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A new explorer

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I'm a 29 year old man from Norway.


I've been in here a few times before due to googles guidance on my neverending search for understanding.


I guess this quest though its intended purpose is to expand my awareness probably also is my biggest hindrance to doing so.


I both physically, mentally and spiritually wander restless around in circles without really going anywhere and rarely remain focused on one thing for long enough to realize its potential.


To use less words and be more precise, I have a overanalytical mind that wants to explore every facet of everything all at once and have a hard time focusing on one single thing because it can't stop searching for everything else.


But at least it circles back around to the same subjects every so often. And taoist and related teachings are one of these subjects.


I think my restlessness is coming from a general dissatisfaction with the direction my life has been heading in so far and a desperate need for discovering a new heading that will lead to a more satisfactory life. Desperation isn't really an emotion that helps much in trying to see more clearly where to go next.


So my main motivational factor for exploring is also my main hindrance in getting anywhere.. I guess there really is a positive and a negative to anything..


Kinda strange presentation.

But I'm also known to be a kinda strange person so I guess it fits me well. :)



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