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  1. Which books sit on your nightstand?

    Mein Kampf
  2. The Reality of Life & Death

    It does not seem that your response relates to what I have shared. There has been much thought on the subject of life and death in all the years I have spent here on Earth. Nothing that has been said or pondered changes the fact that "we are born, we live, and then we die." The rest that is created in wondering whether I have counted in some way creates existential anxiety.
  3. The Reality of Life & Death

    "This too shall pass." In my will I have requested that my ashes be spread under a tree so that I will live on infinitely. You see my ashes will feed the tree and I will become a part of that tree be it a leaf, or a branch, or sap, or a root. I will have changed in substance and matter but none the less my growth will be cyclical and ever remaining. No matter if that tree dies, I will continue to nurture something forever. In my readings it is obvious that some men are afraid to die, or of death (the process thereof), and therefore find solace in religion, cult, philosophy, endless intellectualizing this existence, attachments and...prayers. I have seen the process of death. The human being fades from now to then. There is no conscious awareness when 'then' happens. The body and mind robs those final moments from the person that ceases to live. And then... The void is filled in by spectators, tears, loved ones, others remorse and post funeral dinners, wills being read, and clothes given away.
  4. Is this a theological question? In the world of Tao the Daoist makes mention of demons but not in the way that Christians do. A demon to a Daoist would be closer to saying it is our negative thinking that controls a person. In other words, what ever we fear or resent fragments the wholeness of the person experiencing these negative emotional states. In philosophical Taoism there is no dualistic relationship...the I and the Thou. We are one and same with Tao. Therefore there is no God or Satan. I think if a Daoist were to use the descriptor "God" he would use the lower case "g" in god.
  5. "That's not love." What do you think love is for you?
  6. Love is an action and a decision to commit to a relationship. When I decide to be a part of the other person's growth...I participate in it...then I have transcended my own natural tendency to be selfish. There was a story about a man who was invited to participate in a communal supper. The only obstacle was to figure out how it is that this man could use an eating utensil that was much to long for him to get a morsel of food to his mouth. All the others were in the same predicament. The solution was to use his utensil to feed the other across from him, and vis versa. Just a little thing like getting up and away from something that is dear to our hearts to help another is an act of love. Yes, it is inconvenient, but the reward is worth it...freedom from the bondage of self.
  7. It is a good thing that we the freedom to say what we want and mean what we say. There was a time when people where not afforded this luxury by the ruling class. Just look at the dark ages and what went on during this period...especially women.
  8. Woman Dreams

    Where do you go late at night while sipping grapes nectar? I try to hold on to you...every second counts. But you drift away...caught between now and then. What do you see? Is it splendid, is it forgiving? How is it that you moan? What do you feel? It seems you are passing. Sadness becomes my companion. The future is revealed briefly. Morning shows a hard journey. I wonder if you know the difference between now and what's ahead? Jim D.
  9. According to my core values, lying is acceptable when there is a higher good that comes out of lying. As was stated earlier, to save another person's life. Jim D.
  10. If falling in love were not such a strong biochemical drive and could be eliminated from our instinct to procreate then most of us would have enough conscious awareness of what we are about to get into. But of course, there would be fewer people on this Earth. Jim D.
  11. I think of water as being a state of being. Tao is a state of being of which we are component of. Interruptions such as resentments disconnect us from being at peace and in the state of calmness and nothingness...wu wei. Yes, we can meditate all day but get nothing done. Once I get into action by living, then the nature of Tao will provide circumstances for me to adjust to or resist. My choice... Jim D.
  12. Need to categorize?

    If someone is delusional there is a possibility of truth. For instance, a person might say I think that someone is watching me, and they seek help because they are distressed and would like to sort it out because someone is urging them too, or this delusion is driving them crazy. The intervention in this matter is to help this person either prove or disprove their feeling or perception. The issue is that this belief could be occupying their time to the detriment of other life areas. Now the student either was testing me for a reaction or believed she had a rabbit friend next to her. Hover, the rabbit never interrupted class or carried on a conversation with her. If that had occurred I would have engaged the CO and had her transferred to Mental Health inside the prison in order to be assessed. The authority for this provisional diagnosis is found in the DSM-5 and personal experiences in the field, coupled with the University I attended educational requirements. Jim D.
  13. What would be taken away in order to achieve perfection? Perfection for me would possibly feel like isolation. But that is my human response. But if I were a perfect being, perfection might feel natural, it would be natural if I had something to compare it too. I also wonder if in the state of perfection if the need to compare would be necessary for my own self awareness. For instance, is Tao aware of itself? Is gravity aware of itself or how it is...gravity. Is a bird aware of its song because it hears its own song? Or is it just noise? Does it become a perfect song when there is a response from the community of birds of its kind? When a bird is geographically reassigned to a different location in this world and it sings without a response, does its song become imperfect because the utility of its song derives nothing, and therefore it perishes because of lack of community, resources and others modeling their protective skills of survival. Jim D.
  14. Need to categorize?

    As I was reading someone's post on their stress over a diagnosis given over from a practitioner of the healing arts, a personal story came to mind. Early in the 90's I was teaching in a prison. A student came to class and asked me if her friend could have a seat next to her. She and her friend seated themselves at the front of the class. This student soon raised their hand and asked if I had a problem with her friend taking the seat next to her. You see, her friend was an invisible rabbit. I replied that I had no problem with her rabbit friend occupying the seat next to her as long as the rabbit gave up its seat, if another student came in and needed somewhere to sit. You see delusional thoughts only become a problem when it violates the rights of others. If the rabbit friend is that person's normal than so be it. But if that person wants the rabbit to drive my car or teach the class, then we have a problem. Jim D.
  15. Tao

    Light refraction is a beautiful thing to behold. That which causes this can be described scientifically to a point at which the reason for is undiscernible. The outcome of such is a spectrum of color with borders that bleed into and away from each other causing color that is seen by our eyes. But what of the colors, if they are, that cannot be perceived. This invisibleness perhaps keeps going in some shape or form. Perhaps they are light waves, energy waves, vibrations... So, how is it that Tao is everywhere and experienced in different ways, missed by attention elsewhere but still there. When we rid ourselves of the turmoil within and rest, we enter into the stillness of Tao. We become Tao. We are Tao. Eternal...with neither a past or future. It is a moment that is infinite, universal. Your Tao is not my Tao. Just as the spectrum of light in refraction is an individual unique experience. Jim D.