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  1. the presence process

    Don't know if this belongs here or in the older thread linked to. But I was wondering what came out of this process for those that has gone into it? Seems like something that is just what I need as I have a hard time connecting with the moment and intellectualise alot about my emotions instead of just feeling them..
  2. Your own videos

    Your vids are truly an inspiration, that last one gave me flashbacks to my days of Kyokushin karate as it has that harcore vibe to it. I'd like to revisit that style when I've gained some more awareness of internal power, I think there is more to it than meets the eye..
  3. your teacher and online resources

    I don't think I would like to be in the recieving end of the strikes from any of them...
  4. "The best penis enlarger"

    My experience is much the same, it's not even something I've had to cultivate for several years. Guess it's a congenital superpower I have..
  5. Keep it clean please

    I'm sitting on the fence for this one. Any swearing or pictures of women who are supposed to be androgynous(even though she didn't have doule D's I only found her HOT) don't bother me personally. I do swear and I've spent more time looking at porn then I have spent meditating over the years. But I don't really see the necessity of cursing in a online community like this. Swearing is a spontaneous outlet of negative energy for me and not a language enricher. But I guess other people have other perceptions of this going to extremes in any direction and anything inbetween. The naked women only gives me a hindrance to scale on my path to a less lust saturated mind. I think it would not be anything wrong with either decision, but I think my centre of gravity is slightly towards the side of the fence where this is unaccepted. Not because I think it is so bad as it is now but, because such places fast spin out of control and I think it is fully possible to make a point without this. Maybe some people who find it offensive could grow from having it allowed, but I think people who tend to curse can grow from needing to restrain themselves also.. Personally I have a hard time taking stuff seriously if it is said with excessive cursing and usually just turn around and look elsewhere.
  6. Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Career?

    You have a truly commendable attitude Lin! Someone on another forum in another context said I think this very much fits in here as well. But my fingers don't find a good way of explaining what I mean with that right now. As I have written and deleted that sentence over and over I'll just let it stand to be pondered. hehe I bought a book on the fundamentals of chinese medicine a while back but I derailed and didn't get through it. Think it will be a lifelong self study this field for me, with droplets of wisdom trinkling in over time. Maybe I just need to get a bit more "complete" before I'm able to commit to it a little more.
  7. Is this process something for inexperience beginners in the world of cultivation also or should you have gained a decent base level before venturing down this path?
  8. the tao bums map

    I'm kinda surprised about the fact that there is so many Norwegians in here.. Makes me wonder what learning opportunities I don't know about around here..
  9. I don't have an experience myself really as I'm fresher then fresh to all of this.. I think it makes sense in a way how the chi takes over when you think you cannot take anymore as then the body don't have the option of using "regular" means of supporting itself.. The effect of that would be much the same as if one was able to voluntarily relax the muscles to the same extent and redirect the chi wouldn't it? Come to think of it that would be like a yin and a yang way of doing the same thing in a way... Maybe a good way for folks like me that (as you probably have realised by now) is way too much "in my mind".. So has he adopted the practice now?
  10. I see, interesting stuff! There is definitly an effort involved when I do Zhan zhuang also, is this kinda like that? Releasing tension is something my body haven't really grasped the concept of unfortunately...
  11. Moving energy

    You're way ahead of me in your development but just out of curiosity, why do you need more work on your sacral before you move on to the solar pleuxus? Especially considering your goal of harmonizing yourself I would think that having a few massively developed chakras while others are lagging behind could actually work against your purpose? How it works in reality I don't know but a massive sacral chakra without a well developed heart and possibly also solar plexus chakras I would think in theory could be a bit troublesome at times. As I said my understanding of these things are very basic so I would really like to hear what is the advantage of working on the chakras individually like this in contrast to working on harmonizing and developing them in harmony?
  12. Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Career?

    I'm on a career change path myself after years of sick leaves and one of my paths lead to what you have done and the other is the one you're considering.. I find Chinese medicine and accupuncture tremendously interesting but I'm not sure how it would be for me to work with. I have problems with inter human relationships that I would need to iron out at least, and I don't know if there is clients for a full time income around here. The population density isn't very high here.. One of thos fields that I would most definitly study if money (and therefore time) wasn't an issue though. I would think that someone who is cultivating and developing his chi and sensitivity to it will have an advantage in this field?