. Eating and alchemy

    Different practices will have different requirements. Look for your teacher.
  8. Spontaneous movement doesn't means spontaneous qigong. Qigong involves breathing, technique and a focused consciousness. If you just feel like moving your muscles around, that shouldn't cause any damage. On the other hand, spontaneous movement whenever you're relaxed is a sign of inner heat by itself (could be heart, if it is accompanied by euphoria or other yang emotions, liver if it is muscle twitching, or spleen if it is contraction). You should get it checked up.
  9. Daily Acupuncture?

    It isn't recommended to get acupuncture more than once every two to three days if you're a healthy person who just wants to improve your energy flow. Acupuncture do use a lot of energy and punctures the skin and inserts a needle on your meridians. There are is very minimal damage which usually doesn't pose a problem, not even for those very sick, but can become a gate for disease with such constant usage. Look for techniques which are non invasive, such as Do-In or acupressure.
  10. Such concentrated gold is too much for my puny eyes to take in. Goddamit this is GOOD advice! (I'm serious here, really good advice). With this schedulle, I would recommend focusing on keeping a healthy (as much as possible) lifestyle for now. The first foundation you'll build will be on Jing - you need to have a good and healthy body before advancing on energetic practices such as nei gong. See keeping your health as building your first foundation. Make your daily routine as healthy as possible (in a TCM way) and you'll have what is needed to progress fast and secure on your cultivation practices. Your current level of practice seems to be related to a begining of Shen cultivation - moving energy with your heart/spirit/consciousness. It is all good and joyfull while you still have an innately strong Jing, but this "med school routine" of yours will be a heavy drain on your Jing, so focus on preserving it before trying to advance on Shen practices. You'll need it.
  11. Jing transfer?

    They don't have an ego, so "they" cannot generate karma, obviously But not everything about them is free of karma. Their bodies still need to eat, for example. So their bodies still experience karma. Then it won't be "you" generating karma, because "you" will cease to be. Your body will still be generating and living through karma, though.
  12. Jing transfer?

    Interesting thought: Karma is "the consequence of actions". So everything is karma as long as you do it because something else happened. A thought made you do something? Karma. A reflex act because the doctor poked your knee? Karma. Getting a soul-sucking job because you're afraid of dying of starvation? Karma. The only thing that isn't a product of karma is something that happens without a cause. And the only thing that doesn't generate karma is something that's self-contained, not generating absolutely any repercussions in the world. So, there is no "action" without karma. There's no "thought" without karma. There's no "existence" without karma, since "existing" is a product of things that happened to allow you to exist in the first place. Getting beyond karma means going beyond Maya. To cease even existing in the first place. Pretty difficult stuff my dudes :v
  13. What Exactly Is Chi?

    When you recognize your ideas are a ressignification of the original and add to it, not substituting the original meaning. Take english words. "Swear" mean both "making an oath" as well as "using offensive words". That happens because "swearing in the name of god" some kind of curse for someone was the origin of the idea that "swearing" means "offending someone". Both meanings exist simultaneously. There is no substitution. There's addition. That's how you honour what comes from other cultures and/or languages. By adding your own idea without trying to say that is the real meaning - just that you like the word and use it as such.
  14. edit: I said something stupid, sorry.
  15. What Exactly Is Chi?

    Then please don't try to appropriate words which already have meanings. Use your own and build your own system of beliefs and practices. Not only will that be more concise and practical, you'll also be able to get your point across better, as those who already know those words with other definitions won't have to create a whole "Limahong dictionary of words with definitions which aren't the consensus".