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inout from others --speculations

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I would like some input from others. I have only my own personal experience and I can only speculate the meaning of this transaction.


During yoga class yesterday-restorative yoga...


I was focused on the general movements of two tennis balls in pressure points.

moving the ball to a spot and then resting/relaxing there for a few minutes. moving my knees like windshield wipers...or gently lifting to partial bridge-so to deepen the pressure...


I was FULLY enjoying gazing out the window above my head. The sky was BLUE...then I noticed beautiful white puffy clouds billowing rapidly..the cotton ball kind...maybe cumulus..I don't know really. The contrast of the white and blue which is something I enjoy about the sky here-and the lush green of so many trees...makes it very pretty...


anyway...enjoying the view and then begin focusing on the shapes of clouds forming....almost a heart shape..the top portion of the two rounded sections...but it did not form into the shape. this went on for briefly two to three minutes..maybe four.


moving the balls another inch...paying attention but just briefly allowing my mind some focused fun==how could I not be paying attention to the feeling of two tennis balls pressure pointing down my spine---not exactly unnoticeable. not painful--just edge.


then something that looked like an  opener to a five gallon plastic jaws-curved c


then an outline of a person.


I was relaxed and entertained and the moments passing seemed to me-joy. I enjoy that


eventually-not sure why or how the instructor made a comment to me:


hey sagebrush, stay in your body.


I just laughed where the hell else would I be? Then I said I was just enjoying the clouds outside.


a few others chimed in that they had their eyes closed-maybe two verbally spoke out loud.


The instructor was busy doing her own tennis ball therapy--


then eventually she came over toward my window and closed the curtain.


I was not defensive at that moment. I saw the pretty clouds and got my joyfix--by the time she closed the curtain...the clouds had gone to overcast and no more the actual closing of the curtain did not upset me...because the pretty cotton balls were over..


but ya know.....what is the point of THAT? I at times like a stringent focus/instruction


I was receiving a lot from the clouds.

The reprimand is a bit odd--here in this class.

not her style usually.

I like input from the instructor, maybe directions verbally, I don't mind the cuing in to the breath, feeling this that or the other....noticing this or that....

even suggestions to move my feet more closer together...tilt my chin---ujjayii(sp) breathing-whatever


I am pretty attentive during the yoga-

unless I have a headache---or feel discomfort which then I begin half assing movements/poses/whatever.


Please share with me of some other view points. I am open.


time for work-
















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With great sadness I must side with the instructor.


You were there for a purpose.  It was likely offending to the instructor that you had drifted off into a state of wu wei.


Now, don't get me wrong.  Spontenaity is a wonderful thing.  I try to keep that state as much as possible. 


Yes, I can imagine your visions and if I were there I likely would have been chastized right along with you.


Like has been said before, there is a proper time for everything.  It just wasn't the time for you to get lost in your spontenaity.


Now, sit down, shut up, and pay attention.  Hehehe.

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Your description of the cloud formation is interesting. I would ask what it means for me. And I would be interested in your sharing with me.



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well I was cloud watching again this evening. Son has membership to a gym nearby. I take him there and at times hang out in my car. other times errands. Got a friend of his a membership as well so they can do boy things together-but that is not always insync.


So the sky is pretty. the clouds were moving in smaller patches not the direct contrast like the other day on class. so in class it was sky blue pure with boiling white billowing.

this evening was less intense deep blue. but the evening sunlight was reflected on some of the shapes were present but the coloring was pretty.

I then set the phone to tend to other mind directional things and it was distracted by people in the parking lot.

I see pain bodies...including my own.

but a man humped over from his cervical area-looked terrible-

overweigh gals leaving the Mexican restaurant joking about training and margarita drinking.....

then something made me cry- I can't remember what---

then my son had come out to the car.


shapes are just in clouds at times. its a fun thing to do at times. like sitting tonight watching lightening bugs...

everywhere in the yard and trees. pretty spectacular. I had my sister come out and sit with me.


I think to me when I take the time-the sky is expanding and peaceful and I like that it is constantly changing.


the actual images that I saw was nothing in particular meaningful but as minds do-it interrelates to other words.

but the c shape was really like a plastic 5 gallon bucket opener-which I have never bought into-- mostly because I got smart enough to stop dragging heavy buckets of paint around. I only by single buckets.


I caught myself trying to will the clouds to finish the heart shape-but ha that was funny.


I do agree about the yoga and the instruction. I think from my inner perspective that I have such little joy moments that

I was doing something where I was free momentarily....


I am attentive to the instructions.

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